Back To Work? Your Care Package, Sorted.

For many of us, the last few months have been a strange combination of overwhelming stress, coupled with a guilty enjoyment of more time spent at home. Whether you’ve been spinning plates trying to work around your kids, have experienced the uncertainty of furlough, or have had to make an unexpected career change… we’ve all faced some unprecedented challenges.

If you’re heading back to work or uni over the coming weeks, or preparing for family members to go back to school, we want to make sure that the transition is as seamless as it can be. This is why we’ve put together a special collection of care package items to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Without further ado, here is our edit of the top beauty essentials to keep you cool, calm and collected, whatever returning to the workplace throws at you.

Face Masks

No, we’re not talking about the kind that gets you all hot and sweaty on the commute to work. We’re talking about starting your day with a hydrating face mask (which coincidentally, can also help with mascne). Being at home, our skin hasn’t been acclimated to the sudden changes in temperature and air conditioning that we’ll be returning to, which can mean that dryness and skin breakouts are lurking around the corner (more tips on that later).

By using a face mask in the morning, you can boost your skin’s moisture for the day so it can better tolerate the work environment. You’ll also have the added benefit of ensuring that your makeup sits well on your skin. And let’s face it, after a few fair months wearing little to no makeup, we’ll need all the help with application that we can get!

Try Seoulista Beauty Super Hydration Instant Facial for a face mask that will offer you an amazing hydrating treatment. Feeling a bit more flash? Try the renowned La Mer The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Masks for the ultimate in luxury.

Hand Sanitiser

We all know how important hand hygiene is, particularly when venturing out of the home. But while many employers will be providing hand sanitising facilities, the chances are they’ll be prioritising quantity over quality. If you work in a field where you’ll be relying on hand sanitiser, do your mitts a favour and use a product that is less industrial and more skin-friendly. Your skin will thank you.

Our absolute favourite sanitiser at the moment is the L’Occitane Verbena Clean Hands Gel, which is the perfect combination of form and function. It also comes in a 280ml bottle, making it the perfect size for keeping on your desk (although be warned, your colleagues will be sneaking a squirt the moment your back is turned).

For a purse-sized option, we love the Colloidal Silver Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser by Nature’s Greatest Secret. Just keep in mind that, as it isn’t alcohol-based, it’s more effective against bacteria than it is against viruses.

Hand Cream

Our hands have definitely taken a beating over the last few months of near-constant hand washing. With a higher risk of exposure in the outdoors or workplace environment, comes a greater need to increase your hand washing. Between the dry office environment and an increase in soap/alcohol-based cleaning, your hands will be crying out for moisture, so keep a rich hand cream or balm within arms reach.

When it comes to keeping your skin hydrated and protected you really can’t go past Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Range, and particularly the Moisturising Hand Treatment – it’s a customer favourite for good reason. Another fantastic product, and one which is 100% natural, is Weleda Skin Food. Using beeswax and a rich combination of oils, it deeply nourishes the skin, making it ideal for chapped, sore hands.

Face Mist

Whether you work outdoors in the elements or in an air-conditioned office block, you’re sure to notice the difference in your skin when you return to work. Harsh, drying AC or exposure to the wind can both strip your skin of its natural defences, leaving it dry, tight and uncomfortable.

While a regular face mask and good quality moisturiser will do most of the work, occasionally you need an extra boost of hydration. A face mist is perfect for spritzing on dehydrated skin for extra moisture as it can be used any time, under or over your make-up.

Our in-house favourite is Clinique Moisture Surge Thirsty Skin Relief Spray, closely followed by Thalgo Eveil A La Mer Reviving Marine Mist.

Roll On Relaxation

It’s all well and good to keep your face and body in tip-top condition when you return to work, but arguably the most important thing to take care of is your mind. Let’s face it, there’s bound to be moments of stress in the weeks ahead, so preparing for them is an essential part of your allbeauty care package.

Pocket-sized, relaxing roller-ball fragrances are ideal for throwing in your handbag and forgetting about until you need them. Then, when you’re feeling stressed, you have a tool ready to help you find your inner peace. We love Elemis Life Elixirs Calm Roller Ball with lavandula and clary sage oils, as well as thisworks Stress Check Breath In Roller Ball which contains eucalyptus and frankincense oils, among others.

Whatever the coming weeks have in store for you – whether you’re returning to work, continuing to work from home or will be adapting to flexible working, allbeauty are here to see you through. With a little forward planning and self-care, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward and face the world head-on. You’ve got this!

8 Steps To A Cleaner Beauty Routine With Jayn Sterland

8 Steps To A Cleaner Beauty Routine With Weleda’s Jayn Sterland

A total, holistic approach to beauty and wellbeing, Weleda has led the way to cleaner beauty since 1921. 

Weleda has led the way in cleaner beauty since 1921. For us, it has always been far more than a mandate to ensure products are free-from all ‘nasties’ such as artificial additives or synthetic fragrances and preservatives, GMO ingredients, mineral oils, silicones and petroleum derivatives. It’s a total, holistic approach to beauty and wellbeing, understanding the connection between nature and human beings and taking the mind, body and spirit into consideration because beauty is more than skin deep.

Weleda Cleaner Beauty allbeauty blogTowards the end of 2017 Jayn Sterland, MD of Weleda UK, claimed the top spot in the ‘Who’s Who in Natural Beauty’ list of industry movers and shakers – for the second year running. As an advocate for cleaner beauty, Jayn is on a mission to clean up the beauty industry by eliminating greenwashing and encouraging the industry to be socially responsible for what they put on the shelf.

“It’s important to show the true face of natural beauty and expose the ugly side of the industry’s false claims. I recently joined a panel at The Big Stink – an event hosted by the Women’s Environmental Network – to discuss what can be done about the harmful chemicals in everyday products. Work is being done, but we all need to play an active role in cleaning up the beauty industry.”

Clean beauty, or to be more accurate we should say ‘cleaner’ beauty, has primarily come about because of the ever-increasing rates of skin disorders we are facing, says Jayn. “Today in the UK, we have the highest incidence of eczema and dermatitis than we have ever had – affecting one in four babies and one in twenty adults.

“Cleaner beauty is a fundamental need for many people as they find that through pollution and stress their sensitised bodies are starting to react to the environment and everyday chemicals. This isn’t a fad. Until we change how we formulate our beauty products it’s here to stay. In an ideal world we would have a choice over what we put in our bodies. One way we can do this is to adopt a ‘cleaner’ beauty routine.”

8 steps we can all follow to make our beauty routines cleaner:

1. Focus on everyday essentials

Cleaner beauty can easily be incorporated into daily life, by simply replacing each conventional cosmetic product with a natural and organic alternative when you run out. Start with the products you use most of – your toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant.

2. Read the labels

Familiarise yourself with the ingredient names that you want to avoid. Websites such as the Women’s Environmental Network and EWG’s Skin Deep are useful references. Or try apps such as SkinNinja or ThinkDirty to identify common culprits with a quick product check.

3. Start small

You could begin by simply deciding to avoid a couple of particular ingredients that you have concerns about. For instance, if you are pregnant, it may be that you are keen to reduce chemicals such as triclosan or parabens (EDCs).

4. Ditch the bubbles

At bath time, in the shower, even when cleaning your teeth. Detergents such as SLES are not skin-friendly and foaming agents do not make you any cleaner. They are known to cause skin irritation for many of us (research shows that one in two under 35-year olds have a skin sensitivity, ranging from mild dermatitis through to severe eczema). Weleda uses plant-based cleansers such as Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate, which is made from coconut oil and plant sugars, is biodegradable and creates a low foaming sudsy lather.

5. Wash less (no, really!)

Not something that you will find many beauty brands suggesting! But if we wash less, we use fewer products, which means we are less likely to strip our skin of its natural protection or alter its pH, which in turn means we don’t need to replenish it with moisturising products (we’ll waste less water too! Over the past thirty years we have tripled the amount of water that we each use daily from three gallons, to more than fifteen today.)

6. Simplify your beauty routine

Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash allbeauty blog cleaner beauty
This is important if skin has become particularly sensitised or you are stressed. Certified natural baby products are a good option. For example, our top selling product is our Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash and it’s equally popular with adults who want to reduce the number of products they are using.

7. Look for multi-taskers

Weleda Skin Food allbeauty blog cleaner beauty

This is so that you are exposed to fewer ingredients. Weleda’s Skin Food is my own ‘miracle cream’ – always in my pocket, bag, car and by my bedside. You can use it anywhere – for dry skin, hands, feet, face. I have even been known to use it on my hair! A classic product formulated in 1926, it uses just five simple natural ingredients and it works. It’s Victoria Beckham’s favourite Weleda product too so I’m in good company.

8. Get certified

Look out for a respected natural or organic certification standard’s logo on the pack. This means you can know at a glance that the product won’t contain potentially troublesome ingredients that you want to avoid. For example, every single Weleda cosmetic bears the NATRUE seal, meaning they are all verified cruelty-free.

Are Weleda cosmetics vegan-friendly?

Some of our products do contain animal products and their derivates like beeswax, lanolin, goat milk and lactose, as well as honey in the elixirs which is why we do not say we are a Vegan company. However, there are more than 60 products in Weleda’s range that are suitable for vegans. Find out more information about Weleda Vegan products here.


You can shop Weleda at allbeauty.com 

Why Celebrities LOVE Weleda’s Skin Food Moisturiser + Your Chance To Win

Celebrities can’t get enough of THIS £12.50 moisturiser. But what makes Weleda’s Skin Food so special?

Plus your chance to win 1 of 3 Weleda prize bundles, including a 75ml Skin Food and a copy of ‘Pretty Iconic: A Personal Look At The Beauty Products That Changed The World’, by Sali Hughes

Pioneering green beauty brand Weleda first introduced their totally natural, replenishing Skin Food cream in 1926. And it’s still going strong today!  An enriching balm to soothe and comfort skin that’s battered by daily stresses – from poor diet to pollution – Skin Food is your best defence against windier, colder weather, and is great for dry or rough skin that needs a treat. Elbows, we’re looking at you…

Weleda Skin Food has become a travel essential for many jet setters. Ideal to protect and replenish skin that’s been blasted by air conditioning or on the ski slope in biting winds, it also helps restore radiance to lacklustre skin.

A firm celebrity favourite

For years Skin Food was somewhat of an industry beauty secret, but in the past decade has become a firm favourite with many high-profile celebrities. Skin Food’s enthusiastic fan club includes singers Anne-Marie, Adele, Birdy, Joss Stone and Rihanna; television presenters Laura Whitmore, Fearne Cotton, Amanda Holden, Claudia Winkleman and Anthea Turner; plus actresses Julia Roberts, Brooke Shields, Kerry Washington, Winona Ryder, Priyanka Chopra and Lili Taylor.

For Anne-Marie’s make-up artist Emma Osborne it’s a staple in her kit:

Weleda Skin Food is my go-to product for a fresh glow. I love to add a touch to the high points of the face i.e. cheekbones/brow bones for that dewy glossy finish. For my clients it’s a must-have beauty essential”.

Top models and fashionistas Alexa Chung, Suki Waterhouse, Victoria Beckham, Helena Christensen, Carolyn Murphy, Chandra North, Doutzen Kroes, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Angela Lindvall, Jessica Stam, Claudia Barila, Behati Prinsloo, Lyndsey Wixson, Dree Hemingway, Karen Ferrari, David Gandy and Andrew Cooper are all fans too.

My absolute MUST is Weleda Skin Food which I apply all over my body! It smells so fresh and uplifting too and I never leave the house without it” – Model Erin O’Connor

All of skin Food’s ingredients are NATRUE certified: all natural and include extracts of organic chamomile, calendula and wild pansy to soothe rough skin, plus rosemary to revitalise dull complexions. This deep-penetrating cream also contains natural plant oils and waxes known for their richness and gentleness. The refreshing fragrance is from pure essential oils including sweet orange and lavandulae, so artificial preservatives or parabens are not needed. It’s just what your skin has been waiting for.

Your chance to WIN!

Why Celebrities LOVE Weleda's Skin Food Moisturiser allbeauty blog
Runners up will recieve a Weleda Arnica Gift Tube worth £12.95

The gorgeous people at Weleda HQ are offering you the chance to try Skin Food for free! One lucky winner will receieve a 75ml Skin Food PLUS a copy of Pretty Iconic: A Personal Look At The Beauty Products That Changed The World’, by Sali Hughes. Two runners up will receieve a Weleda Arnica Trio Gift Tube worth £12.95. For your chance to win, enter below!

Weleda Skincare Launches Skin Food Fashion Award for #LFW 2016

As part of the year long celebration of Weleda Skin Food’s 90th birthday, one fashion graduate from Northampton Uni will win the Weleda Skin Food Fashion Award at #LFW 2016

Natural beauty brand Weleda has teamed up with graduate fashion students of Northampton University as part of a year-long campaign to mark the 90th anniversary of its original and best-selling skincare product, Skin Food. Challenged to create designs inspired by the iconic backstage beauty hero, the students work will be showcased by Weleda during London Fashion Week in front of a high profile judging panel including: Fashion Commentator Caryn Franklin, Tracy Mulligan (Creative Director of sustainable fashion brand People Tree), Diana Verde Nieto (Founder of Positive Luxury), Julie King (Head of Fashion at the University of Northampton) and Weleda’s Regional Director for Western Europe Peter Brändle. Together they will select a designer to win the Weleda Skin Food Fashion Award and bursary, and a year’s supply of Weleda skincare!

Легендарный универсальный крем Skin Food 💚 был выпущен в 1926 году. И вот уже 90 лет его 100% натуральный состав не претерпевал изменений. Ключевые ингредиенты крема 🍃🌿☀️- экстракты календулы, ромашки, розмарина и анютиных глазок. Питающую основу продукта составляют органическое миндальное масло, масло подсолнечника, натуральный пчелиный воск и гипоаллергенный ланолин. Уверены, что в вашей сумочке наш #зелёныйтюбик будет незаменимым! #celebrateskinfood

A photo posted by Weleda Russia (@weledarussia) on

The project with Northampton University is just one way that Weleda is celebrating the special relationship Skin Food has forged with the world of fashion in its anniversary year. Weleda continued to support emerging talent by sponsoring Northampton University’s graduate fashion show in June 2016. They’re also partnering with Felder Felder at London Fashion Week this September to help communicate the brand’s new sustainable messaging.

The winning Skin Food design will be announced on September 17th at a dedicated Fashion Week party with the judges picking their favourite showcased design from a shortlist. Good luck to all competing students from everyone at allbeauty.com!