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Hair Loss and Hair Thinning, Meet the Experts: Foltène

Originating in Como, Italy back in 1944, Foltène has established itself across the globe as a specialist in the prevention and treatment of hair-loss and hair thinning problems. With hair health a growing item on the beauty agenda, we met the experts to ask those pressing questions about how our hair, and their products, actually work.

Did you know?
  • Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body, second only to bone marrow
  • We lose approximately 50-100 hairs per day
  • Average number of hairs per head is 100,000 -150,000
  • Our hair grows an average of 1cm per month
  • Each hair is, on average, 10-100μm (Nanometer)Brush Foltene

What causes hair loss and thinning?

Causes can vary from hormonal factors, nutritional deficiencies, aging or contemporary (stressful) lifestyles, leading to symptoms such as the weathering of the hair shaft, increased aging of the hair follicle and/or decreased melanocyte function (resulting in hair colour changes).

How does the cycle of hair work?

There are three phases in the hair cycle:

Growth (the anagen phase) – this is the developing phase that allows the hair to reform and grow. This stage lasts three to five years.

Resting (catagen phase) – this is the regressive phase. This is when the hair stops growing. This stage lasts approximately three weeks.

Falling (telogen phase) – this end phase allows the hair “pushed” out of the hair follicle by the growth of a new hair. This lasts around four months, then the hair resets the cycle.

On average, 90% of healthy hair is in the anagen phase (growth), while 10% is in the catagen (resting) or telogen (falling) phase.

How does Foltène influence the hair cycle?

Foltène products promotes more of a holistic approach on hair loss conditions and contribute to the normalisation of the hair cycle by extending the growing phase and shorting the falling phase, helping to regain a healthy hair cycle.

They also prolong the resting phase, bring more nutritive elements to the hair follicle whilst also preventing the attack of toxins.

Foltène has two patented ingredients – what do they do?

Tricosaccaride is the original patented active ingredient that helps strengthen the hair and bring the balance of the scalp to its natural condition. It also encourages the natural growth of hair and helps to reduce hair loss.

The second patented active ingredient, Tricalgoxyl, is rich in polysaccharides extracted from algae and acts to normalise the life cycle of hair. It helps reduce hair loss, encourages natural hair growth and restores the natural balance of the scalp. It’s most commonly used in Foltène’s women’s product range.

Who could benefit from using these ingredients?

We recommend the product to all men and women with hair loss problems, people who may notice extra hair in their brush or comb, people with hair which tends to be thin, fine, dry, limp or lifeless, subject to easy breakage. It’s also, recommended for chemically damaged hair.

For Foltène’s full product range, click here

Philip Kingsley Hair Nutrition – Expert Trichologist Q&A

We caught up with an expert Trichologist at Philip Kingsley, for a hair nutrition Q&A – learn which supplements and nutrients mean luscious, healthy locks!

Learn how to keep your hair healthy, with experts Philip Kingsley in our hair nutrition special! You can shop all Philip Kingsley products and supplements online at allbeauty.

Which vitamins/minerals are important for my hair?

A balanced mix of all vitamins and minerals is important for your hair. After all, your hair is growing tissue and needs proper sustenance. That said, from the clients that I see in our trichological Clinic in Mayfair, Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Biotin and Zinc should be top of mind when choosing foods and selecting nutritional supplements. Deficiencies in these are common causes of hair loss.

Are there any natural sources I can include in my diet, to keep my hair healthy?

Most definitely. The best way to get vitamins and minerals is through a healthy diet. If you wish to improve your iron levels, red meats, dark leafy greens and beetroot are great choices. Zinc is found most abundantly in shellfish, chickpeas and nuts. Excellent sources of Vitamin B12 are salmon and eggs. Vitamin D is slightly more complicated, mind you. You can only obtain a very small percentage of the Vitamin D you need through diet – the rest must come from sun exposure or, in winter or for those who spend a great deal of time in-doors, a nutritional supplement containing Vitamin D3.

hair nutrition

I have pretty normal hair – will supplements do anything ‘extra’ for me, such as make my hair grow faster?

How fast your hair grows is genetically determined, but it averages at around half an inch a month. You cannot change this. However, sometimes hair does not grow to its best ability, and often diet is in part to blame. For instance, a ferritin deficiency can cause your hair to fall out before it reaches the length it is capable of. Low protein intake can affect the quality and strength of your strands. In these instances, taking a nutritional supplement can be very helpful. The hair’s nutritional requirements are truly unique. Being non-essential tissue, it is the last part of us to receive nutrients we intake. It is also the first to be withheld from. Because of this, it can be difficult to meet your hair’s nutritional requirements through diet alone; and supplements provide a helping-hand. Our supplements are particularly useful as you can mix and match them to meet your own individual needs. Personally, I take Biotin Boost, Root Complex and PK4 Soy Protein Boost every day. I take Tricho Complex every other day because, at the moment, my iron levels are rather good.

How does PK Soy Protein improve my hair?

PK Soy Protein Boost contains a concentrated mix of all essential amino acids (proteins). Proteins are the building blocks of your hair; they determine its strength and structure. This makes them very important. While there are plenty of foods that contain protein, it is good to provide your strands with an extra boost of readily available protein; as your hair is competing with essential tissue when it comes nutrients, it can really benefit from some additional support. Due to the nature of the hair growth cycle, you will usually see benefits to the quality of your hair within six – twelve weeks of taking PK Soy Protein Boost.

I know a healthy scalp is important, but how can my diet influence this – aren’t products the only solution?

If you have a problematic scalp, changes to diet may help. Certain foods are common scalp aggravators. Most often these are full-fat cheese, full-fat cream, members of the Nightshade Family (i.e. peppers, aubergines) and spicy and sugary foods. You may want to work out what your trigger treats are by a process of elimination. White wine and champagne can also cause trouble, so try red wine or spirits (or don’t drink at all). However, diet alone will not remedy a scalp problem. You also have to use targeted products.

If I begin taking supplements for my hair, how long should I wait to see results?

Due to the nature of the hair growth cycle, you will usually see benefits to your hair within six to twelve weeks of taking a supplement.

Can my diet cause thinning hair?

A bad diet, without a shadow of a doubt, can cause hair loss. Specifically, a type of hair loss called ‘telogen effluvium’ (excessive daily hair fall). In fact, as your hair is not essential tissue, it is usually the first part of you to be affected by a poor diet. While it means a great deal to us psychologically, physically it is dispensable. This means, if you are not eating regularly or correctly, your body simply stops sending nutrients to your hair follicles. It reserves them instead to keep vital systems functioning. You need to provide your hair with a steady supply of nutrients and energy in order for it to grow and keep growing. As I say to my clients, whenever you become hungry during the day, imagine what your hair is feeling: ravenous!

Can supplements help my hair regrow?

If you are losing your hair due to a nutritional deficiency, supplements can be incredibly helpful. They provide your hair follicles with an extra boost of nutrients, helping hair growth to get back-on-track. However, you cannot rectify a hair loss issue simply by taking nutritional supplements; they must be taken alongside a healthy diet to have maximum effect. Regardless of diet, I recommend taking a daily protein supplement (what hair is made of) and a Biotin supplement (helps your body to utilise proteins in the foods you eat).

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I have a flaky, itchy scalp – what do you recommend in terms of products and diet?

Consistency and perseverance are key. I promise you it pays off! Follow these steps:

1. Shampoo daily with an anti-microbial shampoo to re-balance the micro-flora of your scalp. I recommend our Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo, originally made for Sir Laurence Olivier.

2. After towel-drying, applying a soothing, anti-itch scalp toner. Also apply during the day whenever irritation strikes. This will help to break the itch/scratch cycle. I love our Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner, which is based on our most popular Clinic Tonic.

3. Twice weekly, use an exfoliating scalp mask to lift away dead skin cells. I recommend our Exfoliating Scalp Mask, specifically formulated for those with dandruff.

In terms of your diet, try cutting our trigger foods, such as full-fat dairy products, white wine and champagne. I also suggest taking an anti-inflammatory Omega 3 Supplement, such as our Root Complex.

I burned my scalp in the sun (ouch!) – what can I do to heal the damage?

First things first – apply a soothing, after-sun scalp mask. I recommend our After-Sun Scalp Mask which contains soothing Aloe Vera and a cooling, slow release menthol. You must keep your scalp out of the sun until your skin has healed. Wear a comfortable hat or a soft, loose scarf to cover your head. To help clear away flakes and calm irritation when your scalp starts to flake (and it will!) gently cleanse your scalp and hair with an anti-microbial shampoo, and use a hydrating Scalp Toner.

Thank you so much to Philip Kingsley for a really informative hair nutrition read. You can shop all Philip Kingsley products and supplements online at allbeauty.

What Is Trichotherapy? Philip Kingsley System Explained

It’s Philip Kingsley’s famous system for fine or thinning hair. But what is Trichotherapy? We explain how it works and what to expect.

Trichotherapy is the home care system by Philip Kingsley for people with fine or thinning hair. On a daily basis, Philip Kingsley treats clients at their London and New York clinics with bespoke, medical care, with initial consultations taking 2 hours to determine the cause of hair loss.  Causes of hair loss can be wide-ranging, and often triggered by many factors, so ideally a visit with a Trichologist to diagnose the reason(s) is recommended. However, not everyone can visit a clinic and so this led to a home system to support people with fine or thinning hair. If you are unable to see a Trichologist, Trichotherapy provides the next best solution.

The rise in female hair thinning has been called a modern phenomenon” – Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic director Glenn Lyons

what is trichotherapyWhat Is Trichotherapy? The Products

At the heart of the Trichotherapy system are 3 ground-breaking products. A protein spray and scalp treatment work to create a healthy scalp environment and to strengthen the hair. While a nutritional formula ensures your body receives the right combination of nutrients for optimal hair health. It’s a 3-step holistic regime that creates thicker, fuller hair and encourages healthy hair growth, over an initial period of 12 weeks.

  • Tricho Pro Volumizing Protein Spray 100ml
    A hair density formula that helps reduce hair fall caused by breakage when combing and improves overall hair condition. Rich in primary anti-oxidants such as the Green Tea Extract, it helps to moisturize and improve shine, fullness, cuticle integrity and strength.
  • Tricho 7 Volumizing Hair & Scalp Treatment 100ml
    Daily scalp drops that help create the optimum scalp environment for healthy hair. The formula contains a unique combination of 7 trichologically selected ingredients, each known to enhance the condition of the hair and scalp and encourage healthy hair and has taken 7 years to develop, test and perfect. Rich in anti-oxidants, it has soothing effects, protects against environmental degradation and immediately gives the appearance of more volume.
  • Tricho Complex Hair Nutrition Formula Tablets x 90
    A vitamin & mineral supplement that has been created with over 60 years of trichological expertise and inspired by a combination of vitamins and minerals prescribed on a daily basis at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinics. An exceptional mix of vitamins and minerals including the essential amino acid L-Lysine, Pantothenic Acid, Methionine, Iron, Vitamins D3, C & B12. The formula also contains Zinc, Biotin and Selenium which contribute to the maintenance of normal, healthy hair and is suitable for Vegetarians.

Who Is Trichotherapy For?

Those using the system can expect to see visible root lift, instant conditioning, healthy shine and volume. It’s suitable for anyone who is experiencing fine and/or thinning hair. It’s also for anyone who is experiencing overall reduced volume and shedding hair. The system takes just a few seconds and fits into your daily routine. All you need to remember is to keep going and not skip any treatments. Watch Sarah’s experience of Trichotherapy below:

Trichotherapy Results

what is trichotherapy

In consumer trials, 79% of women said their hair looked and felt fuller** **94 women – blind user trial & after only 12 weeks

It’s important to keep up treatment on a daily basis to see best results, and the initial treatment is a 12-week process. However, most users do begin to see results within the first few weeks. The treatment is available as a set and each step of the regime can be bought separately to top up as needed.

You can shop Philip Kingsley online at allbeauty.
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