5 Male Beauty Gadgets Every Modern Man Should Have!

Male beauty gadgets?! Yes beauty gadgets and guys do go together and we’ve picked 5 that every modern man should own!

There are more and more male beauty gadgets on the market – how many of these do you own??

male beauty gadgets
Flo Tweezers With Light
No more grooming disasters, these tweezers come with a self-contained light! Ideal for travel, when hotel rooms might not be the best place to get up close and personal with tricky brows….

male beauty gadgets

Flo Fragrance Atomiser
An atomiser is a nifty tool that lets you put your favourite fragrance into a travel bottle. Not just for holidays though, this tool is ideal for the gym, office or nights out.

male beauty gadgets

Tweezerman Fingernail Gripper
Now surely every man owns one of these??? If not, why not! A proper fingernail cutter is a must and this is sleek, ergonomic and functional.

male beauty tools

Captain Fawcett Folding Pocket Moustache Comb
The well groomed gent needs to keep tools on his person! A folding moustache comb looks sleek and does the job in a quiet, confident manner.

male beauty gadget

Tangle Teezer Black
Pish – is a comb a gadet? Well yes, this one totally is! A Tangle Teezer isn’t just any old comb, it’s THE comb for removing knots and smoothing the hair. Coupled with a handy cover, the Tangle Teezer can live happily in a desk drawer or gym bag and can be used on wet or dry hair.

Which male beauty gadgets can’t you live without? Comment below!

5 Male YouTube Vloggers To Follow In 2016

Men’s styling and grooming is on the rise. We’ve picked out 5 male YouTube Vloggers well worth a follow in 2016.

1. UK Vlogger Robin James aka Man For HimselfYouTube Channel
His channel: “a place to share my top tips and experience of men’s style and grooming. Think of me as the guy that will always give you honest advice, suggest new products and help you to explore your own sense of style.”

Try this vid: “Can I use gel for a quiff?” | Cheap vs. Expensive
(KMS > Shop Here)

2. US Vlogger Jo Brien aka The Gentleman’s CoveYouTube Channel
His channel: “Just a guy who likes to dress nice and wants to share how to do it. Hair, style, dress, and reviews will be done here so subscribe and stay dapper!“

Try this vid: My Everyday Hairstyle

3. UK Vlogger James Welsh – YouTube Channel
His channel: “Styling tips, men’s grooming, product reviews etc etc etc!”

Try this vid: Men’s Daily Skincare Routine For Oily Skin (Men’s Grooming)

4. US Vlogger Cameron Cretney – YouTube Channel
His channel: “Mostly manly stuff like hair tutorials, haircuts, product reviews, lookbooks, ootds and much more.”

Try this vid:  What to Tell Your Barber | Men’s Haircut 2016 | Hair Measurements

5. US Vlogger JairWoo YouTube Channel
His channel: “The latest fashion tips, personal style, hair tutorials, DIY’s, and much more”

Try this vid: How To Darken Faded Black Jeans

So there you have 5 of allbeauty.com’s favourite male YouTube Vloggers for 2016. Tell us how we did – did we miss anyone you think we should follow? Comment down below with your channel suggestions.

Please note: allbeauty.com is not affiliated to any of the Vloggers shown, recommendations are based purely on our viewing experience.