Her First Makeup Routine – Our Advice for Tweens to Teenagers

A first makeup routine doesn’t need to be scary! Share the experience and make it a fun learning curve – here’s our advice on products and skincare, age-appropriate for younger skin.

A first makeup routine should aim to enhance rather than change her looks.

Our Top Tips For A First Makeup Routine

*   Pick products for young skin – if possible, look for natural brands that don’t include parabens or fragrance. Brands for sensitive skin are a great choice for Tweens to Teenagers
*   Encourage her to use brushes and sponges for good hygiene
*   If she’s being stubborn, go to a department store and ask for a free makeover – the makeup artist’s advice will usually be accepted quicker than Mum’s!
*   Include a good makeup remover in her kit and a moisturiser if she’s a Teenager
*   Stay clear of waterproof mascara, it can be very hard to remove…
*   Foundation that comes in a pump means just the right about is dispensed


first makeup routine Start Small…
Yes she follows artists on Insta who cake on the layers and contour like mad. But the look you’re aiming for is natural enhancement. Mascara and lip gloss keeps most 10 to 12 year olds happy – they’re both easy to apply and sufficiently grown up. If you go down this route, make sure you change her mascara every 3 months and insist she never ever ever shares it with friends. If she needs convincing, this recent story about a model who ended up with an eye infection should make the point!
We like Mavala mascara for sensitive eyes and Lancome Juicy Shakers.
 first makeup routine  

Get The Basics
Makeup remover has to be top of your list, it’s easier to get into good habits than to break bad ones. These Manuka Doctor purifying wipes are cleanser, toner and moisturiser all in one and contain antibacterial qualities – ideal for young skin. Moisturiser is a must if she’s wearing foundation though it may feel too much for some Teens. ThisWorks In Transit Camera Close Up is a splurge, but it’s also primer, moisturiser and face mask all in one. It’ll hold makeup and create the perfect base, so we say it’s worth the spend.

 first makeup routine  

Keep It Natural
If she’s ready for foundation, consider tinted moisturiser. It’s easier to apply and harder to make mistakes. If acne is a problem though, foundation is a fabulous way to build up her confidence. We love Vichy Dermablend, a high coverage foundation with a lightweight, natural finish. There are 2 types, one for all skin types (and with an SPF of 25) or one specifically for oily, acne-prone skin. Incidentally, we all know about blending the jawline, but you might want to take a look at our post on 6 areas you miss most when applying foundation. Dermablend also has a range of matching concealers if extra coverage is needed. Can you wear concealer on its own? Of course! If she’s only getting the odd spot, then consider buying just the concealer.

 first makeup routine  

We’ve already said that brushes are a great way to start – keep fingers out of it as much as possible! The Real Techniques Deluxe Gift Set contains a brush for foundation, blush, highlighter, concealer and eyes. For foundation though, the easiest tool in the world is a beautyblender. Just moisten the sponge, squeeze it out and you’re good to go.

We love this video by makeup artist Kandee Johnson, showing you all the ways you can use the BB:

 first makeup routine Multi-taskers = Best Friends!
The last thing anyone needs in a first makeup routine is a heavy bag of products, so look for multi-tasking palettes. This one by theBalm Cosmetics contains a blush, a highlighter and basic eye shadows (that can also double as brow powder). An optional extra would be bronzer in the summer.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any tips for a first makeup routine. And tell us how old you were when you first wore serious makeup – any makeup no-nos you regret?!

Halloween 2016 Makeup Looks We LOVE!

As we head towards Halloween 2016 we pick out makeup looks we love. Whether you’re going out or staying home with your family, here are some easy-to-tricky ideas for you to try.

Halloween 2016 is all about mermaids, glitter, Disney, and Harley Quinn. If you’re dressing up, don’t forget to tag us in your social posts!

These pumpkin lips actually look achievable (yes??!) – and a great idea if you have kids. To get the intense black we’d go for a waterproof gel liner pen. For the orange you could either use face paints, apricot lip colour or mix an orange eyeshadow with primer.


This tribute to David Bowie is probably best for the brave, but we love it anyway!



The mermaid look is super popular this year, but we LOVE this look on the same colour scheme. To get the stars twinkling, we recommend using liquid silver liner. The rest of the look should be easy to achieve with eye palette colours and blush.


Halloween 2016


To achieve these Halloween 2016 nails, you’ll need a very fine brush and a steady hand. How simple yet effective though!


Halloween 2016

If in doubt, Wednesday Addams is an easy but striking look to pull off. This YouTube tutorial shows you how, with products you should easily find:

Halloween 2016

For mermaid makeup, Harley Quinn and more, check our Pinterest board.
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Our Pick Of The Best Full Coverage Foundation

Many foundations currently on the market are sheer and lightweight and finding the best full coverage foundation can be tricky. We’ve rounded up our favourite foundations that give full coverage, available at allbeauty.

Tracking down the best full coverage foundation can be frustrating, especially if you’re suffering from breakouts, redness or have a special event that needs a flawless finish.

Why Full Coverage Foundation? Let’s be honest, there are times when “luminous”, “sheer” and “lightweight” just aren’t words we want to read! Unexpected breakouts happen to all of us. Or maybe you’ve been ill and need some extra help to look your best. And for formal occasions like a prom or wedding, a full cover look is top of our list.  Plus don’t forget the added benefit of full cover foundation: protection from the elements and pollution!

best full coverage foundation1. Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation Fluid

Dermablend has been on the market for so long now, it’s completely tried and tested. Dermablend is the absolute go-to foundation for blemished skin or skin with birthmarks, port wine stains, scars, rosacea or acne. Available in several formulas, this one is oil free so it’s perfect for acne-prone or oily skin. Promising to last up to 16 hours, it also contains SPF 25 for added sun protection. You can see the whole range here.

Full Coverage Foundation Tip #1 Dilute heavy foundation with primer or liquid highlighter for days when you want lighter cover

best full coverage foundation

2. Clinique Even Better Foundation SPF 15

Containing SPF 15 this oil-free formula contains active ingredients that treat skin over time. Combat hyper-pigmentation and see brighter skin both immediately and with continued use. The finish on this is really natural thanks to a mineral blend. Plus the finish can be moderate to heavy depending on how much you apply. 


Full Coverage Foundation Tip #2 Mix with day cream to make tinted moisturiser

best full coverage foundation

3. Sisley Phyto-Teint Expert Foundation

Beautifully mask imperfections with a smooth, natural finish. Containing a combination of ultra-pure pigments and soft focus powders, this oil-free formula from Sisley offers gorgeous colour. In addition, ingredients including frangipani, cucumber and gingko provide moisture and a circulation boost.

Full Coverage Foundation Tip #3 Mix leftover base with body butter and apply to legs for an instant glow that covers imperfections!

best full coverage foundation4. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup SPF10

With up to 15 hours of staying power, Double Wear by Estee Lauder is a bestseller the world over. Through heat, humidity and activity, this foundation won’t let you down. A natural look with a semi-matte finish, it promises not to change colour, smudge after application or come off on clothes. The matching powder is also available and can be worn over the foundation for a full-coverage effect.

Full Coverage Foundation Tip #4 From Autumn consider switching to fingers or a sponge to apply foundation. Brushes can scratch at dry skin and exfoliate top layers

best full coverage foundation

5Clinique Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation and Concealer
If a powder foundation is your thing, then you’ll really love Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation and Concealer in one. Application is with the sponge provided and the finish is smooth, oil-free and high-coverage. Pores are minimised and skin can breathe even through sweat and humidity. To see this product in action, take a look at this amazing YouTube demonstration:


Do you have a favourite full cover foundation? Comment below and tell us which brand you love plus any you’d like to see at allbeauty

Shop theBalm Cosmetics, New Brand @allbeauty

If you’re in the UK and looking to shop thebalm Cosmetics it’s time to rejoice! Meet the latest brand at allbeauty.com

Get ready to shop theBalm Cosmetics, the fun, flirty makeup range you’re about to fall in love with!

Paraben free, cruelty free and with blushes and shadows that are talc-free. And then there’s the packaging! Our newest addition for August 2016 is a brand you’re going to love. Born in the US in 2004, theBalm Cosmetics offer a complete range of makeup for on-the-go gals who like their makeup fun and effective.

She’s got attitude(s) 💁🏼💁🏽💁🏻💁🏾 #NudeTude #eyeshadow #palette #theBalm

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With products such as Mary-Lou Manizer, Nude Dude Palette, Bahama Mama Bronzer and timeBalm Foundation, you’ll enjoy the chance to gift and shop theBalm Cosmetics!

She’s a glow-getter ✨ #MaryLouManizer #MaryLou #highlighter #theBalm

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Best-selling Mary-Lou Manizer is a 3 in 1 highlighter and luminizer that helps to refine the complexion and leave you looking softer, younger and glowing.

Просто магически Черный💫 #schwingeyeliner Цена 6700 т.

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Schwing eyeliner has a precise felt tip point that gets you results like these – impressed? We are!

You can shop theBalm cosmetics range at allbeauty HERE
Are you excited or already a fan? Comment below and tell us!

6 Areas You Miss Most When Applying Foundation

You’ve been applying foundation for years but are you a pro? Discover the 6 areas you’re still most likely to miss when applying your base.

When applying foundation it’s easy to go onto auto-pilot! Natural or full-coverage both need to look ‘real’ so eyes down…

  • 1. Corner of the eye

applying foundation one
Oops, we see this a lot! Carefully applied makeup all over the nose with a noticeable line around the eye. Apply foundation to the bridge of the nose but blend it down. Even if you’re applying eye makeup too, you still need a blended look. This foundation blending kit by Tweezerman is a great basic to have.

2. Hairline
applying foundation two
Remember foundation doesn’t stop in a neat line around the hair!
Ideally you’ll have a perfect colour match, but you still need to blend up into the hairline.
Use light strokes (fingers are great) to ‘disappear’ the product into the hair.

3. Ears
applying foundation three
Blend into the ear softly, don’t end foundation at the side of the face.
Recent trends have seen some makeup artists cover the whole ear. This is worth doing if you’re going to a formal occasion and wearing hair up. Otherwise just buffing into the lobes is enough.

4. Nose and sides of the nose
applying foundation four
You may be buffing away at your cheeks, but take a few seconds to blend into the sides of the nose. We all tend to have larger pores in that area so blend in well to disguise them. Beware of foundation (or powder) ‘sitting’ on the skin making pores look even worse. THE tool you must have is of course a beautyblender!

5. Inside the nose
applying foundation five
Always make a last check for foundation (and powder) residue. We know, it’s easy to forget when you’re rushing, but it only takes 2 seconds. No-one wants to give a presentation with soft beige rose up their nose!

6. Around the eye
applying foundation six eye
As well as the inner eye, also blend a light layer of foundation across the whole eye. This gives a natural look and makes a great primer for eye makeup. If you have hooded eyes or deep sockets, you don’t want a layer sitting in the crease, so use a light hand. Go for a natural, all-over colour.

Make sure you’re always applying foundation correctly by pinning our handy image:

Applying Foundation Most Missed Foundation Spots
Fed up with your current routine? Browse our foundation range here or for beauty tools such as brushes and blenders click here.

Smudge Proof Eye Makeup: Keeping Your Look In Place

Smudge proof eye makeup can be tricky, especially in hot weather or a stuffy office. allbeauty.com brings you 5 ways to stay panda-proof all day long.

You pop to the bathroom and glance in the mirror, only to see your carefully applied makeup having a party beneath your eyes – wow, just look at those attractive dark circles! Cue frantic rubbing and layers of Touche Éclat… Eye makeup moves because there’s too much oil or moisture around the eye. No-one should be surprised to find moisture near the eye but factor in oily skin, heavy face cream, concealer and hot weather and you could be suffering from makeup meltdown. Achieving smudge proof eye makeup can be difficult for lots of people, but we’ve come up with 5 great ways to fix the problem.

Tip #1 Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner
Best for special occasions or very hot days, since removing it will be a pain! But waterproof or long wear eye makeup just won’t move. A smudge proof mascara we love is award-winning Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara – Black 

Tip #2 Set under-eye concealer with setting powder (“baking”)

Lightly press powder under the eye and leave it in place for a few minutes while you tackle another area. When you’re ready, lightly dust away excess powder from under the eye. You can’t go wrong with Powder

For a super long-lasting look and a brightening effect, ‘baking’ undereyes for 15 minutes is the way to go (see our GIF above). If you have more mature skin and think baking isn’t for you, then take a look at this video by Nisha from SugarPuffAndFluff and see what you think:

Tip #3 Use an eyelid primer

The best solution when you don’t want to go waterproof or use setting powder. Primer will grab makeup and hold it in place all day, so apply primer ALL around the eyes (yes even underneath and over the tear duct!). We really like Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye Fix Primer

Tip #4 Set eyeliner with eyeshadow
Use an angled brush to go back over eyeliner with matching eyeshadow and ‘set’ the product in place – this is an especially good idea if you used a gel liner.

Tip #5 Change down from foundation to BB cream in the summer
If you can wear lighter makeup for summer then go for it – BB creams aren’t so heavy as foundation and won’t encourage your makeup to move. You’ll use less powder under the eyes and get away with a softer eye look. Check out our Pinterest board for some natural looks.

How did you find our panda eye tips? Did you spot the secret to smudge proof eye makeup? Tell us your tips and tricks in the comments below.

Get Monica Bellucci Bond Glamour Just In Time For Spectre…

The glamorous Italian bombshell
Monica Bellucci is one of the latest 007 Bond girls to star alongside Daniel Craig in the
new James Bond flick ‘Spectre’, released in cinemas today; allbeauty.com celebrates her effortless beauty.

Bellucci who is 51 (four years older than her co-star Daniel Craig), was shocked to receive a call from
director Sam Mendes saying that he wanted to cast her as a Bond girl. He said “for the
first time in history, James Bond is going to have a story with a mature
woman.” Bellucci was thrilled as she originally thought he wanted her to replace Judi Dench as
the new M – she said “I realised that this was going to
revolutionary. It’s such a beautiful example to set for other actresses – and
other women.“


Speaking to The Times of London, Bellucci said “True sexiness is
in the mind, the imagination – not in the age of the body.”

Get the Bond beauty’s glamorous look with allbeauty.com:

Monica’s look is very natural only adding a small touch of glamour to her beautiful Italian eyes, lining them with a soft black pencil and a smoky shadow. She finishes her look with a small amount of bronze and a rouge lipstick or a natural gloss that adds a touch of shimmer to her lips.

Try these products, all available at allbeauty.com


Products Featured:

Here are 5 of allbeauty.com’s favourite Bond girls:


Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder In Dr. No | Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger | Barabar Bach as Anya Amasova in The Spy Who Loved Me | Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight in The Man With The Golden Gun | Eva Green as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale

Prices correct at the time of publish.