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These Are The LFW Hair Trends You Need To Know About

These Are The 2019 London Fashion Week Hair Trends You NEED To Know About

We’ve teamed up with Official Haircare Product Providers label.m to bring you some of our favourite hair trends from London Fashion Week 2019! 

Proffessional haircare brand label.m is THE Official Haircare Provider of London Fashion Week, so we’ve teamed up with the experts to bring you our top three looks from this year’s LFW runway, PLUS all you need to know to recreate the looks at home. Who says fashion stays on the runway?! Check out our favourite looks below:

1. The Messy Bun Is Back

Not that it ever really left, but with all its variations it’s been a while since we’ve seen a messy bun that wasn’t teamed with PJS and a lazy Sunday morning… The perfect compliment to the  colourful beading and embroidery seen at Tata Naka, International Artistic Director and British Hairdresser of the Year nominee Cos Sakkas was inspired by the styles of 60s and 80s supermodels to create these messy yet eloquent buns.

Tata Naka LFW label m messy bun
Image courtesy of Toni & Guy and Tata Naka

Get the look:

To create this look, Cos used label.m Texturising Volume Spray to create height, followed by label.m Hairspray to set the look:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3





Step 1: Gather hair into a high ponytail and use label.m Texturizing Volume Spray around the surface and edge

Step 2: Pull the ponytail upwards and loosely secure with elastic, then drop down towards the crown to create texture and pin in place.

Step 3: Structure the hair to form a messy bun and pull out strands around the hair line and nape of the neck to create texture.

2. Top Knots Are Top Of The List

Another look usually associated with lounging around on the sofa watching Netflix on the sofa, the top knot has had a utilitarianupgrade from stylist Indira Schauwecker where natural twisted knots complimented Paul Costelloe’s striking military-inspired looks.

Paul costelloe LFW 2019 label m
Image courtesy of Paul Costelloe and Toni & Guy

Get the look:

To create this look, Indira used a combination of volumising, shine and setting products from label.m:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4





Step 1: Depending on hair texture apply Extra Strong Mousse  throughout hair in sections and blow dry upwards using a grooming brush to smooth.

Step 2: Combing the hair up to the top of the head brushing through to smooth ponytail. Apply hairspray for grip and using a fine comb to create shape but not to make perfect giving a really effortess look.

Step 3: Tie elastic firmly to secure the ponytail. Using a tail end comb to loosen so making the silhouette more natural looking and enhancing texture around hairline.

Step 4: Spray label.m Texturising Volume Spray into ponytail and wrap around the top of head deliberately leaving the ends out. Pin to secure and add a small amount of label.m Hairspray to finish.

3. Soft Waves Are All The Rage

With the the designer’s approach to minimalism in mind, Indira and the TONI&GUY session team created soft, miminalist waves for the fifth season i-am-chen runway show. Romantic yet effortless, soft waves offer an elegantly classic base for colourful hair accessories featured  to bring fun and a light-heated spirit to the audience.

Image courtesy of Zhi Chen and Toni & Guy

Get the look:

To create this look, Indira used a combination of volumising, shine and setting products from label.m:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4





Step 1: Apply label.m Extra Strong Mousse and blow-dry smooth section-by-section with a grooming brush.

Step 2: Use  hairspray and take wider sections for the creation of deep waves. Taking a small tong on each section – wrap the hair tightly around the barrel for up to eight – 10 seconds. Release – then hold in place with section clips.

Step 3: Gently brush back the hair section by section – pushing in one direction, and then using the tong to almost indent the waves with the comb held parallel to form the deep waves. Apply a little label.m Shine Mist along the length of the hair as you go.

Step 4: In contrast to the dry texture of the waves – liberally spritz the top only with Shine Mist for a distinct high shine appearance. Set with Hairspray.

What was your favourite look from LFW 2019? Comment down below! You can shop all label.m products at allbeauty.com


Behind the Scenes at LFW 2018: Paul Costelloe x Benefit Cosmetics

Ever wanted to go backstage at London Fashion Week? We’ve teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics and Paul Costelloe to give you all the goss on this year’s show…

Who: Amy-Louise, Benefit Cosmetics HQ
What: Paul Costelloe x Benefit Cosmetics SS19 presentation
Where: London Fashion Council, home of London Fashion Week
When: 09:30, Monday 17th September

It’s all go backstage at the Paul Costello presentation at the BFC show space. Show time is at 9:30 and we have many models to makeup. So, with a Costa Coffee in hand we excitingly watch as Lisa Potter-Dixon – AKA ‘LPD’ –  Head Trend and Make-Up Artist at Benefit Cosmetics, creates one of the two looks for today’s show.

Paul Costelloe and LPD share with us their inspiration behind the Showcase and the exclusive looks:

JOY’, was Paul Costelloe’s inspiration behind the SS19 collection of rainbow brights and optimistic silhouettes. Powerful enough to stop the traffic from Piccadilly Circus, to Madison Avenue on a sunny spring morning” – Paul Costelloe, Designer.

LFW 2018: Paul Costelloe x Benefit Cosmetics allbeauty blog

I wanted to create a look that emulated Paul’s inspiration of ‘Joy’. Fresh clean skin and full brushed up brows were the perfect base for a vibrant pop of colour. Using a flash of blue was a modern take on the classic flick, whilst the peachy hues brought a flirty and playful side to the look” – Head Make-Up Artist & Brow Expert, Lisa Potter-Dixon.

The presentation is full of vibrancy and Joy! With classic silhouettes and bold prints, the music is fun and uplifting giving spotlight to music from the OST of ‘Mamma Mia: Here we go again’. Watching how the makeup, hair and fashion come together brings me so much JOY! LFW shows are always full throttle, brow-arching, cheek blushing fun – can’t wait for next year!

Love, lashes and London Fashion Week,
Amy-Louise xoxo

Get the look at home:

Want to know is how to create these looks at home? Start with the base! This is the same for both looks. Blend Hello Happy foundation and High Beam to create a glossy, glass skin effect to the skin. To create the inner flush, lightly sweep Rockateur across the apples of the cheeks and blend with a clean brush. Lips should have a stained, worn feel to them with a slight ombre effect. The trick is not to make them too neat! This is a huge trend in K-Beauty. Now for the eyes…

Let the blue do the talking

Brows are dressed with Gimmie Brow+ and Precisely My Brow pencil – a double act is famed for creating a full-volume, feathered brow. What we gain in brow we lose in shadow, so keep them bare in this case. This look is all about the electric blue socket line. Created by using They’re Real! Push-Up Gel Liner in Beyond Blue. All emphasis is on the socket line with no mascara on the lashes. Each line is slightly different as we adapt to suit each models eyelid.

Miami vice

Behind the scenes at London Fashion week paul costelloe x benefit allbeauty blog

Brows are styled in a ‘barely there look’ using 24-HR Brow Setter to give brows hold and keep them tidy. GALifornia blush is applied on the eyelid and buffed to create a sunset hue, followed by They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara in Beyond Blue applied in a manner that says ‘I’m running super late’ way to half of the top and bottom lashes.