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Find the Perfect Summer Serum – with Decléor

Why swapping your heavy winter moisturiser for a lightweight summer serum could improve your skin this season.

The arrival of summer calls for some big changes, switching out our winter wardrobe for those lighter options, embracing our natural hair to avoid the extra heat damage and opting for a more minimal approach to makeup, it’s just going to melt off anyway, right? But do we give the same consideration to our skincare?

The winter is harsh on our skin, and it calls for rich, heavy moisturisers to protect against the elements, like a nice thick jumper for your face. It is important during those summer months that your skin is able to breathe. Our skin is naturally able to hydrate itself better during the warmer months, meaning that thick coverage from moisturisers can clog up your pores and leaving your skin looking and feeling oily.

Essential Oil Serums are the perfect alternative to your winter moisturiser; they are lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin, leaving you feeling fresh and glowing even during hot and humid weather. The uplifting essential oils have more than a skin-deep effect and can help ease stress and restore emotional balance, with the added benefit of being the perfect base for applying your sun cream without multi-product buildup. We caught up with Decléor to discover the science behind each Essential Oil serum and what makes them the perfect summer skin saviour for every skin type.

Decléór Serum Ingredients

Decléor Skincare Specialist Fiona Brackenbury knows a thing or two about Essential Oils. Having worked in the industry for over 25 years, she is a fountain of knowledge on all things skin! Here she shares with us the lowdown on the best Essential Oils, and which ones to try for your skin type.

“Essential Oils are one of the most powerful parts of the plant and can be extracted from the roots, blossoms, leaves and fruits of plants. Mostly famously documented the Egyptians used Essential Oils in the mummification process to preserve the organs. Each has 150 active molecules and is a potent power-packed ingredient.”

Essential Oils have the same molecular structure as our blood and lymph. Therefore the body recognises them and can absorb them into the skin to the deepest layer – the dermis. They are one of the quickest ingredients to be absorbed into the skin. Essential Oils are effective in addressing skin, body and mind disorders thanks to their rebalancing properties. Impermeable to water but permeable to gases and oils, the epidermis can easily absorb Essential Oils through the hair follicles and sweat glands to allow them to penetrate deep down. The rapid absorption of these oils allows us to turbo boost the effectiveness of other products by acting like a magnet and drawing them deeper in the skin to the dermis. This gives us magnified results and is why they are at the heart of every Decléor product.

Essential Oils can enter the body through application to the skin or inhalation.

It takes 4 seconds from inhalation for Essential Oils to stimulate the highly sensitive cells at the back of our nostrils and send signals directly to the brain. These signals alert our limbic system which is directly connected to the parts of the brain that controls our memory, stress levels, hormonal and emotional balance. The limbic system in the brain is responsible for controlling all the physical, physiological and emotional responses that the body performs based on stimulus from the outside. This makes Essential Oils a powerful tool in treating our emotional state and can change and recharge your life. Next time you apply one of the Aromessence oil serums, take a deep breath and inhale before applying it to the skin.

So you’ve heard all the benefits – now let’s take a look at which ones are right for you.


FOR DEHYDRATED SKIN:Decléór Neroli Bigarade Aromessence Serum

Neroli Essential Oil is at the heart of many Decléór products. Known for its benefits to increase hydration levels and improve the complexion of the skin it also leaves skin glowing. Neroli is ideal for those who have a dehydrated skin type or find that skin is lacking luster and looking dull. Neroli Essential Oil is obtained from fresh flower buds of the bitter orange tree, cultivated in Tunisia. The fresh flower buds are harvested in late April/early May. Harvesting is delicate due to the risk of frosts before and during the harvest. 1 ton of flowers yields 500g of Neroli Essential Oil. Its composition comprises 120 molecules.


Lavender Essential Oil has 3 main benefits on the skin. Lavender Essential Oil is beneficial to target lines and wrinkles and loss of collagen and is suitable for a mature skin type with a skin age of 40+. It reduces glycation ageing (sugar damage build-up), it increases the quality of the elastin fibers and has a boost on cell proliferation. Lavender Essential Oil takes 6 years to create; 3 years to grow the root of Iris and 3 years to dry the root before distillation.


Essential Oil of Damascena Rose is the queen of roses and comes from Turkey. It is a large pink potent flower and it is proven to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. This makes it the ideal ingredient to use if your skin is suffering from sensitivity (through hormones, pregnancy, stress or hereditary causes) or if you notice that your skin type needs calming and soothing due to adult acne or rosacea. Damascena Rose helps to relieve sensitivity,  soothe and calm the skin and reduce redness and inflammation whilst building the skin’s tolerance.


YlangYlang Essential Oil comes from Malaysia and is clinically proven to help reduce our own oil flow by 20%, limiting surface oiliness and shine. It is 1.5x more effective than salicylic acid to help refine the skin’s texture. YlangYlang Essential Oil is suitable for people suffering from breakouts and acne as it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties to deeply cleanse the skin. Essential Oils are a great treatment for oily skin as oil attracts oil (fight fire with fire).


Green Mandarin Essential Oil has a triple-action performance on stimulating the youthfulness of the skin. Green Mandarin Essential Oil helps the skin to repair from damage and protect and repair the skin cells whilst hydrating. It can alter the way that the skin behaves and helps to prevent wrinkles from appearing whilst correcting the appearance of those that have.


Magnolia Essential Oil is clinically proven to stimulate your body’s production of collagen and fibrillin (responsible for giving the skin elasticity) and also helps to increase the decorin in the skin. Magnolia Essential Oil acts as a support mattress for more mature skin by helping to hold everything up. Magnolia Essential Oil helps to reshape, re-cushion and re-densify the skin.


Antidote Daily Advanced Concentrate, Hyaluronic Acid Serum strengthens the skin’s barrier and protects it from daily aggression’s, such as pollution. The Antidote Serum leaves the skin soft and comfortable, immediately after application and all day long. This patented formula combines a powerful blend of Peppermint, Sandalwood and Patchouli Hydrating Essential Oils and Natural Origin, Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid. Antidote Daily Advanced Concentrate Water-Based Serum is suitable for all skin types: dry skin, uneven skin, oily skin and sensitive skin.

Inspired to make a skincare switch from moisturiser to serum this Summer?  Discover the full Decléor range.

Day and Night Skincare by PRAI Beauty

PRAI Beauty, known as the ‘Neck-Xperts’, have developed a range of serums focusing on firming and tightening, along with hydrating and lifting cremes for the delicate neck and décolletage areas. 

This often forgotten part of the body requires targeted skincare to protect it against the harsh daytime demands and to smooth and replenish it during the recovery night-time hours. The skin on the neck is rather like the skin around the eye area and can age up to 20 times faster than the skin on the face. It is supported by very little muscle, has very few oil glands, little or no sweat glands and is tissue-thin. To help maintain the skin in this delicate area we have created a targeted collection that has specific actions to tighten, lift, firm and brighten.

Why is it important to have a day and night routine?

During the day, the skin on our neck and décolletage needs protecting against loss of moisture. It also needs feeding with necessary ingredients to help it stay hydrated, supple and soft, with added benefits of ‘holding’ it in place whilst we stretch it, twist it, pull it up and down in many different directions. Night-time is the ideal opportunity to allow our skin to renew and repair, without being disturbed by factors including weather, makeup and pollution.

What makes day and night products different?

Ingredients in day-time skincare vary to those for a night-time routine. Throat and Décolletage Day Creme has active ingredients like Shea Butter to soften, Hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate, Sepilift which acts like a stretchy elastic veil on the skin, plus grape seed extracts and squalene to brighten. Throat and Décolletage Night contains two types of Retinol for overnight skin renewal as well as Sepilift and Wellagyl which increases the skin’s hydration, firmness, radiance and helps diminish the look of ageing.

When is the best time to start my nightly routine?

PRAI Beauty believes in prevention, not reaction. The sooner you can get into the habit of looking after your neck and décolletage the better. The results later in life will be worth it!

What makes PRAI Day and Night Duo so effective?

A combination of very different ingredients for day and night-time use.

How long before I can expect to see results?

PRAI prides itself on quoting results in 7 days. The greater the damage to the skin, the better the results.

Do I have to use both cremes to see results? 

Using both gives a better result overall, however using one or other of the cremes will give great results alone. Remember, the Day Creme can be used day or night, but the night creme, as it contains retinol, can only be used at night. For slightly younger skin, with little damage or wrinkles the night creme with retinol is an excellent single option to start with as retinol encourages cell renewal and stimulation. For more mature skin or skin with more sun damage and wrinkles the day option, used morning and night is a great starting place.

In which order should I apply serum and creme?

The Ageless Serum has been designed to layer underneath both the Throat & Decolletage Day and Night cremes. It has a clever rollerball applicator to help stimulate the skin for easy absorption as well as acting as a gentle massager. This powerful serum contains Hematite to help boost collagen production and Goldenrod to shield the skin from free radicals and aggressors. It can be used alone, but in combination with the throat cremes it powers up the effectiveness of both day and night.

What is Prai Extract? 

PRAI Extract is an amber liquid that has been used for centuries as a skin healer.  Harvested sustainably in Thailand from a ginger like botanical root, PRAI Oil Extract also acts as a super skin softener across the whole PRAI range. It was originally reserved exclusively for the Thai Royal family but is now more widely available in its raw form for commercial use.

PRAI Beauty specialises in creating targeted skincare for forgotten areas on the face and body. We never test our products on animals and are proud to be cruelty free, giving a percentage of all PRAI proceeds worldwide to animal foundations around the globe.  

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Hyaluronic Acid

There are a lot of things to appreciate about Autumn – back to school vibes, pumpkins, the return of great TV dramas and cosy nights in, to name just a few.

With Fashion Week approaching, there’s also the new season saga of what to wear. Love it or loathe it, when Autumn hits, it’s time to start considering some extra layers – and at allbeautyhq, we’re not just talking clothing. September is a key month to adapt your skincare routine, ensuring that you dedicate additional nourishment and care.

What’s in your face?

Step into our Autumn skincare ingredient of the month – Hyaluronic Acid. Hya-what, we hear you cry? Upon first impression, Hyaluronic Acid does sound a bit extreme, but don’t worry – we’re here to demystify this skincare saviour and highlight some top tips on its properties.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid is actually a sugar molecule (a polysaccharide, if we’re feeling fancy) which occurs naturally in your skin. An antioxidant; it supports up to 1000 times its weight in water and by doing so, helps to support collagen structures, keeping skin supple and tissues lubricated.

If it’s already part of my skin, why should I consider using this ingredient now? 

Our natural production of Hyaluronic Acid actually diminishes as we age, which is why it is recommended to start incorporating hyaluronics into your routine to rebalance levels after the age of 25. 

As mentioned above, Autumnal temperatures can be unpredictable, and using a hyaluronic acid can also help to protect your skin from dehydration due to extreme temperature changes. That’s right – the combination of cold air outside and having the central heating on inside may leave you feeling snug, but it can also have a drying effect on your skin.

In addition to adding much needed hydration, Hyaluronic acid also has an anti-bacterial effect, making it ideal for those dealing with broken skin, redness or inflammation. Being an antioxidant, it can also help to limit the damage of air pollution or sunlight.

So, what should I look for on the label?

  1. Hyaluronic acid is commonly listed as follows: Hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed hyaluronic acid, sodium acetyl hyaluronate or sodium hyaluronate.
  2. Sodium hyaluronate is, as the name suggests, a salt derivative of the molecule and is smaller in size, allowing for better skin penetration.
  3. You should look for a product which contains an ingredient percentage between 0.25-2.5% to allow for optimum penetration of your skin cells.

What to use to replenish those pesky deficits – allbeauty’s top picks:


#1 Laboratoires Novexpert Paris Micellar Water with Hyaluronic Acid 200ml (Our Price £20.00) should be used at the end of the day with a cotton pad to remove all traces of make-up and dirt. 100% natural, this micellar water is hydrating and restorative.




#2 The Organic Pharmacy Serum 30ml (Our Price £30) contains Hyaluronic Acid & Sodium Hyaluronate. Apply a dropper of serum before moisturising as part of your usual skincare routine to fill, hydrate and restore volume to the skin.




#3 Gatineau’s Melatogenine Futur Plus Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Mask 75ml (RRP, £46.00, Our Price £26.95) can be used as a 10-15 mask or overnight for an intensive treatment. This Parisian beauty incorporates collagen and hyaluronic acid with youthful radiance molecule Melatogenine to form a rich and creamy mask. Gentle enough to be used around the eyes; this is our favourite for a Sunday night skin therapy session.



#4 Founded in Milan, Collistar’s products combine Italian style, research and innovation. The Collistar Hyaluronic Acid Aquagel 50ml (RRP £41.50, Our Price £23.95) is a speciality moisturising treatment that can be massaged into skin mornings and evenings to provide extra elasticity, hydration and comfort.


To view all of our Ingredients and read the full articles go to allbeauty.com

10 Ways You Need MINERAL 89 In Your Life

New for 2018,  VICHY MINERAL 89 is the first step BEFORE your skincare routine. Here’s what it is and why it’s a must for healthy, hydrated skin.

mineral 89VICHY MINERAL 89 has genuinely transformed our skin. It’s not part of your skincare routine, it’s the base that creates ph-balanced, hydrated skin, with a healthy skin barrier. A healthy barrier means skin can function correctly and guards against allergies, irritants and pollution. Why 89? Because it contains a massive 89% VICHY Mineralizing Water, associated to the highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid from natural origin.



Here are 10 ways MINERAL 89 can benefit you:

  • Winter skin saviour
  • Perfect travel hydrator
  • Great for men post-shave
  • After-sun hydrator/soothing serum
  • Makeup primer
  • Pre-serum for face, lips and eyes
  • Hydrating & plumping serum for neck & decollete
  • Aids recovery after a skin peel
  • Soothes and comforts skin post-waxing

MINERAL 89 – How To Use

The first step before you apply any further products, 2 pumps should be applied to clean dry skin, morning and evening. Apply to the centre of the face and lightly spread outwards. Lightweight and non-greasy, it feels as weightless as applying water, only with instant hydrating properties. You can use it as your regular moisturiser, or add your usual product on top.

MINERAL 89 – The Ingredients

Fragrance-free, allergy and dermatologist tested. No parabens, no fragrance, MINERAL 89 combines the highest concentration of VICHY Mineralizing thermal water with Hyaluronic acid for long-term hydration. VICHY water is rich in 15 minerals clinically proven to restore the PH of the skin, reinforce immune defence, enhance the skin’s barrier function and stimulate anti-oxidant defences. The natural origin Hyaluronic Acid in MINERAL 89 binds moisture to the skin, and holds up to 1000 times its weight to plump and hydrate.

vichy mineral 89You can shop VICHY MINERAL 89 online at allbeauty. Need more info on Hyaluronic Acid? Check our beauty buzzword feature here.