Summer Sunshine Safety

Summer’s not over just yet- there’s still time to have fun in the sun and soak up the rays.  We want to make the most of every moment in the sunshine (as it doesn’t come around very often!) and we don’t want to be hiding away; let’s be safe and not sorry. You may associate SPF (Sun Protection Factor) with sun prevention products to use whilst you’re chilling by the pool or beach, however it is an acronym that is appearing increasingly on skincare bottles and vials for everyday use.  So whether you’re planning on a summer mini break to the city, packing your bags for a long haul vacation, or simply planning to spend more time outdoors in your garden soaking up the summer sun, read on to find out more about why you should consider using SPF products in your skincare routine.

Here comes the sun…    

SPF comes in different factors, ranging from 2 – 50+. According to the NHS, Sun creams and lotions should be at least SPF15, however, factors 30-50 are most effective when it comes to preventing your skin from over exposure to UVA & B rays. It is possible to experience skin damage on a cloudy or overcast day, so it is important to make sure your skin is protected when you are spending long periods of time outdoors.        

Shop our best seller Estée Lauder  DayWearMulti Protection Anti Oxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturiser SPF15 50ml for just £40.50 – saving 10% off RRP.

What is the difference between UVA and B rays?   

UV B rays are responsible for causing sunburn. Whilst sunburn can be soothed with after sun products, it’s crucial to note that UVA rays can also cause irreversible skin damage in the long term as they can penetrate through several layers of the skin, causing sun spots, signs of aging and elevating the risk of skin cancer. SPF specifically relates to prevention against UV B rays

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How can I incorporate SPF products into my skincare routine?

If you’re a city dweller, Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Hydrating Shield SPF50 is a moisturising lotion which can be used as the last step in your skincare regimen to strengthen and protect skin. It offers tinted protection against UV rays, meaning that it can also be used in place of foundation. The Prevage range is especially designed to prevent ageing and also fights against environmental stresses, such as pollution, making it ideal for those with a commute.  

Fans of French Brand Caudalie will be familiar with the brand’s exciting origins from the vineyards of Bordeaux. But did you know that their famous grape vines can be combined with SPF? Caudalie’s Anti-Wrinkle Face Suncare has SPF50 incorporated within its formula containing organic grape water and antioxidants. Formulated without traces of oxybenzone or octinoxate, this product is a great addition to skincare routines for fans of natural beauty & ocean swimming as it is free of chemicals suspected to cause damage to the marine ecosystem (coral reefs included).  Bonus – as well as being lightweight, the product is delightfully fragranced with notes of Frangipani flowers in addition to providing SPF protection. Apply generously to the face before exposure to the sun – avoiding the eye contour. Shop Caudalie’s Whole Suncare Range here.

Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus SPF50 for Face & Body 50ml can be used as a base for your foundation and should be applied daily after your usual skincare routine. We love that this cream is for Face and Body – it can be applied to the neck and décolletage to protect against ageing and damage in these oft-neglected areas!  Shop now for £23.50- saving 31% off RRP.

Further details on our favourite SPF moisturisers can be found within our Summer Beauty Inspiration pages.

allbeauty’s Sun Protection FABULOUS tips     

Pay attention to expiry dates, replenishing products that have expired to ensure that you are maximising their effectiveness and making the most of your skincare routine.    

Re-apply SPF products frequently throughout the day (before heading out on your lunch break, after swimming, half an hour before gardening) to ensure that you are always protected from over exposure! The NHS recommend that you apply SPF products half an hour before being outside for extended periods, as well as immediately before you go out.  Our Lancaster Sun Beauty Velvet Touch Face Cream SPF30 50ml + Free Gift is perfect protection at just £14. 

Fan of acids and toners? When these are used in your skincare routine, your skin can be more sensitive to sunlight, which is why you should always consider using SPF skincare products to help protect against sensitivity.   

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Fake It, Don’t Bake it

Sun tanning is not a safe activity – if you’re interested in products that can help you develop a sunless tan, then check out our range of fake tan products here . Avoid the risk of sun burn with our loved St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse .

Shop now for £18.20 – saving 45% off RRP .

The one word we don’t like: Sunburn

We don’t welcome sunburn but sometimes it arrives unexpectedly. What to do when it all goes wrong? We believe that the best way to combat sunburn is through prevention but you need to know what to do if you find your skin irritated and an unfortunate shade of lobster. If you experience burnt skin as a result of overexposure, it is important to treat this as quickly as possible – make sure you also drink water to prevent dehydration and always consult a doctor if you experience severe signs of sunburn.  Our two favourite picks:

Moisturisers and balms containing aloe vera, such as Clinique After Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe, can help to soothe and cool irritated areas of skin, 150ml for just £19. Lierac Sunissme SOS Repairing Serum,  contains witch hazel and omega 3 and 9s can help repair skin from intense exposure from the sun helping to refresh, soothe and prolong tanning results, 30ml for £21.95 saving 51% off RRP

allbeauty has a range of products which can be used to soothe sunburn or to maximise your tan. We recommend that you always apply moisturiser after exposure to the sun – but remember, when it comes to sunburn, prevention is better than a cure!

Shop After Sun here.

All of our summer beauty can be found here. Don’t hide from the sun but ensure that you are protected and enjoy! 

*information correct at the time of publishing

Fake Tan Manual – How to Get the Perfect Glow

Fake tan needn’t be tricky. So whether you’d rather not sit out in the sun, or need a bit of colour before you don that new bikini, our manual will guide you to the best home tanning products and help you tan like a Pro!

The secret to a great fake tan is making sure you have the right products. So before we begin, ask yourself two questions:

What kind of tan do I need? – A quick fix for pasty legs, a gentle glow or all-over serious colour?
How much time do I have? – Rushing from work, time to prepare? 

Got your answers? Let’s get stuck in!

Which Is…

Basically colour in a bottle. Smoothed over skin it gives immediate colour but washes off with soap (hoorah, no mitts or gloves!). All you need is a few minutes of drying time and you’re good to go.

Good For?

Office parties, last minute dates, unexpected swimming and “my legs look TERRIBLE” moments. Always have some in your cupboard!


  • Super-fast to apply, instant colour
  • Quick drying
  • Can usually be layered to get deeper colour
  • Needs soap to remove so no rain-related disasters


  •  Very temporary
  • Needs reapplication
  • Looks horrid going down the drain

How To Apply:

Bare hands are fine but a mitt or gloves are useful. Use quick, long strokes and blend by eye.

Benefit Hoola Body Bronzer

We Love: Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines Body Bronzer

This smooth, non-sticky body bronzer glides on HANDS FREE and blends on instantly & seamlessly for a thoroughly believable bronze. Beachin’ bonus…the 12-hour Hoola Zero Tanlines formula stays on even when your clothes come off.


THE MEDIUM FIX Quick developing tan
Which Is…

Like the classic fake tan, these need time to develop and won’t wash off. However, things have come a long way since you walked around the house naked for 8 hours scared to touch anything – these options dry fast and develop fast.

Good For?

Parties, balls, short breaks – any occasion where you want a proper tan but don’t want to invest much time.


  • Easy to apply, quick drying.
  • Some brands such as St Tropez are coloured so you can see where you’re applying the product.
  • Won’t wash off even with soap so great for any situation.


  • Take time to develop
  • Requires care when applying (you need mitts or gloves and must protect eyebrows/hairline) to avoid orange hands!
  • A little preparation is needed, especially exfoliation and moisturiser around dry areas.

How To Apply:

Definitely use a mitt and/or gloves! Apply in long, sweeping movements for best results. Some products can be showered off so check the product details.

St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse

We Love: St Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse 200ml

This easy to use, quick drying and lightweight mousse is specially formulated to absorb quickly into the skin, allowing you to select your shade of tan by choosing when to wash off the tinted guide colour.


The classic full tan
Which Is…

The classic fake tan needs time to develop and won’t wash off. May take several hours to develop, and will need proper preparation for great results.

Good for?

They’re top of the list if you’re going on holiday or need a serious, all-over tan that lasts a solid week before reapplication.


  • Usually coloured so you can see where you’re applying product
  • Won’t wash off even with soap
  • Can usually be topped up with further applications a week or so later to keep the tan going.


  • Take time to develop
  • Requires proper care when applying (mitts or gloves and you must protect eyebrows/hairline).
  • In some cases you can’t get dressed for a short while after application.
  • Preparation is needed for best results – exfoliate and moisturise, preferably the day before.

How To Apply

Application in the usual way with a tanning mitt or gloves.

Xen-Tan Fresh Tanning Mousse

We Love: Xen-Tan Fresh Tanning Mousse

With its lightweight and smooth texture, Xen-Tan’s Fresh Tanning Mousse provides even and easy application for colour in just 3-4 hours. Packed with natural ingredients including peptides, green tea, ginkgo biloba, aloe vera and vitamins D & E, it provides thorough nourishment and hydration to help keep skin smooth and healthy in addition to wonderfully tanned.



Aside from fake tan products, there are a host of complementary items to help you get the look. For even application a tanning mitt is a must. Body exfoliation will create the perfect base, but try a specialist one such as St Tropez Body Polish. Proper exfoliation after you apply your fake tan will help it to fade more evenly. It also creates a base for re-application if you want to keep your fake tan going all summer. Fake tan products are unisex but men may like Clinique Face Tinted Lotion.

Which fake tan brand is your favourite? Is this summer your first wearing fake tan? Let us know!

This post updated: 28th June 2018.

Festival Hair How-To With SACHAJUAN

allbeauty have teamed up with SACHAJUAN and Joelene Hill Studio to create the perfect festival hairstyle!

We’ve had major flower-crown envy since #coachella. So we got together with the expert stylists at Joelene Hill Studio in Jersey and SACHAJUAN haircare, to show you how to create a braided flower crown that’s not only festival-ready but will last all weekend…

Get the look:

To achieve this look, our expert Joelene Hill recommends using SACHAJUAN Root Lift and SACHAJUAN Hair Perfume.

  1. Start by curling your hair with wide barrel tongue (if you have natural waves, skip this section).
  2. Section the hair and spritz the SACHAJUAN ROOT LIFT at the roots to achieve a more ‘lived-in’ wave and enhance volume and texture.
  3. Part the hair in the middle and take a 1 inch section at the front , leaving a little bit of hair around the face.
  4. Plait the hair all the way down and secure with a clear band. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Take both plaits and secure at nape of neck.
  6. Loosen the plaits by gently pulling them apart. Spritz with the SACHAJUAN HAIR PERFUME and weave flowers into the braid. Now off to the festival! ✩✩✩

The SACHAJUAN Root Lift can also be used as a dry shampoo as it soaks up excess oil – perfect to refresh hair when spending the weekend at a festival!

Shop all SACHAJUAN at allbeauty. With thanks to Joelene Hill Studio.


Valentine’s Pamper Night – The Ultimate How To

A Valentine’s pamper night? Just what the Love Doctor ordered! Show yourself some love and affection with a girl’s night in. Here’s the allbeauty guide to your best pamper night yet.

A Valentine’s pamper night can be your gift to you – or your gift to a friend. All products noted are available from allbeauty at time of publication.

Valentine's Pamper Night

Must-Haves Optional Must-Not-Haves
Dressing Gown & Slippers
Mood music
Hair masque
Cleanser / makeup remover
Face masks
Bath soak
Shampoo & conditioner
Body exfoliator
Scented body lotion
Face serum / treatment balm
Nail kit
Herbal tea
Body brush
Rose petals
Nail oil
Meditation CD

Valentine's Pamper Night

Valentines Pamper NightShop Candles

Let’s get started! Step one of your Valentine’s pamper night is setting the mood. Make sure the room is warm, if possible dim the lights and lay out some candles. Tealights are great, or you could treat yourself to a statement / relaxation candle. Put your mobile on silent, change into a dressing gown and slippers then switch on your music. We think spa music is perfect but if you prefer something more upbeat we’ve got you covered! Head to our YouTube channel and choose our Relaxing Spa Playlist or our Valentine’s Night In

Valentine's Pamper Night

Take off your makeup and apply a deep cleansing, face mask – we love GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Mask. As a pre-step, you may want to steam your face rather than exfoliate: place a chamomile teabag into hot water, then lean over the steam for a tea-infused, relaxing treatment. Apply a nourishing hair mask (such as Kérastase Chronologiste) and relax for around 10 – 15 minutes while your treatments take effect, then rinse off. At this stage, we like to apply a second, soothing mask to nourish the skin while the pores are sensitive – try Guinot Instant Comfort Mask. Valentines Pamper Night

Valentine's Pamper Night

 valentines pamper night Ahhhh time for a long, deep soak… Add a few rose petals to the bathwater and choose your soak of choice. Try thisworks Energy Bank Bath Oil, a luxury containing natural oils to soften the skin. Fans of bubbles will love L’Occitane Lavande Foaming Bath. While you soak, why not use the time to exfoliate body skin. For decadence, we love The Organic Pharmacy Cleopatra’s Body Scrub, a sugar and salt scrub containing rose petals. Finish off with a quick shower to rinse away dead cells, and wash hair if desired.

Valentine's Pamper Night

 valentines pamper night Out of your bath, it’s time to remove your soothing face mask and apply body lotion. Application straight after a bath is a great idea, as the combination of warm, damp skin will lock in moisture. Why not use your favourite fragrance (we love Gucci Bamboo Body Lotion) or this Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream (don’t forget hands and elbows!). Now you can sit down and apply your favourite face serum and night balm. For a real touch of luxury, apply product with a soft, makeup brush. For us it has to be Decléor Aromessence Rejuvenating Night Balm.

Valentine's Pamper Night


 valentines pamper night Now that you’re cleansed, clean and moisturised, you can sit back and get some proper relaxation. Feel free to sip herbal tea, hot water and lemon, or a tipple of your choice (chocolates are totally acceptable at this point). If you’d like to give feet some extra love, soak them in a bowl of warm water with sea salt and a few drops of essential oil while you give your nails some TLC. Rub in a little nail oil (or olive oil) then apply a nourishing base coat such as Mavala Mava-Strong Fortifying and Protective Base Coat 10ml. Why not take this time to try something new, such as a french manicure on your toenails? When nails are done, choose a quick mediation to relax to, or some ASMR. We’ve added some favourites to our Pamper Night Playlist (you’ll need headphones for best enjoyment).

Valentine's Pamper Night

Time to change into comfortable loungewear and open the bubbly (if you haven’t already!), check your phone and fire up Netflix.

If you’re staying in this Valentine’s Day, we hope you make time for some ‘me time’ and have a wonderfully, relaxing night.

PS don’t forget to make sure you have clean sheets on the bed for that ultimate clean sheet experience!

Last Minute Get The Look: Glitter Makeup!

Glitter makeup is always a big trend for New Year’s Eve, but don’t worry if you haven’t stocked up – allbeauty shows you last minute glitter makeup looks for hair, nails, eyes and lips, that you can get right now.

Glitter makeup is super easy and uses things you’ll have to hand. Please take care if following any of the tutorials and also use common sense!


You need: clear hair gel, pot of glitter
Method: mix a tablespoon of gel with a tablespoon of glitter (add more glitter if you want an intense look). Then apply sparingly throughout hair at the end of your styling routine.
Our top tip: wash hands immediately after application and try not to touch your hair throughout the night, or you’ll end up with glitter on your face in unexpected areas! We’ve been there… For a subtle look apply to one length of hair and plait in it like this fab example.
Here’s a quick video showing this method:

Как любую прическу легко превратить в праздничную и гламурную? Конечно, добавить блёсток! ✨🌟⚡️🌟✨ Давайте делать жизнь ярче! 🔥 Давайте отходить от правила “по будням-прямые, по праздникам-кудряшки”! 🙏🏻 Думаю, прическа с глиттером может стать оригинальным дополнением новогоднего образа! 🌟 А что думаете по этому поводу вы? #glitterhair #glitterroots #shinebrightlikeadiamond #hairstyle #newyear2017 #glitterstyle #LAmakeupstudio #блесткивволосах #блестящиекорни #тренд2017 #прически #видеопрически #видеопричесок #казань #прическанановыйгод #мамсебепарикмахер #самсебестилист #девочкитакиедевочки #блестокмногонебывает 💪🏻

A video posted by Визажист Казань Люция Алеева (@lucia.aleeva) on


You need: hairspray, pot of glitter or larger glitter shapes if you feel brave!
Method: blast hair with hairspray at the end of your styling routine, then using your hand or a sieve (we’re serious!) sprinkle the glitter lightly over your hair. Blast again with strong hold spray to fix it all in place.
Use fine ground glitter for a subtle effect.




Glitter Makeup
You need: clear top coat, pot of fine glitter or larger ‘shattered glass’ pieces
Method: paint your nails with your usual colour and leave to dry. Use an old egg carton or paper plate to mix the top coat with glitter then apply quickly to your nails.
Our top tip: we admit this is horrible to get off but it’s a great way to get a glittery look on a small scale. For the ‘shattered glass’ look that sent Instagram crazy last year, click HERE.


You need: any shimmery eyeshadow, clear varnish or top coat
Method: mix a little of the eyeshadow with the top coat and paint your nails in the usual way. This is a good way to get a matching, shimmery effect. For a full tutorial CLICK HERE




DIY Glitter Makeup
You need: false lashes, medium-sized glitter or glitter shapes
Method: using lash glue dab the lashes then sprinkle over glitter (note: contact lens wearers might want to skip this). For a great tutorial click HERE.

You need: false lash glue, medium-sized glitter or glitter shapes
Method: apply lash glue to the whole eye area, then pat on glitter shapes. Again take care if you wear contact lenses.

You need: false lash glue, fine glitter
Method: for glitter liner, apply lash glue carefully along the lash line then use a makeup brush to pick up the glitter and apply it to the glue. Again take care if you wear contact lenses. We love THIS LOOK.



DIY Glitter Makeup


You need: clear gloss or lip sealer, medium-sized glitter or glitter shapes
Method: mix the gloss – or lip sealer for a longer-lasting effect – with the glitter and apply. This works well with a bold colour such as gold or silver, but subtle shimmery eyeshadow works just as well. Need inspiration? START HERE!




DIY Glitter Makeup
You need: clear hair gel / brow fix, fine glitter
Method: mix gel or brow fix with the glitter and apply to brows, preferably with an old (clean) mascara brush or fine comb. Take care if you wear contacts!

You need: cotton-bud, hairspray, fine glitter
Method: spray the cotton-bud with hairspray then quickly dip it into the glitter and apply to brows. To really fix, spray hairspray onto a finger and dab over the glitter. Take care if you wear contacts and don’t ever spray directly onto your brows. Go out with a bang with inspiration from our Pinterest board!

So there you have it, allbeauty’s DIY glitter makeup tutorials, showing you easy ways to get the glitter look on New Year’s Eve (or at any party!). If you’re going for the glitter trend, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @allbeautyhq

Party Season Tanning with TanOrganic plus competition

Get the glow this party season with a gorgeous (fake!) tan. We spoke to all-natural tanning experts TanOrganic for their key tips. **Plus win a complete set of party season tanning products.

Meet TanOrganic, created in 2010 by Noelle O’Connor and quickly established in over 500 beauty salons. This party season get the glow with their range of award-winning, cruelty free self tan products.

party season tanningTan Organic Self Tan Lotion (pictured left) is an anti-ageing Aloe Vera based formula that’s intensely moisturising. With no synthetic ingredients (no parabens, colours or fragrances) it’s fully Eco-Certified and develops with no unpleasant aroma. Perfect for all skin types (even sensitive), the handy guide colour allows you to apply with ease, to develop a glowing, caramel shade. Want to go darker? Simple, just add a second layer. Each bottle contains enough for 5-6 applications and is suitable for anyone, including pregnant women.

A full range of supporting products are available, including dry oil to prep and maintain skin, self-tan oil for those wanting a more subtle tan, bronzer, tanning mitt and exfoliating glove. A beautiful, glowing tan can be achieved by using only TanOrganic products from start to finish, with no need to reach for any other brand.

party season glowWe spoke to Amanda @TanOrganic and posed 5 of your most asked party season tanning questions. **Keep reading for your chance to win a complete set of products!
 Q. I have a big event coming up – when do I need to start thinking about my tan?  A. You need to begin prepping your skin at the beginning of the week – with light exfoliation followed by moisturising. It is really important to have smooth skin before application, not only for a silky finish but to allow the product to last as long as possible too with a really nice fade off period.
 Q. What kind of preparation should I make? Does winter skin need a different approach?  A. Exfoliation is key. It involves the removal of the oldest skin cells that lie on skin’s outermost surface. It leaves the skin supple and soft for moisturising and tanning. The same routine can be used all year round and the beauty of using TanOrganic products is the natural elements meaning there are no parabens, synthetics or drying agents that damage your skin – TanOrganic’s products actively nourish and moisturise your skin.
 Q. Should I aim for the same depth of colour as a summer tan? A. The depth of the colour will depend on your skin tone and your preference. TanOrganic aims to provide a natural sun kissed glow. A lot of users like adding one layer during the week, with an additional layer for the weekend or an occasion. The key to using our products is all in the layering – you can add up to three layers if a deeper colour is desired BUT less is more when it comes to using our products so layer lightly each time.
 Q. I use a lot of skin creams in the winter to repair summer damage. Will these affect my tan? A. Skin creams might affect your tan depending on the ingredients, that’s why we felt the need to add a Multi Use Dry Oil to our range to ensure the correct prep before tanning and correct moisturising during tanning to prolong the colour and afterwards. If using products we would always recommend natural products to avoid drying your skin further.
 Q. How can I keep my tan going for the whole party season? A. You can keep your tan going strong by following a really good routine – prepping, applying, enhancing and maintaining 😄
 Q. I’m having a professional spray tan but I’m hoping to keep the glow – can I use a home product to top up?  A. Of course, this is the most important aspect of tanning – maintaining a good glow even after having a professional spray! At home products can almost be better because you get to choose the colour you desire. Sometimes salon sprays can be quite dark – they’ve provided us with endless funny stories and photos over the year, not to mention scared some people into never tanning again!

party season tanning

How would you like to win a complete set of winter tanning products, courtesy of TanOrganic?
To enter our competition, just enter your details below.

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]We’ll pick one lucky winner from all entries (UK & EIRE entrants only please). Entry closes Midnight on Sunday 13th November 2016. Entry closes Midnight on Sunday 13th November 2016.

Easy Ways To Get Heatless Curls (With Video Tutorials!)

Want heatless curls? We’ve rounded up our 5 favourite easy ways to get the look, complete with tutorials. Eyes down (and no damaged hair in sight!).

Heatless curls are so simple and you always get a natural, glossy effect with no hair damage.

Method 1: We love love Mimi from LuxyHair and here she is showing you one of our favourite ways to get heatless curls. This is a big favourite at allbeautyHQ, especially as a straight from work look. Simply wear your hair in a cute band (or scarf) during the day for a chic, office look. Then take it out, shake your hair and work through some finishing product. Ta-dah!
Tip: before you wrap your hair you may want to apply a little TIGI Curls Rock to hold the style. After styling work through a little KMS California TameFrizz Taming Creme for anti-frizz, definition and light hold.

Method 2: Ok now for one you’ve probably noticed yourself: when you put your hair into a sockbun (or donut) you often find yourself with curly hair when you let the hair down. Here’s exactly how to do it if curls are your aim. This is done with dry hair and again is perfect for office to party wear. We would finish this look with a little polishing serum since it’s a loose wave look. We really like Paul Mitchell Neon Smoothing Sugar Cream.

Method 3: More socks but stay with us! For this you’ll need about 5 clean socks – and that’s all. If you have trouble creating curls then use TIGI Catwalk Styling Mousse to hold in the curl before you wrap your hair, otherwise finish with a spritz of spray for a natural, loose look.

Method 4: Now for a tutorial for shorter hair. Again if you have trouble holding a curl then use a product when the hair is damp. Kerastase Resistance Volumifique Mousse is ideal for fine hair.

Method 5: Now for an all-time classic. Michelle Phan showed us back in 2009 how to get heatless curls using just a paper bag and damp hair. What a lifesaver if you’re travelling or at a festival! This works on all hair lengths. Finish with a spray of TIGI Bed Head Volume Finishing Spray.

So those were 5 of our favourite ways to get heatless curls. Do you have a method we haven’t shown but should know about? Share it with us in the comments below, or link to your favourite tutorial.

6 Areas You Miss Most When Applying Foundation

You’ve been applying foundation for years but are you a pro? Discover the 6 areas you’re still most likely to miss when applying your base.

When applying foundation it’s easy to go onto auto-pilot! Natural or full-coverage both need to look ‘real’ so eyes down…

  • 1. Corner of the eye

applying foundation one
Oops, we see this a lot! Carefully applied makeup all over the nose with a noticeable line around the eye. Apply foundation to the bridge of the nose but blend it down. Even if you’re applying eye makeup too, you still need a blended look. This foundation blending kit by Tweezerman is a great basic to have.

2. Hairline
applying foundation two
Remember foundation doesn’t stop in a neat line around the hair!
Ideally you’ll have a perfect colour match, but you still need to blend up into the hairline.
Use light strokes (fingers are great) to ‘disappear’ the product into the hair.

3. Ears
applying foundation three
Blend into the ear softly, don’t end foundation at the side of the face.
Recent trends have seen some makeup artists cover the whole ear. This is worth doing if you’re going to a formal occasion and wearing hair up. Otherwise just buffing into the lobes is enough.

4. Nose and sides of the nose
applying foundation four
You may be buffing away at your cheeks, but take a few seconds to blend into the sides of the nose. We all tend to have larger pores in that area so blend in well to disguise them. Beware of foundation (or powder) ‘sitting’ on the skin making pores look even worse. THE tool you must have is of course a beautyblender!

5. Inside the nose
applying foundation five
Always make a last check for foundation (and powder) residue. We know, it’s easy to forget when you’re rushing, but it only takes 2 seconds. No-one wants to give a presentation with soft beige rose up their nose!

6. Around the eye
applying foundation six eye
As well as the inner eye, also blend a light layer of foundation across the whole eye. This gives a natural look and makes a great primer for eye makeup. If you have hooded eyes or deep sockets, you don’t want a layer sitting in the crease, so use a light hand. Go for a natural, all-over colour.

Make sure you’re always applying foundation correctly by pinning our handy image:

Applying Foundation Most Missed Foundation Spots
Fed up with your current routine? Browse our foundation range here or for beauty tools such as brushes and blenders click here.

Men’s Eyebrow Grooming – A Guide For Beginners

We pick 2 videos showing how easily men’s eyebrow grooming gives a polished, groomed look. Plus, top tips for guys on all things eyebrow.

Men’s eyebrow grooming is fairly common these days – whether simple trimming or full-scale shaping, it’s easy to get a natural, masculine look.

Simple Men’s Eyebrow Grooming – you don’t want to shape or pluck, just make sure they’re under control? This is the video for you. All you need is a comb and a pair of small, facial scissors >

Detailed Men’s Eyebrow Grooming – don’t be afraid, this does include plucking! It’s really ok though, just grasp the hair firmly and pull fast. It’s over in a second, we promise!

Products to use:
There are plenty of tweezer shapes out there, but for brows you need slanted tweezers. The sharp pointed ones are for ingrown hairs or splinters. If you’re a tweezer novice, these Tweezerman tweezers with a wide grip are ideal. Note the slanted tips and wide ‘handle’:

Mens Eyebrow Grooming Tweezerman For Him

If you just want to neaten the brows, then choose a pair of facial scissors. These Tweezerman Facial Scissors are perfect and even come with a small comb:

Mens Eyebrow Grooming Tweezerman Facial Scissors

Additional Tips For Men’s Eyebrow Grooming:

  1. Brush the hairs with an old toothbrush to neaten them before or after trimming.
  2. Spray the toothbrush (not the brows!!) with hairspray and brush it through to fix the brows in place. Alternatively a little hair wax or hairspray applied to the finger will work fine (you can also use Vaseline, it’s a tried and tested brow holder!).
  3. If you pluck you may find the area goes red for a short while. Don’t panic! This is normal and redness will go away fairly soon. However bear this in mind if you’re grooming before you go out.
  4. Will plucking the brows stop them growing? This can happen over time but it’s very unlikely your brows will stop growing after one session of plucking. If you do over-do it don’t worry – they WILL grow back!
  5. Don’t over-pluck! Remember, it’s easier to take away than to put back. Pluck a few hairs on each side and compare the result before moving on. The old saying ‘eyebrows should be brothers not twins’ is true; don’t aim to match perfectly – it’s just not natural.

Do you have any questions or comments about shaping male brows? Are there any guides you like that you think we should feature? Comment down below.

Men’s Daily Skincare Routine For Beginners

An easy to follow men’s daily skincare routine, for beginners and the clueless! What to use and when to use it, with products that won’t break the bank.

Men’s grooming has come a long way in a short time, so we decided to come up with a men’s daily skincare routine for beginners and the clueless. Questions, comments or tips? Leave them below!


Men's Daily Skincare Routine For Beginners Cleanse


Step one of your daily routine is of course to cleanse. Choose either a liquid cleanser such as Clarins Mens Active Face Wash or a face soap. If you prefer soap, make sure it’s really a dedicated face cleanser such as Clinique Mens Face Soap as normal soap is too harsh for the face, stripping away natural oils. This leads to over-production of oil, spots and premature ageing. If you suffer from oily or spot-prone skin, a fragrance-free cleanser like the Baxter of California Daily Face Wash is perfect.
When To Use: Use cleanser first thing in the morning (in the shower is fine) and before bed.
How To Choose? Think about your main skin concern eg spotty, oily, ageing. Find a cleanser dedicated to your main concern, or one for normal skin if you’re happy with your skin.


Men's Daily Skincare Routine For Beginners Moisturiser


Step two of our men’s daily skincare routine is to moisturise. Now there’s a whole world of moisturiser out there so let’s make it super simple: choose a moisturiser based on your budget and your main skin concern. Why do you need this? Quite simply, it puts moisture into the skin. This makes it look great and protects it from ageing. If you have skin concerns (such as oily skin) a dedicated moisturiser will control oil for you and combat inflammation. Using moisturiser every day is a great way to stay looking young!
When To Use: Use moisturiser after you cleanse. Use it morning and evening unless you want to spend a bit more and use a special night time cream.
How To Choose? Think about your main skin concern eg spotty, oily, ageing, dryness. Find a moisturiser dedicated to your main concern (or one for normal skin if you’ve no main concern) and one that’s within your budget.


Men's Daily Skincare Routine For Beginners Exfoliate


On to step three: exfoliate (yes you have to do the Dalek voice). Do you really need to do this? Yes. Do you need to do it every day? Not necessarily. Let’s explain: exfoliation is the part where you get rid of dead skin cells, clear out your pores and unplug the gunky bits. It’s basically a deep clean (and helps keep you looking young!) If you have acne-prone skin or your skin looks dull and lifeless this is your friend. But for everyone else it’s a once a week thing for maintenance.
When To Use: Use a daily exfoliating fluid like Clinique Mens Exfoliating Tonic if you have dull, congested, acne-prone skin. Use it right after you cleanse and before you apply moisturiser.
If you just want a boost use a traditional exfoliator that you massage around the face for several minutes. Use this once or twice a week, at night, after you cleanse.
How To Choose? Think about your main skin concern eg acne-prone, blackheads, dullness. Think about how urgent it is for you to address that. Major concern? Buy a daily exfoliator. Just need a boost? Buy a weekly one such as Biotherm Homme Facial Exfoliator.


Men's Daily Skincare Routine For Beginners Treat


The last step in our men’s daily skincare routine is to treat. Another step?! Yes but one you can leave out if you’re a) under 30 with good, clear skin or b) want to keep things simple for now. Treatment is the part where you address ageing, oily skin, spots etc. Basically the things that bother you about your skin. If ageing is your concern, look for an anti-ageing serum for men. Dark spot correctors will help with pigmentation marks and under-eye serums are ideal for crow’s feet. Spot-prone? An antibacterial gel or lotion is your friend, though keep away from anything with salicylic acid, it can be too harsh.
When To Use: This depends on the product, so check the label. A good anti-ageing serum is Clarins Men Line Control Balm. For spot-prone skin try Biotherm Homme T-Pur Gel. For crow’s feet you may like Lab Series Instant Eye Lift for a quick cheat!
How To Choose? Think about your main skin concern eg acne-prone, ageing, dryness. Buy based on your budget and how much time you want to dedicate to this.

So what did we leave out from our men’s daily skincare routine? Well we didn’t mention sunscreen – super important if you’re outside, both for skin health and anti-ageing (the sun ages you faster than anything else). We didn’t talk about face masks or toners, but those are added extras so don’t sweat them. And we didn’t talk about night balms. If you want to buy a special night time face balm you’ll certainly see better results. But feel free to use your daily moisturiser morning and evening. As long as your skin is kept clean and hydrated it’ll be happy.

Men-only skincare brands we REALLY love: Biotherm Homme, Clarins Men, Clinique For Men.
If you’re struggling with adult acne or acne scarring, check our dedicated blog posts.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below, or get in touch via our social channels and let us know if there are other problem areas you’d like us to address.