Honest Talk with Tigi – Recreate the salon feeling at home

Hairdressers and educators from the professional haircare brand TIGI are sharing their tips and tricks for keeping your hair healthy, vibrant and full of life while visits to the hairdresser are a no-go. 

TIGI’s three top tips for keeping hair healthy at home:

• Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type

• Treat your hair once a week 

• Find an effortless product that makes you feel good 

Tips from:

• Piero Gentile, TIGI UK Academy Creative Director

• Aaron Overton, TIGI Regional Education Specialist

• Lucy Hicks, TIGI Regional Education Specialist

• Katie Hartley, TIGI Regional Education Specialist

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type

Damaged hair

When hair is damaged, it is best to use a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically to help repair, strengthen and protect your hair.

Top tip for damaged coloured hair: If your hair is damaged, focus on repairing the damage first as unhealthy hair does not hold colour in the same way. First, use a repairing shampoo and conditioner, then move onto colour protection.

The first step to bringing lustre back to hair is ensuring you have the best-suited shampoo and conditioner.  If you use a lot of heat, try Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner Set – they are infused with repairing properties to help keep the hair strong and shiny.

TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes
Resurrection Tween Set: Shampoo 750ml & Conditioner 750ml

Brunettes and redheads 

While visits to the salon for colour services are not possible, it is important to keep coloured hair nourished and help hair maintain its vibrant colour. 

For those brunettes and redheads out there, Bed Head Colour Goddess is your miracle in a bottle.  Infused with sweet almond oil, coconut oil and vitamin E, the shampoo and conditioner help to keep the hair hydrated, maintain and enhance the colour vibrancy and keep your coloured hair looking salon fresh.

TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess
Tween Set: Shampoo 750ml & Conditioner 750ml

Top tip: make sure your water isn’t too hot when washing coloured hair and not to over-style using heat to maximise colour retention!

Blonde hair

Maintaining blonde hair colour in between salon visits can be tough, so finding a professional purple shampoo that enhances cool tones and banishes brassy and yellow tones is essential. 

Top tip: be sure to use a high-quality, moisturising violet shampoo to avoid dehydrating and over toning hair, making it appear dull.

To properly maintain cooler blonde colours, use a moisturising violet-based shampoo – Catwalk Fashionista Blonde is perfect. With a violet pigment, which neutralises unwanted brassiness and maintains the blonde colour you have, it will not overtone the ends, which can make it difficult for your hairdresser to balance the colour.

TIGI Catwalk Fashionista
Violet Shampoo 750ml

Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner is great for getting specifically blonde hair back to its brilliant best. It is a protein-containing shampoo and conditioner that will help eliminate hair breakage. 

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde
Tween Set: Shampoo 750ml & Reconstructor Conditioner 750ml

Top tip: The blonde conditioner doubles as a reconstructive treatment when left on for 5 minutes once a week

Treat your hair once a week

While haircuts are out of the question, retaining nourished and strong hair is really important. Deep conditioning and repair treatments are great to use once a week for a hair treat!

Treatment for coloured hair

It is important to improve the hair’s ability to hold onto colour from dying. Use the Bed Head Colour Goddess Hair Mask that was designed specifically for coloured hair. Containing a blend of an antioxidant, vitamin and pro-vitamin, this hair mask gives hair intense moisture and deep conditioning which helps hair maintain its electrifying colour. 

TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess
Miracle Treatment Hair Mask for Coloured Hair 200g

For intensive damage repair

Damaged hair can be caused by chemicals, heat and the environment. To give damaged hair a boost of repair and protection, use the Bed Head Resurrection Hair Mask. The hair mask coats the strands of hair to ensure moisture is kept in and the hair is protected.

TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes
Resurrection Treatment Mask 200g

Top tip: to help prevent frizz and increase shine, rinse off your hair mask with cold water

Prefer a leave-in treatment? Bed Head Ego Boost is a multi-functioning leave-in-conditioner. The deep conditioning treatment, with keratin, leaves the hair structure protected by forming a thin film on the hair, it conditions and moisturises hair, making hair softer and easier to comb through, and it fights frizz.

TIGI Bed Head Smoothing, Frizz Control and Shine
Ego Boost Moisturising Leave-In Conditioner 237ml

Find an effortless product that makes you feel good

Having great-looking hair can really boost your mood, and is excellent for those online video meetings! 

Shiny, smooth, sleek hair

Our ultimate HD READY video call hair saviour is Bed Head Headrush – spray it over the hair for instant high shine and a healthy-looking glow. Headrush is great for highlighting individual colour and tones in the hair!

TIGI Bed Head Smoothing, Frizz Control and Shine
Headrush Shine Hair Spray for Shiny Smooth Hair 200ml

Top tip: to ensure full coverage and maximise glossy locks, tip hair to the side and spray in circular motion. Video Tips Here

Prefer a cream-based product? A simple and easy beauty trick to get effortless shiny and silky hair is Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream! Use after shampoo and conditioner on your towel-dried hair as the ultimate shiny hair product.

TIGI Bed Head Smoothing, Frizz Control and Shine
After Party Smoothing Cream for Shiny Frizz-Free Hair 100ml

Boost your hair, boost your mood
Hair feeling a bit flat and lack-lustre? Recreate a big, bouncy salon blow-dry at home with a bit of help from the Bed Head Volume and Thickening Range!

For body, volume, thickness and hold all in 1, we love Bed Head Queen For A Day Thickening Spray! The lightweight spray is super easy to apply before a blow-dry – simply spray a small amount through from roots to ends. 

TIGI Bed Head Thickening and Volumizing
Superstar Queen for a Day Volume Thickening Spray 311ml

Top tip: to maximise volume, gently rough dry your hair after applying the thickening spray, then re-apply the products before blow-drying into shape!

Blow-drying at home tips

• Start with the difficult areas first, if you have a fringe, don’t leave it till last. It will dry on its own and will be a struggle to control by the time you have completed the rest of the blow-dry. 

• Don’t try to blow dry using a brush straight from wet hair. Blast at least 70-80% of the moisture out first, take neat sections and try to use a medium heat.

• For smoother styles that don’t require volume, work with a paddle or a cushion brush, brush hair from side to side to create a neutral finish, this is called wrap drying.

• Finish hair with a shot of cool air to seal the result.

Making your hair colour last at home – With Shu Uemura

Coloured hair can be tricky to maintain at the best of times, let alone when you can’t schedule a regular maintenance upkeep to avoid unwanted colour fade! 

With salon trips becoming the stuff of daydreams, we’re lucky to have the team from Shu Uemura on hand to  advise us on how to keep that colour going.






Shu Uemura Art of Hair are experts in the art of making your hair colour last. The ultimate in avant-garde luxury, Shu Uemura Art of Hair fuses unique natural ingredients with trailblazing science, and the experience of the world’s most inspired hairstylists, to offer women everywhere the absolute artistry of beautiful hair.

Their Colour Lustre range is specifically designed to preserve and intensify your hair colour at home, preventing that fade and keeping your colour locked and lasting. 

Explore the Shu Uemura Art of Hair method for prolonging your colour and keeping it vibrant all year round: 

Don’t wash coloured hair too often 

To prevent water from washing away your vibrant colour, the answer is simple: Wash your hair less often. To retain those natural oils that help condition your colour-treated hair, shampoo just two or three times per week, and never more than every other day. This will help your colour last longer and help maintain health in your coloured hair. 

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Color Lustre
Dry Cleaner For Colour-Treated Hair 136g

Try Colour Lustre Dry Cleaner for colour treated hair, this 2-in-1 Dry shampoo gently cleanses by absorbing oils and impurities at the roots while moisturising dry lengths and ends. Unlike other dry shampoos, the formula has translucent micro-fine powders that absorb oil without leaving any residue or unwanted texture behind.

Great for second-day hairstyles, post-gym touch-ups and workweek refreshes.

To use: Create a part on dry hair. Shake well before use. Spray dry shampoo 8-10 inches from roots. Repeat on multiple sections as desired. Brush or use fingers to distribute product evenly.

Protect against Heat 

Everyday heat styling causes structural damage to the protein of the hair and denaturing occurs. What that means is that the proteins open up, opening the proteins weakens the core structure of hair which is why applying heat protectant is so important, try Colour Lustre Brilliant Glaze Thermomilk, highly concentrated in Refining Lipids, this lightweight, nourishing leave-in milk for colour-treated hair provides guilt-free heat styling and all-day shape memory while protecting from colour fade. Imparts a vibrant, glazed shine and a polished touch.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Color Lustre
Brilliant Glaze Thermomilk 150ml

To use: On towel-dried hair, apply a small amount evenly from mid-lengths to ends. Comb through for even distribution. Section hair and blow-dry section by section from roots to ends. Do not rinse.

Preserve Colour 

Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze Shampoo transforms into a rich, abundant foam that lathers quickly and offers easy rinsing while protecting from colour washout and respecting the balance of the scalp. Prevents colour from fading, protects the hair fibre and balances the scalp’s natural oils. The shampoo’s refining lipids mimic the hair’s natural protective varnish to insulate the cortex from water and other external stress factors. Contains Musk Rose Oil known for its inherent healing properties and Goji Berry Extract which helps protect the hair from oxidation and colour fade.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Color Lustre
Brilliant Glaze Shampoo 300ml

Nourish Your Hair

Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze Conditioner provides lightweight conditioning with a glazed touch and polished shine from mid-lengths to ends while preserving the hair colour. The conditioner’s refining lipids mimic the hair’s natural protective varnish to insulate the cortex from water and other external stress factors. Resulting in the restoration of hair’s natural varnish, colour preservation and added vibrant polished shine. Formulated for daily use.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Color Lustre
Brilliant Glaze Conditioner 250ml

To use: After shampooing, massage into damp hair and rinse thoroughly.

Reverse the Damage 

For hair that feels damaged through colour treatments and heat damage use Colour Lustre Brilliant Glaze Masque. This rich cream masque instantly restores the hair’s protective varnish to preserve hair colour and deeply nourishes the hair fibre. Provides a glazed touch from mid-lengths to ends with a vibrant, polished shine. Musk rose oil with inherent healing properties the oil is rich in fatty acids that deeply nourish the hair fibre and protect the hair from discolouring.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Color Lustre
Brilliant Glaze Masque 200ml

To use: After shampooing, massage into damp hair. After 5-10 minutes, rinse out. For finer hair, use as a weekly treatment. For thicker hair, use daily in replace of conditioner.

Pro Tip: If you have extremely damaged hair, use both the Colour Lustre Shampoo and Mask together to protect and restore that vibrant shade. 

Shop all Shu Uemura Art of Hair Color Lust at allbeauty.

Give The Gift Of Luxury Hair This Year

Winner of the Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards 2020 – ‘Best Haircare Brand’, you can bet that KÉRASTASE is the one haircare logo that every girl will be wanting to see under the tree this year.

Kérastase work with the best hairdressers to provide all women the ultimate solutions to care for their hair. In a world in which hair routine was purely about hygiene, Kérastase invented the concept of luxury care for hair in 1964. Since then, they have been offering women and men the very best of professional haircare – whatever their hair type!

We know it might not be easy choosing the perfect hair range, especially as a Christmas gift. So we decided to talk to the experts! Taking the guidance of Kérastase’s team into account, let us help you deliver those smiles to your loved ones this Christmas!

Keep it simple

Winter weather and change in indoor conditions can cause your locks to dry out. To keep hair in top tip condition, we recommend gifting the Nutritive range to leave hair feeling nourished and hydrated.

For added luxury, try the Nutritive 8hr Magic Night Serum – this is an intensive, nourishing overnight serum which conditions your hair whilst you sleep for long lasting nourishment. Non-greasy and formulated with iris root, this serum has an exquisite fragrance, which develops overnight as you sleep.

For added radiance and shine, gift the Elixir Ultime range. With the power of precious oils at the heart of its formula, this leaves your mane feeling smooth, with a visibly intense shine and indulgent scent. Soft, healthy looking hair with incredible radiance, what more could a girl want from a hair oil?

Give the gift of stronger & healthier-looking lengths, with Resistance Extentioniste. The Extentioniste Thermique length Caring Gel Cream gently restores and detangles without causing breakage, whilst making that perfect festive blow dry easier.

For men, gift Densifique Homme to thicken and densify strands or give the gift of ultimate luxury with Chronologiste, the Youth-Revitalising care for scalp and hair.

More confident in what they’re looking for?

Gifting for a New or Natural Blonde?

We know blonde hair doesn’t come easy, so help your girl keep her signature look with the popular Kérastase Blond Absolu range. With instant anti-brass action & fibre protection, this range is every Blonde’s best friend. Did you know that Blond Absolu is infused with hyaluronic acid and edelweiss flowers to boost the luminosity of your blonde whilst deeply nourishing hair fibres? Forget gifting diamonds when you can give tresses ultra violet diamond shine!

Does your giftee use dye? Whether they dye at home or get their mane coloured in the salon, you can help your loved one maintain their colour with Reflection, the expert range of light-reflecting haircare. This set of products has been specially formulated to prolong salon colour and leaves hair with a shimmering radiance and silky soft touch.

For those more conscious about natural ingredients, choose the Aura Botanica range. Composed of high-performance, responsibly sourced ingredients, this range leaves hair with a healthy-looking glow. Sulfate, silicone and paraben free, these products are very gentle on the hair and offer a wonderful aromatic experience. A light and airy lather is released from these products, which are naturally coloured by caramel pigments!

Feeling extra luxurious? You can purchase the five piece Kérastase Genesis set, which is a regime for thick hair prone to falling. The set fortifies and enriches with Edelweiss native cells, ginger root and aquaxl, providing a high dose of moisture for supple and intensely nourished hair. Did we mention the pastel pink packaging? Definitely a gift that we would be delighted to unwrap under the Christmas tree!

Christmas 2020

Discover the four Christmas 2020 ritual gift sets at allbeauty! For Christmas 2020, Kérastase has presented a trio of full sized products in a limited edition festive coffret with gold stamping and embossed detail. Each gift set contains everything you need to create a perfect look from root to tip – a shampoo, conditioner and a blow-drying product!

Your Ritual for Lightened Hair

The best of Blond Absolu is brought together in this festive coffret featuring a cute lilac branded sash.

Your Ritual for Stronger Hair

This set is perfect for those who often have to deal with damaged hair and split ends. Fortify brittle hair with Vita-Ciment complex for locks that are left feeling soft, sleek and protected.

Your Ritual for Intensely Nourished Hair

The gift to give for those with normal to slightly dry locks! These three protects from the Nutritive range nourish hair from root to tip and protects strands from oxidisation to prolong nourishing results!

Your Ritual for Healthier Looking Lengths

Amino acids and ceramides improves elasticity and strengthens from the inside out! The set to pick if you’re looking for healthier looking length and ends – we love the silky formula and turquoise packaging.

Shop all Kérastase

Love Your Long Hair with L’Oréal Professionnel

Stop the press, allbeauties.

Long locks are BACK for Autumn/Winter 2020.

Since Lockdown began in March, we’ve had to cope with a lack of direct access to our favourite salon treatments and routine trims. As well as taking on the responsibilities of homeschooling, working from home, furlough and all the restrictions that the pandemic has brought us, we’ve also had to deal with maintaining our hair at home.
And let’s face it – haircare maintenance can be intimidating at the best of times and is not always at the top of our priorities!

So as winter rapidly approaches, if you’re looking for professional hair care tips on how to get your Rapunzel lengths glossy and glowing from the comfort of your own home, you’ve come to the right place.

A reduction in regular trims can lead to thinning ends and a deterioration in condition over time. Caring for your long hair has never been more important and L’Oréal Professionnel has a brand new Serie Expert range to do just that. Introducing Pro Longer, L’Oréal Professionnel’s first professional haircare range for long hair.


L’Oréal Professionnel SERIE EXPERT Pro Longer Shampoo 300ml helps to thicken long hair whilst making it visibly healthier and stronger looking.

Infused with Filler A-100 (innovative technology patented to L’Oréal Professionnel) and amino acids, long hair is plumped up from the inside and protected and strengthened from the outside. Results from an instrumental test, using both the shampoo and conditioner from the pro longer range, showed a 94% reduction in hair breakage and a 17% reduction in visible split ends.*

The Filler A-100 molecule works by penetrating the fibre core to plump and thicken the hair from the inside. Amino acids in the formula work to strengthen from the outside, allowing for the renewal of hair lengths and adding strength to the hair fibre itself. The formula works on thin ends, or areas where help is most needed.

This product is designed to be used as a double cleanser!

To use :
•  Wash once for an initial cleanse
•  Wash twice for a deeper treatment
•  Rinse out once complete.

L’Oréal Professionnel SERIE EXPERT Pro Longer Renewing Conditioner 200ml is the ultimate companion for the Pro Longer shampoo.

When used in conjunction with the shampoo, you can expect your hair to be 5x shinier.

To use :
•  Apply after shampooing with Pro Longer Shampoo.
•  Massage through to the ends of your hair.
•  Rinse thoroughly.


Strengthen and add shine with the L’Oréal Professionnel SERIE EXPERT Pro Longer Mask 250ml

Are your strands suffering due to thinned ends? Are you looking to renew length? This is the perfect mask for you!
When used with the Pro Longer shampoo and ends-filler treatment for long hair, split ends are reduced visibly by 66%.

To use :
•  Apply to towel-dried lengths.
•  Leave for 3 to 5 minutes.
•  Rinse out.

Looking specifically for thickness? L’Oréal Professionnel SERIE EXPERT Pro Longer Concentrate 15ml contains a high concentration of the patented FILLER-A100 molecule.

Described by the brand as a “disruptive professional formula”, this product instantly provides strength and durable thickness to ends. It promises long lasting results and a 66% reduction in visible split ends.

To use :
•  Apply once a week, instead of the Renewing Conditioner or Masque
•  Break the capsule and apply the concentrate on the ends of your hair.


Do you air dry or blow dry your hair?

If you’ve been giving your hairdryer a break during lockdown, it’s important to remember that rubbing or combing wet hair can result in hair breakage. However, whilst straighteners and curling irons can get you salon straight hair or beachy waves, heat exposure from using hot tools can also cause complications.

Avoid damage from heat styling and exposure with L’Oréal Professionnel SERIE EXPERT Pro Longer Renewing Cream 150ml. This blow dry cream offers heat protection up to 230 degrees and has a lightweight texture, meaning that your ends will not be weighed down. Split ends are reduced, making this a great blow-dry cream (especially for longer hair!).

To use:
•  Warm up a small amount between the palms.
•  Apply to towel-dried lengths and ends.
•  Blow-dry or style as usual.

Why choose between health, thickness and length, when you can have it all?

Plump, protect and fill with L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Longer – Shop Now.

Discover the Art of Styling with Shu Uemura Art Of Hair

Bored of the same old hair styling routines, day in, day out?

allbeauty’s favourite Japanese haircare brand Shu Uemura has just launched a brand new luxury haircare range based around the Art of Styling. With a sleek new look, enhanced reformulation and artistic approach to product design, we are so excited to reveal more details about this innovative collection!

Read on to discover more about the range that will encourage you to get out of your style rut and become your very own hair ARTIST.

The art of hair brand philosophy

The story of Shu Uemura, starts with its namesake Mr. Shu Uemura, brand pioneer and former makeup artist to Hollywood stars.

Born and trained in Tokyo, it was his belief that “hairdressing is never complete without beautiful make-up and beautiful make-up is never complete without beautiful skin.”

Shu Uemura Art of Hair aims to promote holistic beauty – providing essential hair care and styling products with unique formulas & ingredients. Their product formulas are blended into tailor-made perfection for each individual’s unique hair needs.

Unexpected ingredients, Powered By Nature

Using Shu Uemura products is a sensory experience. Each ingredient used within the Shu Uemura range celebrates the brand’s Japanese heritage, as well as the art of wabi – finding beauty and inspiration from nature.

Onsen inspired ferment

Onsen is a Japanese term for a hot spring, or bathing facility based around a hot spring.
Onsen-Inspired Ferment is a key ingredient in the Art Of Hair range. Invigorating and purifying, the ferment is drawn from volcanic sources, situated 2000m deep off the California coast.
Renowned for its benefits on the mind and body, this ingredient is inspired by the soothing experience of soaking in an Onsen!

Red Camellia

Known as Tsubaki in Japan, camellias are an important heritage symbol.
The red camellia seed oil used in this formulation comes from the island of Toshima. Eighty percent of the island is covered by camellia forests, which have been harvested for over 200 years! The seeds are manually picked up and dried in the farmer’s houses before the oil is extracted.

Black Cumin Oil

Black Cumin Oil contains healing aspects of the nigella sativa flower, a powerful natural antioxidant. This precious oil has a complex structure of over one hundred elements, including omegas 3, 6 and 9.

Depsea Water

Depsea Water is drawn 200 meters beneath the seas of Japan. Unpolluted and free of bacteria, it has matured over hundreds of years. It provides a rich source of essential minerals and nutrients, its pure hydrating qualities making it a perfect hair primer.

Scented with a signature fragrance of amber, florals, musk and red pepper, all the scents you’ll discover within the range are designed to be blended together for a holistic experience.

the art of haigo

We’ve talked about the art of wabi – being inspired by natural ingredients, however it’s now time to discover the Art of Haigo, the other art form which inspires the product formulation, packaging and application of the new range.
Haigo is a Japanese painting technique of blending and layering paint pigments. Each of Shu Uemura’s styling products are designed to be blended and layered, encouraging hair artists to explore their own unique blends for tailor-made styling.
True to the brand’s Japanese heritage, each product is named (in Japanese) for its natural ingredients and properties!

Awa Volume [ah-wah]

Awa means “bubble” in Japanese.
The name Awa Volume represents the hair mousse’s maximum volume and soft finish.
The hair mousse provides maximum hair volume and body without crunchy residue – hair has the structured look and delicate feel of a bubble! Awa Volume delivers a silky finish, smooth touch, long-lasting medium hold and natural shine.

Ishi Sculpt [e-shee]

Ishi means “stone” in Japanese.
The decision to call the product Ishi Sculpt represents the hair pomade’s lasting hold, texture, and semi-matte finish.
ishi sculpt is a sculpting pomade that texturizes and defines styles with long-lasting workable hold and a demi-matte finish.

netsu design blow dry cream [net-sou]

Netsu means “heat” in Japanese.
Netsu Design protects against heat from styling and enables you to create repositionable designs. Re-touchable looks with a natural feel effect!

tsuki shape blow dry spray [tsou-kee]

Tsuki means “moon” in Japanese.
Inspired by the soft textures of the moon, Tsuki Shape has the ability to add shape memory and definition to the hair. It has a lightweight and natural feel.

Kaze wave curl mousse [kahzé]

Kaze means “wind” in Japanese.
This hair mousse defines curls & beachy waves with long-lasting flexible hold and delivers a soft, weightless finish with natural shine, heat protection and humidity resistance.
Ideal for defined, frizz-free soft waves, curls, controlled braids and updos.

Kumo Hold flexible hold hairspray [ku-mo]

Kumo means “cloud” in Japanese.
Take hold of your hair with kumo hold, a lightweight hairspray with strong, buildable hold. The micro fine mist can be layered for increased control and reworked to achieve any look.

Shiki worker blow dry primer [she-kee]

Shiki means “four seasons” in Japanese.
Prep your hair for any style with Shiki Worker, an air-dry and blow-dry primer that preps and enhances hair; detangles, smoothes, conditions for a silky look. Perfect to use for smooth styles, air-dry styles, and blow-dries.

Uzu Cotton Wave Defining Cream [ou-zou]

Uzu means “swirl” in Japanese.
Define your waves with Uzu Cotton, a lightweight, flexible pomade that helps to nourish and define the hair’s natural shape. Great for smoothing waves, apply on dry or towel-dried hair as a finishing product.

Tsuyu Sleek Straightening Blow Dry Oil [tsou-you]

Tsuyu means “dew” in Japanese.
Your blowdry’s new best friend. Suitable for normal to thick hair, Tsuyu Sleek is a blow-dry accelerator, the oil in spray coats each strand for smoother, sleeker, shinier hair.
Embrace Shu Uemura’s Japanese heritage and the exquisite art of simplicity.
Haircare is more than just haircare. Styling is more than just styling. It is a territory of exploration to further express one’s singularity, style, and beauty.

Shop the Art of Styling Range

An hour a day just for you

With the days getting shorter and the nights longer, the time has come to set our clocks back an hour. A tradition dating back to 1916 in the UK, resetting the time allowed farmers to get a headstart on the day, making the most of the limited daylight hours. But it isn’t only farmers who should get to reap the benefits of that extra hour, you can too.

At allbeauty we believe in the importance of “me time”, those all too often infrequent moments when we prioritise our own mental wellbeing over the humdrum of daily life.

This Autumn, we challenge you to make the most of gaining an hour by adding self-care to your daily routine. One hour a day, just for you.

It may sound like a pipe-dream, but taking an hour a day to show yourself some love is a habit that simply takes commitment on your part. It may be going to bed an hour early to enjoy a morning lie-in, or an early start to allow you to begin the day with a face mask and pedicure. Small changes can make a big difference to the quality of your daily life.

Need inspiration? Here are some of the allbeauty team’s top suggestions for how to spend your power-hour:


It may not be the most indulgent or glamorous option on our list, but sleep tops the charts for one of the most beneficial ways to spend an extra hour. Whether it means preparing your lunch and outfit the evening before, or hitting the hay earlier, getting an additional hour of sleep will leave you feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to face the day.

Encourage the sandman with these sleep-inducing secret weapons.

Smile Makers

Ooh-er! Taking some time for self-discovery between the sheets is a fantastic way to prioritise your wellbeing. An orgasm releases oxytocin and dopamine, so you’ll not only be feeling great physically but will also reduce stress, relieve pain and boost your confidence. What better way to start the day?! Evening me-time comes with the added bonus of getting a better night’s sleep too! Win/win!

Pelvic Floor Trainer

It may not seem like the most thrilling way to indulge in self-care (especially after the previous suggestion), but taking time out of your day to do pelvic floor exercises is an investment in your future self. An estimated 3-6 million people in the UK experience urinary incontinence, minimise your risk with targeted pelvic floor training.

Candle and a Bath

The ultimate in relaxation, a steaming bath paired with a fragrant candle is an ideal way to end the day. Let the heat of the tub soothe your muscles and soften your skin, while an aromatic candle indulges your senses and promotes relaxation. Perfection!


Face Mask

We lead busy lives and our skin bears the brunt of that. Sensitivity, dehydration, sun-damage and exposure to pollution are all common factors that lead to lack lustre skin. With a range of face masks designed to target the full spectrum of dermatological complaints, treat yourself at least once a week, preferably in the company of a good book.

Foot mask / Pedicure

Feet are one of the most hardworking parts of our body but are rarely shown the care they deserve, particularly once the sandals have been packed away for the year. Show your tootsies some love with a weekly pedicure and foot mask available at allbeauty.

Hair Treatments

As the clocks go back and Autumn arrives, our hair has a season of woolly hats, rain, wind and central heating to contend with. Treat your locks to regular moisturising hair masks to condition and strengthen your strands from root to tip.

With such a wide range of ideas for prioritising your wellbeing, be sure to put the 25th October in your diary as the day your new self-care routine begins – you deserve it.

Caring For Your Blonde – With Kérastase

Going blonde is more than a look, it’s a statement. From Ash blonde to rose gold strawberry tones and from platinum to golden blonde, it’s exhilarating and thrilling but can be frightening too. You’re faced with all the usual worries about a drastic hair change, plus the fear of being left with vulnerable and dry hair that can fade and become dull and brassy.

That’s why we’re pleased to have Kérastase to the rescue with their specially developed Blond Absolu range. Formed with a unique combination of potent Hyaluronic Acid and Edelweiss flower, the range deeply nourishes hair fibres and neutralises brassiness for an illuminated blonde – whatever your chosen shade of blonde.

We’ve been busy gathering their top tips to care and maintain your blonde, so you can dare to be the blonde you want. Take the plunge like Emily Ratajkowski, the face of Blond Absolu – are you ready for some Ultra-Violet care for your hair?

1. Ensure your hair is well hydrated

Bleached hair is highly sensitised and can feel like it’s been stripped of moisture. Ensure you use rich, moisturising products that hydrate and care for your delicate blond hair.

For deep hydration try Masque Ultra Violet Treatment. Ideal for natural, lightened or highlighted cool blonde hair in need of neutralisation, this rich purple mask penetrates the hair fibre to remove unwanted yellow undertones and brassiness, whilst deeply hydrating and restoring hair strands.

For lightweight hydration try Cicaflash Intense Fortifying Treatment. This opalescent milky gel with a soft lavender hue offers the restorative performance of a masque with the lightweight finish of a conditioner. It intensively restores sensitised hair, nourishing the fibre.

2. Use products specifically created for Blondes

To ensure you maintain that fresh look, try to use a range of hair products that is specific to your new colour.

Use Bain Lumière daily to maintain brightness. This shampoo will illuminate your hair whilst hydrating it from root to tip. Leave in and massage for a couple minutes from scalp to ends to ensure your hair is as clean as possible.

Brassiness you want gone? Bain Ultra-Violet is a powerful purple shampoo rich in neutralising agents which instantly remove brassiness and yellow undertones for the perfect cool tone. Leave it on for up to 5 minutes and then rinse out.

After reaching your desired tone finish with Masque Ultra-Violet to maintain and protect your colour. Use these products weekly.

Blond Absolu Cicaflash is your go-to lightweight conditioner leaving your hair nourished and moisturised. Leave in for 5 minutes and then rinse out to discover your soft luminous hair.

Styling your hair? Make sure to use Blond Absolu Cicaplasme Leave-in Cream fortifies sensitized faux-blonde, lightened, highlighted and grey hair. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Edelweiss flower, Cicaplasme seals split ends and smooths the hair fibre for a uniform touch and long-lasting frizz control. Cicaplasme is the ultimate protection providing heat protection up to 230 degrees – a must have before heat styling your hair.

Try the Kerastase Blond Absolu Routine set, for shine, strength, neutralising & heat protectant – top tip – there will always be a RRP saving when you buy the set.

3. Trim your hair frequently

Trimming your hair every so often ensures that it is healthy and prevents both split ends and dry ends.

4. Watch the heat styling

Cut down the use of straighteners, curling irons and blow- dry’s, as bleached hair can be vulnerable. Check out the Blond Absolu Cicaplasme Thermal Protector – this leave-in cream fortifies lightened, highlighted and grey hair. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Edelweiss flower, Cicaplasme seals split ends and smooths the hair fibre for a uniform touch and long-lasting frizz control.

5. Protect your hair from the sun daily

Using a scarf or hat in the sun is always a good trick as bleached hair is extremely sensitive to the sun’s rays!

The Blond Absolu range has been uniquely designed for those with blonde hair. The range will ensure you have the best colour possible and provides deep ultraviolet care for bleached hair. It hydrates sensitised hair, protects hair from oxidation, instantly neutralises brassiness and boosts colour luminosity for bright shiny hair.

Right now, when you purchase any 2 Blond Absolu products you’ll receive a Free Gift. Head over to our Free Gifts page to find out more.
Discover the full range here to care for your gorgeous blonde.

Caring for Coloured Hair – with Philip Kingsley

The topic of coloured hair maintenance has never been more hot than it is right now, with all of us desperate to get that long-awaited appointment at the hair salon to address our roots! If your regrowth or colour fade has been getting to you during recent months, you aren’t alone. In fact, 75% of women colour their hair and 24% of those women say colour fade is their top hair care concern. We know there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your beautiful, vibrant (not to mention, expensive) colour fade, leaving your hair (and mood) dulled. 

Coloured hair requires extra care and love, so the more we can do in between seeing our colourist the better.

Did You Know…

… that overexposure to sun, heated styling tools, certain sulphates and high-pH products can all accelerate colour fading? This triggers a vicious cycle of chasing that ‘fresh from the salon’ vibrancy by colouring your hair more frequently; the more you colour, the more fragile and weakened your strands become. The challenges of fading colour and damaged tresses are something Philip Kingsley’s Trichologists hear about A LOT and here we have an army of products to protect your hair colour and hair health.

Looking after your hair’s health can positively impact your colour and help to reduce the damaging effects of frequent colouring. We want our hair to feel healthy alongside that beautiful colour and that is where Philip Kingsley’s colour-correcting formulas are your secret weapon.

Perfect That Vibrant Blonde


Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde Range

If you have blonde hair, there is nothing worse than seeing your glorious golden locks turn brassy and dull. That’s why you need to add Philip Kingsley’s PURE BLONDE BOOSTER SHAMPOO & PURE BLONDE BOOSTER MASK into your weekly regime.

Not only does this brass-banishing duo neutralise and reduce yellow tones, used together they also work to transform your hair colour and boost your hair’s health with nourishing and clarifying ingredients. For daily cleansing and conditioning, look no further than DAILY PURE BLONDE/SILVER SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER which provide gentle yet effective brightening to blonde, grey and silver hair on the regular. 

Strengthen Coloured Hair with Elasticizer


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Range

Over processing your hair with colour and bleach can leave your hair prone to breakage. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is the ideal pre-shampoo conditioning treatment. Healthy hair stretches when wet before returning to its original length when dry. However hair in poor condition snaps and breaks when stretched. The intensely moisturising Elasticizer delivers a rush of moisture to the hair’s cuticle; suppleness, elasticity and bounce appear instantly without weighing down or coating the hair. 

Whilst it probably won’t come as a surprise that colouring hair can cause damage to its overall condition, incorporating the right hair care heroes can prolong hair colour, help combat the damage and give a good dose of TLC. 

Shop all Philip Kingsley

Heatwave Hair Hacks with KMS

REDUCE FRIZZ and avoid that dreaded humidity hair

As temperatures rise and humidity levels rocket, we all risk falling victim to dreaded ‘humidity hair’ disasters. The main cause of frizz and flyaways during summer is lack of moisture in our hair, meaning the cuticles of our hair dry out and create this ‘frizzy’ result.

Here’s the good news – you can tame that frizz in three easy steps!

KMS are a professional hair brand with a range of products organised into three easy steps – START, STYLE and FINISH. By using the TAMEFRIZZ Start, Style, Finish regime you can reduce frizz by up to 100%.


It is important to understand the cause of frizz so you can take the right steps to combat your unruly locks. Frizz is caused by humidity, which is the level of moisture in the air. If you have dry hair, it is more inclined to soak up that moisture from the air causing the hair cuticles to expand and making the hair look fluffy or frizzy.

KMS TameFrizz SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER will give you the perfect base to fight the frizz. With the innovative technology of AHA structure complex, this shampoo and conditioner combo is your first step in frizz reduction. Lactic Acid and Malic Acid work to support the internal reconstruction of the hair while Polyquaternium-10 evens out the hair surface. TAMEFRIZZ conditioner not only combats frizz but also detangles and conditions the hair. 

TameFrizz Shampoo 750ml

TameFrizz Conditioner 750ml

For added humidity protection, use TAMEFRIZZ SMOOTHING RECONSTRUCTOR. This mask works to revive and soften even the most deeply stressed or overworked hair. The formula is light enough not to weigh down hair, but hydrating enough to tame frizz. Just apply the product evenly to shampooed hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse. 

TameFrizz Smoothing Reconstructor 200ml


KMS TAMEFRIZZ SMOOTHING LOTION reduces frizz during the drying process. Work the lotion through towel-dried hair and blow-dry or air dry. This product is made up of innovative shaping blends that are key to eliminating flyaways and static. Polyquaternium-37 eliminates flyaways while Hydroxypropyl Guar/Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride smoothes and reduces frizz. 

TameFrizz Smoothing Lotion 150ml

STYLISTS TIP:  Our stylists recommend sleeping with a silk hair wrap. This tip will protect your hair from friction that is caused by cotton pillowcases – Using silk to protect the hair will not only fight frizz but also reduce breakage. 


To finish off the frizz taming process use KMS TAMEFRIZZ DE-FRIZZ OIL. You don’t need to worry about this oil leaving your hair greasy or flat as it is made up of a lightweight non-greasy formula that absorbs instantly. Apply a few drops to dry hair in order to smooth and seal the cuticle. Thanks to the Dimethiconol Polymer, TAMEFRIZZ  DE-FRIZZ OIL provides frizz and humidity control for up to THREE DAYS!

TameFrizz De-Frizz Oil 100ml

Styling Tip: Lock in your look with Anti-humidity hairspray in order to shield your hair from frizz.

HairStay Anti-Humidity Seal 150ml

KMS HAIRSTAY ANTI-HUMIDITY SEAL acts like an umbrella for the hair, shielding it from humidity and frizz for up to 72 hours! Spray 10-12″ (25-30 cm) from dry hair as a final seal against humidity. 

Shop the full KMS Tame Fizz range at allbeauty.

Bringing The Party To You: Home Festival Hacks

Festivals might be cancelled, but summer definitely isn’t! If you’re missing out on your festival fix this year, we’re here with plenty of tips, ideas and inspiration to get the full experience from the comfort of your home.

If you live alone, party like no-ones watching! Or, if you have kids in tow, get them involved! After all, music education is still education, and what better way to introduce kids to festivals than by throwing one in your own backyard!?

Read on for your total At-Home Festival Guide…

Getting The Look

Festival style is all about the effortless hippie/boho look, so dig out anything tasselled, crocheted or cropped, and live your best life. 

Getting all dressed up is essential for any festival, even if you won’t be leaving your postcode. Embrace all things colour, glitter and fun – kids, in particular, will love joining in for this part. Here’s the list of must-have items for festival fun. 

Sun Protection

It might be tempting to forego the SPF when you know you’ll be dipping in and out of the house, but this should really be a non-negotiable. Protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays is one of the single most important ways you can prevent premature ageing and pigmentation. So, stock up on your summer essentials and stay safe.

Be Bold

Colour, colour, colour. Bright, bold colours take centre stage, so make sure you’ve got everything you need to nail the look. Everyone needs at least one vibrant eyeshadow palette in their collection, precisely for moments like this! If your eyeshadow options err on the side of beige, check out one of these great options…

If you haven’t heard of Jeffree Star, he’s an American makeup artist taking Youtube by storm. Known for his love of bright colours, the Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette will make a great addition to your festival look.

Another fabulous option is the Makeup Addiction Sinful Eyes Palette, which you can pick up with a 36% discount in our Outlet.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Eyes
Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette


Whether you’ve had a good dose of summer sun already or have been stuck indoors, highlighter is a great way to get the sunkissed, glowing look that is synonymous with festivals. There are endless Youtube tutorials to help you master the look without looking too shiny. Try the Endless Glow Highlighter by BareMinerals which has just the right amount of shimmer and comes in four awesome shades.

Endless Glow Highlighter 10g

Festival Hair

Loose, natural waves are popular for good reason, they’re low maintenance, add shape to the face and look gorgeous. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, it’s all about colour when it comes to getting the festival look. 

Try label.m Mini Powder Spray, which includes four stunning colours that spray on and wash off. Ideal for getting the kids involved, or to spice up your own look. Or, if you want something equally fabulous, but a little more glam, take a look at the Affinage Party Mode Pack which includes an anti-frizz mirror shine spray, blow dry cream and, most importantly, a 3 in 1 body glitter kit. Shine, girl! Shine!

Affinage Mode & Beauty
Party Mode Pack

Choose A Festival Fragrance

While it’s by no means a necessity (perfume certainly isn’t the smell you’d associate with sweaty, muddy festivals), why not add an extra element to you event with a boost of something scented. 

We couldn’t leave this perfume off our list, after all, it has “festival” in it’s name – that’s always a good sign! Festival Vibes For Her by Hollister infuses tonka bean, goji berries, quince and bergamot into the ultimate perfume to wear to your at-home festival.

Another great fragrance that is worth a try is Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna. Coconut, vanilla, peach, plum – are you drooling yet? This one is perfect for warm summer days in the sunshine. And after all, is any festival really complete without a bit of Rihanna?

Hollister Festival Vibes For Her
Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml

Rihanna Reb’l Fleur
Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml

Setting The Scene

Speaking of Rihanna, line up the perfect soundtrack for HomeFest by digging out your old CDs and records, or take a more modern approach with Spotify or by streaming concert footage on Youtube. The best part of holding your own festival is that you choose the tracklist, no filler acts!

Make sure you have some marshmallows, burgers and your drink of choice at the ready to continue the festival vibes through the evening. 

Of course, no festival is complete without a night spent sleeping under canvas, so set up your tent (or create an inside version) and snuggle down for a unique way to end the day. A word to the wise though, if you’re going to indulge in some outdoor camping, you might want to have this set on hand: 

thisworks Gifts
Dream To Sleep

With a little planning and a can-do attitude, there are no limits to how much fun you can have at home. So get out there and make it happen!