Men’s Eyebrow Grooming – A Guide For Beginners

We pick 2 videos showing how easily men’s eyebrow grooming gives a polished, groomed look. Plus, top tips for guys on all things eyebrow.

Men’s eyebrow grooming is fairly common these days – whether simple trimming or full-scale shaping, it’s easy to get a natural, masculine look.

Simple Men’s Eyebrow Grooming – you don’t want to shape or pluck, just make sure they’re under control? This is the video for you. All you need is a comb and a pair of small, facial scissors >

Detailed Men’s Eyebrow Grooming – don’t be afraid, this does include plucking! It’s really ok though, just grasp the hair firmly and pull fast. It’s over in a second, we promise!

Products to use:
There are plenty of tweezer shapes out there, but for brows you need slanted tweezers. The sharp pointed ones are for ingrown hairs or splinters. If you’re a tweezer novice, these Tweezerman tweezers with a wide grip are ideal. Note the slanted tips and wide ‘handle’:

Mens Eyebrow Grooming Tweezerman For Him

If you just want to neaten the brows, then choose a pair of facial scissors. These Tweezerman Facial Scissors are perfect and even come with a small comb:

Mens Eyebrow Grooming Tweezerman Facial Scissors

Additional Tips For Men’s Eyebrow Grooming:

  1. Brush the hairs with an old toothbrush to neaten them before or after trimming.
  2. Spray the toothbrush (not the brows!!) with hairspray and brush it through to fix the brows in place. Alternatively a little hair wax or hairspray applied to the finger will work fine (you can also use Vaseline, it’s a tried and tested brow holder!).
  3. If you pluck you may find the area goes red for a short while. Don’t panic! This is normal and redness will go away fairly soon. However bear this in mind if you’re grooming before you go out.
  4. Will plucking the brows stop them growing? This can happen over time but it’s very unlikely your brows will stop growing after one session of plucking. If you do over-do it don’t worry – they WILL grow back!
  5. Don’t over-pluck! Remember, it’s easier to take away than to put back. Pluck a few hairs on each side and compare the result before moving on. The old saying ‘eyebrows should be brothers not twins’ is true; don’t aim to match perfectly – it’s just not natural.

Do you have any questions or comments about shaping male brows? Are there any guides you like that you think we should feature? Comment down below.

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So there you have 5 of allbeauty.com’s favourite male YouTube Vloggers for 2016. Tell us how we did – did we miss anyone you think we should follow? Comment down below with your channel suggestions.

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