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Shoosh or Shine? 

One of the things we love most about our growing silver community is that no two heads of hair are the same. Some of us have an icy halo, others have a chic smattering of salt & pepper, but every single grey is different. For some of us our white hair is finer and thinner and for others it’s more a question of taming the wild grey strands with a mind of their own.  That’s why we’re aware that not everyone needs the same products to care for their hair. 

Grey hair can have a tendency to be coarse and wiry and although everyday care may be similar from person to person, what you need depends on the thickness and length of our hair, our lifestyle and many other factors. I don’t use a conditioner every time I wash because my hair doesn’t need it. I have a ‘messy layered’  crop and for the kind of volume and movement I want in my hair, our Shooshing Creme does the trick. If it feels a touch dry I use our Luminous Conditioner from mid hair to ends as its lustrous formula is great for strengthening and gives your silver added shine.   

Our advice is to not take blanket advice on your hair!  If you don’t need to condition every time, then don’t. If your hair works better a couple of days after a wash, then go with that. A good hair care regime is one that’s flexible and works for you and your hair.  A touch of Lifeshine Oil to smooth stray strands may be all the added moisture you need. A soak in the bath with our 3 minute Intense Lustre Mask may be perfect after a week of swimming in the pool or walking the dog in all weathers.  It’s up to you.

We only have 6 products in our range because we don’t think you need dozens.  We don’t make hairspray because I’m not prepared to ditch my favourite Elnett and I won’t create a product just for the sake of it.  I’m a Glorious Shampoo and Shooshing Creme woman with an occasional dabble in our other products depending on what I’m doing. Go your own way. “


Founder- White Hot

The Best Men’s Hairstyles For Grey Hair In 2016

We pick the best men’s hairstyles for grey hair in 2016. Grey hair has never been so popular (for men or women), so don’t hide it, embrace it!

So many great men’s hairstyles for grey hair, you’ll be spoilt for choice…

This is a great example of a beard and haircut combination. There’s no reason not to wear this look at any age, we think it’s pretty timeless. To style you need a product that will hold but allow movement. We recommend Label M Power Paste or Fudge Matte Hed.

This younger hairstyle looks great with grey hair and is pretty hard to get wrong! Use a styling product that allows reworking so you can refresh the look any time. You can’t go wrong with Label M Complete Matt Wax.

This tattooed silver fox is a 48 year old Italian model, but his style is for anyone. Short sides, long on top, it works with or without the beard. Maintain grey hair with a dedicated men’s grey hair shampoo.

Ok here’s a tamer version, but we hope you can see the idea. Grooming just works with absolutely any hair colour. If you are sporting a beard, make sure you treat it with beard oil or pomade to condition and style. You can shop our selection of beard care right here.

If in doubt keep it short. Some messy texture wax is all you need to keep this style looking great, choose a product like best selling TIGI Manipulator.

Tips For Grey Hair
It may surprise you to know that once hair goes grey it does change. Hair becomes more wiry and coarse and frequently drier than before. In addition, you can often see yellow or brassy tones that may not have been there before. To keep grey hair manageable make sure you use a dedicated shampoo that softens and brightens. Many dedicated grey shampoos also contain subtle lightening products that gradually take out yellow tones. Used over a period of time, you’ll definitely see the colour of your hair getting sharper. You might also find some products contain violet or purple tones – don’t be surprised! Violet is a great compliment to white or grey hair and can give it a subtle shine. To see our range of dedicated men’s grey hair shampoo just click HERE. For hair that’s almost completely white, we love the White Hot Hair range.

These are our favourite men’s hairstyles for grey hair but which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.
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