How to Deal with Frizzy Hair   

Contrary to popular belief, no hair type or texture is immune to having to deal with frizz. But don’t worry: We’ve got you covered with these helpful hair smoothing tips and tricks, plus the best hair product picks.

What Causes Frizz?

Dry hair and frizzy hair go hand and hand. When your hair is dry, moisture in the air penetrates the hair cuticle, causing the hair to swell and expand, and get frizzy and fluffy. It’s a basic law of science that moisture will always move from areas of high concentration to low concentration—which is also why muggy, humid weather can mean major frizz.

Start in the Shower

It’s not just styling products that can help you manage frizz; using the right system of shampoo and conditioner makes a huge difference. The more moisturising the better. Try Frizz Dismiss Shampoo and Frizz Dismiss Conditioner, which provides humidity protection and hair smoothing.

How You Dry Your Hair Matters

Step one: Swap your usual towel for a microfiber one or even a cotton T-shirt; both are softer and gentler on the hair, and will help keep the cuticle smooth and closed. (A closed cuticle means less moisture can get in and your hair is more likely to stay smoother looking.) Step two: Be gentle, instead of aggressively rubbing it all over your head, think of blotting or lightly squeezing out the water. The less you can rough up the cuticle during the drying process, the better. And the same applies once you reach for your blow-dryer. Avoid flipping your head upside down or working your fingers throughout your hair. Lightly comb or brush your hair downward as you blow-dry, and finish with a shot of cool air to help seal the cuticle. Go slowly and take your time, and ultimately, your result will be hair that appears less frizzy for longer.

 Layer Products for the Best Results

Cocktailing the right frizz-fighting products is the best hair smoothing secret. Frizz Dismiss offers options for all kinds of textures; try the Frizz Dismiss Anti Static Oil Mist Spray if you have fine hair, the Instant Deflate Leave-In Smoothing Serum if you have medium hair, or the Rebel Tame Leave-In Smoothing Control Cream if you have coarse hair. Either way, keep them  near your shower and apply right after you get out. The drier your hair gets the harder it becomes to change the style. So, if you get dressed or put on makeup first, by the time you finally get back to your hair, it may have already started to frizz. Once your hair is dry, look for a finishing product to add extra shine. Diamond Oil Glow Dry Oil or the smoothing and heat-protecting Iron Shape Thermal Holding Spray.

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Frizzy Hair, Its Causes And Treatment – Frizz Off!

What is frizzy hair? What causes frizz and how can it be prevented? allbeauty lifts the lid on the dreaded frizz factor…

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Ok So What IS Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair is hair that’s too dry. Anyone can suffer from frizz, but if you have naturally wavy or curly locks you’ll probably suffer most. Here’s the science: look at your hair under a microscope and you’ll see the cuticle which resembles bark on a tree. It’s these scales lifting up that give the appearance of frizz (see our snazzy tute below):

frizzy hair

  • The hair cuticle (outer layer) is made up of tiny scales, like bark on a tree
  • On smooth, moisturised hair, the scales lie flat
  • On dry or humid hair the scales stand up = frizz!

Great, I Feel Educated. But What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Usually a combination of factors are to blame, but the main culprits are having dry hair that’s exposed to humidity or moisture (such as salty sweat from a workout), brushing, heat styling and using the wrong products.

The Bit I Want To Know – How Can I Prevent Frizzy Hair?

Well here’s the good news: preventing frizzy hair is 100% possible. Here’s how to get frizz-free hair:

  1. Dry your hair with a t-shirt or let it air dry. A towel or hairdryer can cause damage and dryness. If you must use a heat styler, use an anti-frizz heat protector such as Redken One United.
  2. Change how you brush. Use your fingers or a dampened wide tooth comb to tame hair. If you love to brush then a natural boar bristle brush such as one by Mason & Pearson is designed to be super-smoothing and anti-frizz.
  3. Switch to an anti-frizz haircare routine. Yep this one’s a no-brainer, but with hundreds of products on the market to tame frizzy hair, why aren’t you using them?! At the very least you should be using anti-frizz shampoo and anti-frizz conditioner, followed by a cold rinse under the shower (ouch but it works). Two great ranges we love at allbeauty are Kerastase Discipline and Redken Frizz Dismiss.
  4. Use anti-frizz styling products before you head out and carry an anti-frizz smoothing serum or cream for afternoon touch-ups. If you’re scared of oily hair, don’t be. Styling products for frizzy hair are lightweight and non-greasy such as KMS California Tame Frizz Oil and provide long-lasting effects.
  5. Treat hair with deep conditioning moisture masks and oil treatments – the more moisture you can lavish into the hair, the less frizz you’ll have. Going to the beach? Wash hair and apply conditioner, then tie your hair up without rinsing. Hair will be protected from salt water and chlorine meaning when you DO rinse you’ll have smoother, glossier locks.

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