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Caring for Coloured Hair – with Philip Kingsley

The topic of coloured hair maintenance has never been more hot than it is right now, with all of us desperate to get that long-awaited appointment at the hair salon to address our roots! If your regrowth or colour fade has been getting to you during recent months, you aren’t alone. In fact, 75% of women colour their hair and 24% of those women say colour fade is their top hair care concern. We know there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your beautiful, vibrant (not to mention, expensive) colour fade, leaving your hair (and mood) dulled. 

Coloured hair requires extra care and love, so the more we can do in between seeing our colourist the better.

Did You Know…

… that overexposure to sun, heated styling tools, certain sulphates and high-pH products can all accelerate colour fading? This triggers a vicious cycle of chasing that ‘fresh from the salon’ vibrancy by colouring your hair more frequently; the more you colour, the more fragile and weakened your strands become. The challenges of fading colour and damaged tresses are something Philip Kingsley’s Trichologists hear about A LOT and here we have an army of products to protect your hair colour and hair health.

Looking after your hair’s health can positively impact your colour and help to reduce the damaging effects of frequent colouring. We want our hair to feel healthy alongside that beautiful colour and that is where Philip Kingsley’s colour-correcting formulas are your secret weapon.

Perfect That Vibrant Blonde


Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde Range

If you have blonde hair, there is nothing worse than seeing your glorious golden locks turn brassy and dull. That’s why you need to add Philip Kingsley’s PURE BLONDE BOOSTER SHAMPOO & PURE BLONDE BOOSTER MASK into your weekly regime.

Not only does this brass-banishing duo neutralise and reduce yellow tones, used together they also work to transform your hair colour and boost your hair’s health with nourishing and clarifying ingredients. For daily cleansing and conditioning, look no further than DAILY PURE BLONDE/SILVER SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER which provide gentle yet effective brightening to blonde, grey and silver hair on the regular. 

Strengthen Coloured Hair with Elasticizer


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Range

Over processing your hair with colour and bleach can leave your hair prone to breakage. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is the ideal pre-shampoo conditioning treatment. Healthy hair stretches when wet before returning to its original length when dry. However hair in poor condition snaps and breaks when stretched. The intensely moisturising Elasticizer delivers a rush of moisture to the hair’s cuticle; suppleness, elasticity and bounce appear instantly without weighing down or coating the hair. 

Whilst it probably won’t come as a surprise that colouring hair can cause damage to its overall condition, incorporating the right hair care heroes can prolong hair colour, help combat the damage and give a good dose of TLC. 

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NEW Kérastase Blond Absolu

Meet Blonde Absolu: the very first ultra-violet hair care system from Kérastase. With neutralising and caring properties, say goodbye to brassy tones and hello to gorgeous blonde…

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Bain Lumiere Shampoo 250ml
Hydrating, illuminating shampoo for lightened or highlighted hair to gently cleanse, soothe and hydrate hair from root to tip. Infused with hyaluronic acid, hair is left feeling light and looking luminous.
RRP: £23.00
allbeauty Price: £18.00

Bain Ultra Violet Shampoo 250ml
Specifically designed for for lightened or highlighted hair, this iridescent purple shampoo neutralises brassiness and prevents unwanted yellow tones in blonde or grey hair leaving a nourished cool blonde. Enriched with Hyaluronic acid and Edelweiss flower to nourish hair.
RRP: £23.00
allbeauty Price: £18.40

Cicaflash Intense Fortifying Treatment 250ml
This opalescent milky gel is a super shot of care for lightened hair! With the restorative performance of a masque and the lightweight finish of a conditioner, it intensively nourishes, smooths, strengthens and softens hair. Suitable for all lightened blonde tones, Cicaflash restores the hair fibre to prevent breakage.
RRP: £26.50
allbeauty Price: £21.20

Masque Ultra Violet Treatment 200ml
This rich purple mask removes unwanted yellow undertones and brassiness, while deeply hydrating and restoring hair strands. Non-staining, use this hair maskonce a week, or as often as needed to keep your blonde hair luminous and cool and protected against oxidation.
RRP: £35.00
allbeauty Price: £28.00

Cicaplasme Thermal Protector 150ml
Enriched with Hyaluronic acid and Edelweiss flower, Cicaplasme cream helps seal split ends and smoothe hair for uniform touch and long-lasting frizz control. With UV filters to protect against damage, it also provides heat protection for up to 230°C from heat styling tools.
RRP: £25.00
allbeauty Price: £20.00

Inside The L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards 2018

All you need to know about the hottest hair trends from the  L’Oréal Professionel Colour Trophy Awards 2018

From candy-floss pink poodle perms to neon yellow highlights and floor-length extensions, our beauty editors reveal the hottest hair trends from this year’s L’Oréal Colour Trophy grand Final…

Source Essentielle – NEW from LÓreal Professionnel

Enter the world of natural haircare with L’Oreal Professionnel Source Essentielle, a new generation of professional haircare.

How the new  Source Essentielle range from L’Oreal Professionnel  is helping to revitalise our haircare, one plant at a time…

With a minimum of 80% organic ingredients, L’OREAL  is our new go-to when it comes to plant-based locks! After all, you’re far too ‘worth it’ not to know what you’re putting on your hair.

The creation of Source Essentielle

These beautifully crafted products are practically designed with eco-friendly values. The packaging is fully recyclable, and each shampoo bottle is also stack-able to add a modern, trendy feel to any bathroom. And, as a reminder of just how natural each bottle is, each bottle is infused with natural leaves and petals, too.

A specifically designed duo for your hair needs

L'oreal source essentielle daily nourishment duo

Daily nourishment duo, for dry hair

Perfect for those with normal to dry hair, this duo contains the Source Essentielle Daily Shampoo and Source Essentielle Nourishing Hair Balm, and is almost completely made from natural ingredients.

With 96% naturally derived ingredients, nourishing shampoo is made with jasmine flowers and sesame oil gently cleanses and purifies the scalp, eliminate impurities and excess oil, and add nutrition and shine to your hair’s texture.

Made almost entirely from natural ingredients (99%) Source Essentielle Nourishing Hair Balm leaves dry hair feeling nourished, soft and supple. Made with sesame oil, split ends will be smoothed and hair will feel silkier, shinier and nourished from root to tip.  This daily hair treatment nourishes dry hair, to provide nutrition and shine.

L'oreal source essentielle colour protect duo

Daily radiance duo, for dull or colour-treated hair

Perfect for those looking to add some shine to dull hair, or protect their coloured hair from fading , this duo contains the Source Essentielle Delicate Shampoo and Source Essentielle Radiance Hair Balm.

With 80% naturally derived ingredients, the delicate shampoo is enriched with calendula and chamomile flowers to remove impurities and oils, leaving your hair feeling soft and supple.  Silicone free.

With 99% naturally derived ingredients, Source Essentielle Radiance Hair Balm is made from fig pulp, to moisturise colour treated hair, preventing breakage and maximise colour durability and radiance. Hair will feel conditioned with redeemed lightness, softness and shine

L'oreal source essentielle daily detangling duo

Daily detangling duo, for tangled or frizzy hair

Perfect for those with normal to dry hair, this duo contains the Source Essentielle Daily Shampoo and Source Essentielle Nourishing Hair Balm, and is almost completely made from natural ingredients.

With 80% naturally derived ingredients, daily shampoo gently rinses and cleanses the scalp to eliminate impurities and excess oil. With organic acacia leaves and aloe essence,  it is a perfect everyday shampoo to improve your hair with suppleness gloss and strength – without weighing hair down.

Derived from 99% natural ingredients, Source Essentielle Daily Detangling Hair Cream helps you to  regain manageability of tangled hair, to minimise damage, split ends and breakage. This lightweight hair cream will help to detangle fine hair prone to knots, enhance shine and leave hair supple and full of life.

Duos are available in a number of combinations to suit all hair types.

To begin your newer and more natural lifestyle, shop the L’Oreal Source Essentielle range at allbeauty.com

Coloured Hair Hero Products: Your Must-Haves

Coloured hair needs special care to keep it looking great. We reveal the coloured hair hero products of 2016.

These coloured hair hero products are the ones that women turned to again and again. For uncoloured/normal hair, please see our separate list right here.

coloured hair hero

Which coloured haircare heroes surprised you and which are your must-haves? Any you’re keen to try? Comment below and tell us. Visit allbeauty to shop any of the products shown.