Top Men’s Fragrance & Aftershave of The Year 2016

Announcing the top men’s fragrance of the year 2016. The scents he loved to wear, from prestige to designer and celebrity. Plus we reveal the best selling men’s Christmas aftershave.

The top men’s fragrance of the year 2016 is compiled by allbeauty, based on sales throughout the year. 

top mens fragrance

Which top men’s fragrance is your favourite? Any you dislike? Comment below and tell us. Visit allbeauty to shop any of the products shown and don’t forget to tag us in your pics if you’ve recent bought any of these.

Last Minute Get The Look: Glitter Makeup!

Glitter makeup is always a big trend for New Year’s Eve, but don’t worry if you haven’t stocked up – allbeauty shows you last minute glitter makeup looks for hair, nails, eyes and lips, that you can get right now.

Glitter makeup is super easy and uses things you’ll have to hand. Please take care if following any of the tutorials and also use common sense!


You need: clear hair gel, pot of glitter
Method: mix a tablespoon of gel with a tablespoon of glitter (add more glitter if you want an intense look). Then apply sparingly throughout hair at the end of your styling routine.
Our top tip: wash hands immediately after application and try not to touch your hair throughout the night, or you’ll end up with glitter on your face in unexpected areas! We’ve been there… For a subtle look apply to one length of hair and plait in it like this fab example.
Here’s a quick video showing this method:

Как любую прическу легко превратить в праздничную и гламурную? Конечно, добавить блёсток! ✨🌟⚡️🌟✨ Давайте делать жизнь ярче! 🔥 Давайте отходить от правила “по будням-прямые, по праздникам-кудряшки”! 🙏🏻 Думаю, прическа с глиттером может стать оригинальным дополнением новогоднего образа! 🌟 А что думаете по этому поводу вы? #glitterhair #glitterroots #shinebrightlikeadiamond #hairstyle #newyear2017 #glitterstyle #LAmakeupstudio #блесткивволосах #блестящиекорни #тренд2017 #прически #видеопрически #видеопричесок #казань #прическанановыйгод #мамсебепарикмахер #самсебестилист #девочкитакиедевочки #блестокмногонебывает 💪🏻

A video posted by Визажист Казань Люция Алеева (@lucia.aleeva) on


You need: hairspray, pot of glitter or larger glitter shapes if you feel brave!
Method: blast hair with hairspray at the end of your styling routine, then using your hand or a sieve (we’re serious!) sprinkle the glitter lightly over your hair. Blast again with strong hold spray to fix it all in place.
Use fine ground glitter for a subtle effect.




Glitter Makeup
You need: clear top coat, pot of fine glitter or larger ‘shattered glass’ pieces
Method: paint your nails with your usual colour and leave to dry. Use an old egg carton or paper plate to mix the top coat with glitter then apply quickly to your nails.
Our top tip: we admit this is horrible to get off but it’s a great way to get a glittery look on a small scale. For the ‘shattered glass’ look that sent Instagram crazy last year, click HERE.


You need: any shimmery eyeshadow, clear varnish or top coat
Method: mix a little of the eyeshadow with the top coat and paint your nails in the usual way. This is a good way to get a matching, shimmery effect. For a full tutorial CLICK HERE




DIY Glitter Makeup
You need: false lashes, medium-sized glitter or glitter shapes
Method: using lash glue dab the lashes then sprinkle over glitter (note: contact lens wearers might want to skip this). For a great tutorial click HERE.

You need: false lash glue, medium-sized glitter or glitter shapes
Method: apply lash glue to the whole eye area, then pat on glitter shapes. Again take care if you wear contact lenses.

You need: false lash glue, fine glitter
Method: for glitter liner, apply lash glue carefully along the lash line then use a makeup brush to pick up the glitter and apply it to the glue. Again take care if you wear contact lenses. We love THIS LOOK.



DIY Glitter Makeup


You need: clear gloss or lip sealer, medium-sized glitter or glitter shapes
Method: mix the gloss – or lip sealer for a longer-lasting effect – with the glitter and apply. This works well with a bold colour such as gold or silver, but subtle shimmery eyeshadow works just as well. Need inspiration? START HERE!




DIY Glitter Makeup
You need: clear hair gel / brow fix, fine glitter
Method: mix gel or brow fix with the glitter and apply to brows, preferably with an old (clean) mascara brush or fine comb. Take care if you wear contacts!

You need: cotton-bud, hairspray, fine glitter
Method: spray the cotton-bud with hairspray then quickly dip it into the glitter and apply to brows. To really fix, spray hairspray onto a finger and dab over the glitter. Take care if you wear contacts and don’t ever spray directly onto your brows. Go out with a bang with inspiration from our Pinterest board!

So there you have it, allbeauty’s DIY glitter makeup tutorials, showing you easy ways to get the glitter look on New Year’s Eve (or at any party!). If you’re going for the glitter trend, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @allbeautyhq

Last Minute Gifts: Christmas Skincare For Mature Skin

Need a last minute Christmas gift for an older female? Our gorgeous, luxury skincare for mature skin, ticks every box.

last minute christmas giftsOur last minute Christmas skincare for mature skin is chosen by Claire, Head of Social Media at allbeauty.  Our picks are suitable for women aged 40+

Christmas Delivery: for full details, see our delivery page.

Gifting skincare is a great idea for an older female – here are my top tips on how to choose:

  • If you can, go for luxury. Opening something extra special is a real joy! A giftset takes out the guesswork.
  • Serums are a great choice. Women tend to use these as standalone products, so it doesn’t matter which range you go for. If in doubt, Clarins, Decléor, Gatineau or Guinot are all brands she’ll know and love.
  • A luxury night cream makes a great choice for a standalone gift – Decléor is a perfect brand for mature skin.
  • For stocking fillers, choose micellar water or a face mask.
  • Gifting a single piece of skincare? Wrap it in tissue paper and pop into a gift bag, tied closed with a bow – easy!
  • A word of warning: stay away from anything too ‘obvious’ – giving gifts labelled ‘skin resurfacing’ or ‘anti-wrinkle’ may send the wrong message!

skincare-mature-skinTOP PICK #1
EVE LOM Cleanser – All Skin Types, From £38.15

Described by Vogue as ‘probably the best cleanser in the world’. For me too, this is the holy grail of cleansers! The product has a beautiful honey scent and easily breaks down makeup and impurities. It’s honestly like putting nectar on your skin and leaves it feeling incredible. I’d give it 5 stars.


skincare-mature-skin2TOP PICK #2
Clarins – Face Treatment Oil Blue Orchid Dehydrated Skin 30ml  – Our Price £29.00

Treatment oils are big news and this one from Clarins contains only pure, natural, plant extracts. Used at night, it’s a luxury step that will leave her waking with soft, moisturised skin. allbeauty customer Charlotte said “I love the aromatherapy smell of this oil and it keeps my dry skin hydrated and supple”. Personally, I’ve never used a Clarins product I didn’t really like. The bottle + pipette style of this product makes me feel like it’s a salon experience.


skincare-mature-skin3TOP PICK #3
Olay Regenerist – 3 Point Super Age-Defying Night Cream 50ml – Our Price £19.95 (RRP £30)

Olay Regenerist is SO well loved, there’s no way I could leave it off my list! Claiming to give dramatically newer skin in just 5 days, all while you sleep at night – who could say no to that? Our customers rate it 5 stars on allbeauty and women just love it. The perfect gift.


skincare-mature-skin4TOP PICK #4
Elizabeth Arden – Ceramide Advanced Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum Capsules (x60) – Our Price £39.00 (RRP £52)

An eye cream is a luxury we all need after the age of 30, but so many of us forget. These capsules from Elizabeth Arden are bestselling favourites and genuinely effective. Safe for sensitive eyes (they’re ophthalmologist tested), the capsules mean you use exactly the right amount. AND they’re in a stunning gold tin – perfect for Christmas!


skincare-mature-skinTOP PICK #5
Elizabeth Arden – Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex 75ml – Our Price £14.95 (RRP £30)

For a moisturiser, I’ve chosen Elizabeth Arden again because I absolutely ADORE this product!! I’ve used it since I was 14 and it’s my go-to time and again. Like putting on air-whipped cream, your skin feels soft and moisturised every time, with no greasy feel. We’ve linked to the 75ml here for budget reasons, but there is a 100ml available if you want to push the boat out.


Have we inspired you? You can find more skincare for mature skin and giftsets over at allbeauty.


10 Top Christmas Gifts For Her 2016

Don’t know what to buy? From fragrance to skincare, our top 10 Christmas gifts for her will solve all your headaches!

Our top 10 Christmas gifts for her are popular lines, curated by the allbeauty team.
Need help choosing a perfume? See our separate post here.
Shopping home fragrance eg candles and diffusers? See our separate post here.
Shopping gifts for men? We’ve got you covered here.

1. Marc Jacobs Decadence 2 x 4ml & Daisy 2 x 4mlSHOP HERE

Containing 4 minis in a beautiful gift box. Perfect for gym bunnies, women on the go or anyone who travels.
top 10 Christmas gifts

2. Anna Sui – Sui Dreams Eau de Toilette 30ml & Clutch BagSHOP HERE

Containing the glamorous fruity scent, with a branded Anna Sui clutch bag – we love love this set! Great for Tweens to 30-somethings.


3.  Estee Lauder Youth Dew – Eau de Parfum Spray 67mlSHOP HERE

An oriental, spicy fragrance, created in 1953. This classic is loved the world over – great for older Mums and Grandmothers.


4. Clarins Glamour Bag SetSHOP HERE

A lovely cosmetics bag, containing the following travel sized essentials:
Rich Body Lotion 100ml, Beauty Flash Balm 15ml, Hydra Quench Cream 30ml, Instant Eye Make-up, Remover 50ml, Eye Contour Gel 10ml, Mini Mascara, Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, Cosmetic Bag. Perfect for any age, from new mums to 20, 30, 40+


5. Alien – Eau de Parfum Spray 15mlSHOP HERE

A big seller, year on year, this woody fragrance is utterly bewitching. Suitable for anyone, such is the appeal of Mugler.


6. Molton Brown 3 Wick Candle Pink Pepperpod 480gSHOP HERE

A statement 3-wick candle, with notes of patchouli, pink pepper and ginger. Any woman would love this, but we think it’s the perfect gift for tricky Mothers-In-Law!top-10-christmas-gifts

7. Decleor Christmas 2016 – City RetreatSHOP HERE

A super-luxurious set containing 3 products designed to protect skin from stress and the elements. Great for anyone 30+ who works in the city or outdoors.


8. Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Parfum Spray 100mlSHOP HERE

An oriental fragrance, combining florals, fruit and musks. Incredibly popular, this scent is suitable for all. Not sure if she’ll like it? Check our perfume guide here, with tips on how to choose a scent.



9. L’Occitane Delicate Cherry Blossom Perfumed SetSHOP HERE

Especially released for Christmas 2016, this L’Occitane set contains bath and shower gel, body lotion, hand cream, eau de toilette and soap. The cherry blossom scent makes it ideal for any woman who enjoys pampering or is in need of some TLC!


10. TIGI S-Factor Christmas Gift Sets – Vivacious LustreSHOP HERE

Fabulous volume, smooth hair and glorious shine – no women could ask for more! Great for 20-somethings+, this set is salon-quality luxury (at a very affordable price).


Women’s Perfume Gift Guide – How To Choose

Our women’s perfume gift guide takes you through the main fragrance groups, showing you how to choose the perfect scent. Plus we pick some great gift options from each group.

Use our women’s perfume gift guide if you want to shop fragrance but don’t know where to start! Ideal for birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Floral Perfume
The easiest fragrance to spot! If she loves the smell of roses, freesias, daisies – in fact any florals, then a floral perfume is the one to choose. There are so many options to choose from here, but let’s play it safe and choose scents that will appeal to most. We adore Ghost The Fragrance – in a bottle shaped like the female form, it’s a soft, floral fragrance that any woman will adore. From just £19.95 it’s also very affordable.

women's perfume gift guide

Possibly the most famous floral perfume, Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette (be sure to choose the EDT!) is a massive seller. With a bottle inspired by Murano glass and created by the Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon (you can read our full guide to Jimmy Choo scents here). It’s glam, glam glam! We’ve linked to the 100ml but there are even more savings to be had in smaller sizes, notably the 40ml which makes a fabulous stocking filler.

women's perfume gift guide

Oriental Perfume
Does she prefer heavier scents? Musky cinnamon, spicy fragrance, warm and sugary scents with vanilla? If the answer is yes, then oriental scents are the ones to choose. A word of warning: unless you’re really sure these are for her, then choose another group. They’ll really be too heavy for anyone not into oriental fragrance. The bestseller in the oriental perfume group is Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Parfum.

women's perfume gift guide

For something a little different, Laura Biagiotti’s Roma is a very affordable treat. A blend of crisp and fruity resins and evening flowers with base notes of vanilla and musk.

women's perfume gift guide

Woody Perfume
If she loves a scent with mossy, earthy notes, then a woody fragrance is the one to choose. Think cedarwood, sandalwood and vetiver. Chopard’s The Wish is an immensely popular scent, an elegant, refreshing, woody fragrance that contains a blend of woodsy and spicy florals, with notes of patchouli, incense, sandalwood and amber.

women's perfume gift guide

Thierry Mugler’s Alien is a modern woody scent. Jasmine Sambac and a hint of orange blossom combine to give a unique fragrance that’s often described as “sexy, sensual and uplifting”!
women's perfume gift guide

Aromatic Perfume

Does she love the scent of grass and herbs (think lavender, rosemary, basil and sage)? Then aromatic fragrance is a great one to choose. We love Penhaligon’s Lavandula Eau de Parfum.

women's perfume gift guide

For a more affordable option, Burberry Brit Rhythm has top notes of English lavender, with pink pepper, orange blossom and cedar.

women's perfume gift guide

Citrus Perfume

Does she love the clean, zesty scent of lemon, orange and mandarin? Or maybe she’s not a fragrance fan at all?! Then citrus scents are a great choice! Universally popular, they’re fresh and subtle. Davidoff Cool Water Woman is a very clean fragrance suitable for all, and at very affordable prices. Notes of citrus and pineapple blend with the scent of fresh, ocean air.

women's perfume gift guide

Fruity Perfume

Does she love the scent of apples, peaches, blackcurrants – in fact, any fruit? Then a fruity fragrance is for her. We adore Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire (if in doubt, choose the eau de toilette) – we don’t think any woman would be sorry to receive this beauty! With a fruity, blackcurrant scent, this is sophistication in a bottle:
women's perfume gift guide

allbeauty Last Order Dates Christmas 2016

At A Glance: Here the UK dates you need to know.
For IOM, Channel Islands and Worldwide, see our handy chart below.

  • Royal Mail Tracked (our standard ‘free’ option):
    last order date is Wednesday 21st December 2016
  • DPD Next Day Delivery (courier service):
    order by 7pm on Thursday 22nd December 2016
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery (next day delivery with the Royal Mail):
    order by 3pm on Thursday 22nd December 2016

For delivery charges and expected delivery times, see our Delivery page here.

Christmas Last Order Dates

End of Term Gifting – What To Buy Teachers

We pick easy wins for end of term gifting. Fab suggestions on what to buy teachers (male or female) at prices you’ll love.

End of term gifting doesn’t need to be a last minute panic. First make a list of everyone you want to shop for, then head for the allbeauty Christmas shop or pick from our suggestions below. Want to buy home fragrance? See our separate post here.

End of Term Gifting – What To Buy Teachers

We’re not being rude, but it’s fair to say that unless it’s a special year (eg last year of school) or you have extra reason to thank them, teacher presents are on a budget! We think that’s ok, but it’s also nice to surprise them. So stay away from chocolate this year and pick one of these (click any image to buy):

end of term gifting  end of term gifting
Original Limited Edition 25ml A Christmas-themed edition of the classic, luxury hair treatment. Can be used as a mask, for styling or finishing. If she has lovely locks, she’ll love this.
Our price: £13.45
Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist 100ml 
Being a teacher is stressful. This pillow mist features a 100% natural scent, with essential oils of lavender, bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange and geranium to promote relaxation and well-being.
Our Price: £14.00
end of term gifting  end of term gifting

Weleda Mindfulness Body Wash Gift Set This relaxing body wash collection includes a selection of five different 50ml tubes of body wash and a grown up colouring book!
Our Price: £14.95

Perfume Atomisers Want something small? Our perfume atomisers are an easy way to decant a favourite fragrance and take it with you – perfect for a staff room pick-me-up! Available alone or in gift-sets.
From: £5.50

end of term gifting

end of term gifting
Ghost Captivating
Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml & Body Lotion 50ml If you’re set on buying a fragrance, go for Ghost. It’s soft and sophisticated. It’s feminine but not horribly floral or twee. We’ve never found anyone who doesn’t love it! This set contains the 30ml EDT & a 50ml body lotion.
Our Price: £19.95
Molton Brown, Pomegranate & Ginger (Hand Wash 300ml) A luxury handwash is a joy, this hydrating hand wash from Molton Brown is fragranced with a spicy kick of ginger, a sweet heart of lily-of-the-valley and a smoky base of vetiver. Leaves hands fresh, clean and intoxicatingly aromatic – plus it’s a chunky size.
Our Price: £16.95


end of term gifting end of term gifting
TIGI Bed Head Christmas Gift Sets – Man On We really like this for a younger teacher. Containing shampoo, conditioner and wax, in fabulous Christmas packaging, this is a whopper of a set and very impressive!
Our Price: £14.95
Noble Isle, Gift Sets (Fragranced Shower Gel Gift Set 4 x 30ml) A traditional gift but a luxury one at a great price, and doesn’t even need to be wrapped! Containing four sample sizes of Bath & Shower Gels.
r Price: £12.00
end of term gifting end of term gifting
Noble Isle, Hand Wash (Whisky & Water Hand Wash 250ml) It’s handwash, but not as you know it! Nothing girly here, this liquid gold wash is redolent of the finest oak-aged single malt with warm vanilla and cedarwood on the nose and skin-calming extract of Scottish malted barley.
Our Price: £18.00
Decleor Christmas 2016
Grooming Party From pre and post shave care to full body shower gel, this all-in-one set will leave skin looking fresh and energised.  Decléor is a luxury brand he’ll really appreciate, suitable for men of any age.
Our Price: £17.10
end of term gifting end of term gifting
Geoffrey Beene, Grey Flannel (Eau de Toilette Spray 120ml & Aftershave Lotion 120ml) Great for a classic or older teacher, Grey Flannel is a woody fragrance. Its fragrant nature explores essences of lemon, geranium and cedar wood, blended with notes of musk, bergamot, oak moss, sandalwood, violet and sage. You cannot go wrong!
Our Price: £19.95
Paul Smith, Extreme Man (Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml) There are a lot of great male fragrances out there, at affordable prices, so by all means choose one as a gift. We love Paul Smith Extreme Man. It’s woody, spicy, and unexpected. A heart of incense, enhanced by floral hints of geranium and rosewood with modern musks and mellow tonka beans. Great for any age and the 50ml is a nice size for gifting.
Our Price: £14.95

If you’re end of term gifting let us know what you bought! Leave us a message on our Facebook page or tag us in your Insta pics @allbeautyhq.

The allbeauty Christmas Magazine Is Full Of Gift Ideas!

The allbeauty Christmas magazine is now available to read – and shop – online.

The allbeauty Christmas magazine is full of gift ideas, plus party season tips and more.

Tip: Click the Fullscreen logo to flip, read or shop.


**Facebook Giveaway**

To celebrate our Christmas magazine, here’s your chance to win a fabulous Decléor Christmas 2016 Box of Secrets: Wonder of Youth gift set, worth £69. To enter: just click on the image below, make sure you’re following us on Facebook and share the pic. We’ll select one winner at random on Tuesday 13th December (UK & EIRE only) – good luck!

allbeauty Christmas magazine

Comp T&C: 1 winner picked at random, entry closes Midnight 12th December 2016. We will dispatch prize asap but do not guarantee delivery for Xmas. UK & EIRE only.

Download Our Cute Christmas Printables

Download and print our cute allbeauty Christmas printables – our Secret Santa Hint Card is perfect for the office or use our Wishlist & Wallet Slip to drop a few hints!

We created our Christmas printables last year and you loved them, so we decided to give them a reblog!

Secret Santa Hint Card – or download from Pinterest HERE

Christmas Printables

Look how cute this is on a desk – now there’s no excuse!!


Santa Wishlist and Wallet Card – or download from Pinterest HERE

Use our wishlist to ask for exactly what you’d like – or fill out the wallet slip and hide it amongst the notes for a subtle hint in the right direction! Our Christmas printables have you covered.

Christmas Printables