Seven Steps To Spa Heaven At Home

Stop Press! It’s National Spa Week

It’s that time of year again. The week where we prioritise self-care, put relaxation before the rat-race and take time to reinvigorate body and mind. 

If you’ve never taken part in National Spa Week, there’s no better time to start. It begins on September 16th, but at allbeauty we believe that practice makes perfect, so we like to get a head-start! The best part? Having a week dedicated to spa treatments needn’t cost you the earth. Whether you want a full-body scrub or a hydrating facial, we’ve got everything you need. 

Seven steps to spa heaven… at home!

1. Scrub

The best place to start your spa week at home is with a good scrub. As well as being a great way to remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation, a body scrub is a symbolic way to wipe your slate clean.

Our customers particularly rate the L’Occitane Exuvberant Verbena Exfoliating Pulp, which is a light, fresh formula that includes menthol as a key ingredient. If you want to step out of the bathroom feeling invigorated, this is the scrub for you!

A personal favourite, this time from French brand Caudalie, the Crushed Cabernet Scrub brings spa-quality luxury right into your own home. As with all Caudalie’s products, grapes are a dominant ingredient, with this scrub containing both grape seed oil for hydration and grape seed powder for exfoliation. 

2. Soak

What’s a spa without a good long soak? After scrubbing all the stress away, the next item on your spa week agenda is to submerge yourself in a hot bath. Now, while the heat alone will do your body good, for a true spa experience there’s nothing like a bath oil or foam to up the luxury factor.

The Aching Muscle Super Soak by Elemis contains antioxidants and works to restore tight and aching muscles. With ingredients including juniper, thyme and rosemary, it smells amazing too.

If you find that your skin needs more attention than your muscles, look no further than The Ritual of Ayurveda Holistic Bath Foam by Rituals. Indian rose and Himilayan honey combine to create a bath foam which not only smells like an exotic summertime garden but nourishes and moisturises dehydrated skin.

3. Candlelight

The lighting within a spa adds to the atmosphere, creating a muted glow which encourages a relaxed state of mind. This is incredibly easy to recreate at home using candles, but seeing as it’s spa week, why not opt for something a little more special? 

Using 100% natural ingredients, the Neom Organics London Scent to Sleep Candle makes an ideal companion during an evening soak. The candle’s oil has been designed to be used on the body, so after you’ve enjoyed the fragrance of English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine, use the warm oil to replenish your skin.

Elemis needs no introduction, and their Life Elixirs Sleep Candle is a firm favourite with allbeauty customers. Combining 12 pure essential oils including patchouli and palmarosa, this candle has been designed to encourage relaxation and aid sleep – the perfect accompaniment for a pre-bed spa treatment.

4. Deep Breathing

Scent has a remarkable impact on your state of mind, so why restrict your spa fragrances to the evening? Whether you want a fragrance tailored to the time of day, or a gentle background perfume to elevate a room, we’ve got just the thing.

Molton Brown are well known for their exquisite hand soaps and luxury bath products, but their diffusers bring fragrance to new areas of the home. The Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang Aroma Reeds create a multi-layered fragrance with elements of ginger, tangerine, vanilla, and of course, spa favourite – ylang-ylang. 

The Neom Organics London Essential Oil Blends contain four bottles of thoughtfully created scents to take you from day to night. The oils can be used in a variety of ways, either through the Neom Wellbeing Diffuser Pod, dropped into a shower or bath, or simply rubbed into the skin. 

5. Face Mask

An at-home facial is an absolute must during National Spa Week. Whatever your skin type, a well-chosen face mask can bring new life to dull, tired skin.

A favourite amongst those with dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin is award-winning Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator by Clinique. This gel textured formula has been designed to use as both an ultra-hydrating moisturiser and a face mask and boasts hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture.

From Bomb Cosmetics comes the French Kiss Clay Mask, a cleansing mask that uses white kaolin clay as the main ingredient. Ideal for all skin types, the light exfoliating nature of clay will leave skin refreshed, while rosemary and geranium essential oils stimulate circulation and tighten the skin.

6. Foot Mask

At this time of year, our feet are often hidden away and shown little love. During National Spa Week celebrate your feet and give them the attention they deserve with an at-home pedicure. 

For feet that need a total reset, these Exfoliation Socks from Iroha Nature are a godsend. Wear for 90-120 minutes and within a week the calloused outermost layer of skin will peel off to reveal baby-soft feet.

The key to keeping your feet in good shape is regular hydration and the Rosy Toes Instant Pedicure from Seoulista Beauty provides just that. Infused with rose oil, aloe vera and beeswax, this 3-pack of pedicure booties will nourish your feet to keep them soft, supple and sandal-ready. 

*Please note: DO NOT hydrate your feet during the treatment days, even if they are dry. It would slow the exfoliation process. After 5-10 days the dead skin will begin peeling off, don’t remove skin harshly, it will gradually fall off itself*

7. Massage

Whether you have an in-house masseuse (we’re looking at you Mr. allbeauty) or not, indulging in a little massage is the perfect way to wind down after a long day. If you don’t have someone on hand to provide a back massage, get into a comfy position and give your legs a deep rub. Not only does massage relax your muscles, it stimulates circulation and improves the texture of your skin.

We’re all about products that have more than one use, so you won’t be surprised that the Neom Organics London Scent to Sleep Candle gets another mention on our list. Using ingredients such as soybean oil and cocoa butter, after 30 minutes of burning and two of cooling, the oil is ready to be poured over the skin. Fragrant and deeply nourishing, this is the ideal addition to any massage.

For a massage oil that is ready the moment you need it, this Huile Prodigieuse from Nuxe Paris comes in a handy spray bottle for easy use. Multi-award winning and with a host of 5* reviews from allbeauty customers, this comes highly recommended as a low-mess body oil option.

Shop our limited edition National Spa Week Edit now

For even more tips on how to prepare for a great night’s sleep, read our interview with Neom celebrating ‘Sleeptember‘.

National Spa Week Competitions

More competitions coming on Facebook, spread the love with sharing and liking our page: www.facebook.com/allbeautynews

**Full T&C: Spa Day T&C: All entries close 11:59PM 22/09/2019, UK only. 21 winners will be chosen at random from all entries received via the allbeautyHQ blog page. The first prize winner will receive vouchers for a Spa Day for two people, courtesy of Iroha Nature and My Spa Pass. Prize can be claimed at any UK Macdonald Hotels Ltd Spa, subject to availability. Prize valid for six months from date of winner announcement.  Spa day and treatment times must be booked directly with a qualifying Macdonald Hotels Ltd Spa. 20 runners up will receive Annual ‘My Spa’ Passes, entitling them to discounts from some of the UK’s most popular spas, hotels, treatment specialists and online retailers via https://myspapass.com . Valid for 12 months from date of winner announcement. All prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable.  In the event of loss of prize in the post, we regret no alternative is available. We reserve the right to re-draw a winner if we do not hear from you within 3 working days. Please note that the winner’s email and postal address may be passed on to a third party supplier of the prize for the purpose of dispatching the prize only. No details will be retained by allbeauty or the supplier.

Summer Sunshine Safety

Summer’s not over just yet- there’s still time to have fun in the sun and soak up the rays.  We want to make the most of every moment in the sunshine (as it doesn’t come around very often!) and we don’t want to be hiding away; let’s be safe and not sorry. You may associate SPF (Sun Protection Factor) with sun prevention products to use whilst you’re chilling by the pool or beach, however it is an acronym that is appearing increasingly on skincare bottles and vials for everyday use.  So whether you’re planning on a summer mini break to the city, packing your bags for a long haul vacation, or simply planning to spend more time outdoors in your garden soaking up the summer sun, read on to find out more about why you should consider using SPF products in your skincare routine.

Here comes the sun…    

SPF comes in different factors, ranging from 2 – 50+. According to the NHS, Sun creams and lotions should be at least SPF15, however, factors 30-50 are most effective when it comes to preventing your skin from over exposure to UVA & B rays. It is possible to experience skin damage on a cloudy or overcast day, so it is important to make sure your skin is protected when you are spending long periods of time outdoors.        

Shop our best seller Estée Lauder  DayWearMulti Protection Anti Oxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturiser SPF15 50ml for just £40.50 – saving 10% off RRP.

What is the difference between UVA and B rays?   

UV B rays are responsible for causing sunburn. Whilst sunburn can be soothed with after sun products, it’s crucial to note that UVA rays can also cause irreversible skin damage in the long term as they can penetrate through several layers of the skin, causing sun spots, signs of aging and elevating the risk of skin cancer. SPF specifically relates to prevention against UV B rays

Shop our Lancaster Sun Beauty Velvet Tanning Milk for Body SPF30 400ml for just £19.95 –  saving 38% off RRP.

How can I incorporate SPF products into my skincare routine?

If you’re a city dweller, Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Hydrating Shield SPF50 is a moisturising lotion which can be used as the last step in your skincare regimen to strengthen and protect skin. It offers tinted protection against UV rays, meaning that it can also be used in place of foundation. The Prevage range is especially designed to prevent ageing and also fights against environmental stresses, such as pollution, making it ideal for those with a commute.  

Fans of French Brand Caudalie will be familiar with the brand’s exciting origins from the vineyards of Bordeaux. But did you know that their famous grape vines can be combined with SPF? Caudalie’s Anti-Wrinkle Face Suncare has SPF50 incorporated within its formula containing organic grape water and antioxidants. Formulated without traces of oxybenzone or octinoxate, this product is a great addition to skincare routines for fans of natural beauty & ocean swimming as it is free of chemicals suspected to cause damage to the marine ecosystem (coral reefs included).  Bonus – as well as being lightweight, the product is delightfully fragranced with notes of Frangipani flowers in addition to providing SPF protection. Apply generously to the face before exposure to the sun – avoiding the eye contour. Shop Caudalie’s Whole Suncare Range here.

Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus SPF50 for Face & Body 50ml can be used as a base for your foundation and should be applied daily after your usual skincare routine. We love that this cream is for Face and Body – it can be applied to the neck and décolletage to protect against ageing and damage in these oft-neglected areas!  Shop now for £23.50- saving 31% off RRP.

Further details on our favourite SPF moisturisers can be found within our Summer Beauty Inspiration pages.

allbeauty’s Sun Protection FABULOUS tips     

Pay attention to expiry dates, replenishing products that have expired to ensure that you are maximising their effectiveness and making the most of your skincare routine.    

Re-apply SPF products frequently throughout the day (before heading out on your lunch break, after swimming, half an hour before gardening) to ensure that you are always protected from over exposure! The NHS recommend that you apply SPF products half an hour before being outside for extended periods, as well as immediately before you go out.  Our Lancaster Sun Beauty Velvet Touch Face Cream SPF30 50ml + Free Gift is perfect protection at just £14. 

Fan of acids and toners? When these are used in your skincare routine, your skin can be more sensitive to sunlight, which is why you should always consider using SPF skincare products to help protect against sensitivity.   

Have you tried UltraSun Face Brightening, Anti-Spot & Anti-Pollution Fluid?Shop  for just £23.80 – saving 15% off RRP

Fake It, Don’t Bake it

Sun tanning is not a safe activity – if you’re interested in products that can help you develop a sunless tan, then check out our range of fake tan products here . Avoid the risk of sun burn with our loved St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse .

Shop now for £18.20 – saving 45% off RRP .

The one word we don’t like: Sunburn

We don’t welcome sunburn but sometimes it arrives unexpectedly. What to do when it all goes wrong? We believe that the best way to combat sunburn is through prevention but you need to know what to do if you find your skin irritated and an unfortunate shade of lobster. If you experience burnt skin as a result of overexposure, it is important to treat this as quickly as possible – make sure you also drink water to prevent dehydration and always consult a doctor if you experience severe signs of sunburn.  Our two favourite picks:

Moisturisers and balms containing aloe vera, such as Clinique After Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe, can help to soothe and cool irritated areas of skin, 150ml for just £19. Lierac Sunissme SOS Repairing Serum,  contains witch hazel and omega 3 and 9s can help repair skin from intense exposure from the sun helping to refresh, soothe and prolong tanning results, 30ml for £21.95 saving 51% off RRP

allbeauty has a range of products which can be used to soothe sunburn or to maximise your tan. We recommend that you always apply moisturiser after exposure to the sun – but remember, when it comes to sunburn, prevention is better than a cure!

Shop After Sun here.

All of our summer beauty can be found here. Don’t hide from the sun but ensure that you are protected and enjoy! 

*information correct at the time of publishing

Smooth & Buffed: Summer Bodycare Tips

From festival days to beach rays, here are our top products for ensuring that your summer body care routine leaves you feeling at ease – whatever the weather.

Self Tanning & Fake Tan – products to ensure an even and beautiful skin tone!

Albeauty carries a wide range of self tanning products, which can assist you in the quest to get that elusive sun-kissed glow from tip to toe whilst treating your skin to some sweet summer scents. Don’t forget to apply SPF in addition though – more on that below!

allbeauty loves:

Getting Silky Satin Smooth: Indulging in Cocoa:
Gatineau Body Basics Tan Accelerating Lotion 400mlGatineau Body Basics Tan Accelerating Lotion 400ml
RRP: £49.00
Our Price: £28.45
Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream with Unsaponiflables of Cocoa 150ml

Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream with Unsaponiflables of Cocoa 150ml
RRP: £26.00
Our Price: £22.75

Beautifying the complexion with Pansy & Chestnut: Soothing with Magnolia Essential Oil & Vanilla:
Sisley Self Tan Hydrating Facial Skincare 60mlSisley Self Tan Hydrating Facial Skincare 60ml
RRP: £97.00
Our Price: £67.50
Decléor Aroma Confort Systeme Corps Gradual Glow Hydrating Body Milk 250ml

Decléor Aroma Confort Systeme Corps Gradual Glow Hydrating Body Milk 250ml
RRP: £35.00
Our Price: £18.95

Want to fake a tan, but feeling a bit cautious? We understand. For years, there has been a great divide between those who can apply product to look like they’ve just spent the summer in the Bahamas sunning with cocktails on tap and those who have been, for want of a better word, tangoed. However, formulas have changed over the years and with the importance of SPF becoming more and more widely known, you never know, 2019 may just see you becoming a fan of the fake tan. Check out our product recommendations!

allbeauty loves:

The Flawless Faker The Award Winner
Fake Bake Instant Flawless Self Tan Liquid 170ml & Professional Mitt

Fake Bake Instant Flawless Self Tan Liquid 170ml & Professional Mitt
RRP: £24.95
Our Price: £16.35

St Tropez Gradual Everyday Tinted Body Lotion 200ml,St Tropez Gradual Everyday Tinted Body Lotion 200ml,
RRP: £15.00
Our Price: £12.00

The Bronzer


The Hydration Booster

MineTan Hydrate Base Tans Coconut Foam with Coconut Water 200ml & Tanning MittElemis Sunwise Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser for Face 50ml
RRP: £32.50
Our Price: £19.95
MineTan Hydrate Base Tans Coconut Foam with Coconut Water 200ml & Tanning MittMineTan Hydrate Base Tans Coconut Foam with Coconut Water 200ml & Tanning Mitt
Our Price: £11.95

Top tip : Fake tan debutantes – make sure that you are well moisturised in advance to avoid a streaky look.


SPF (Sun Protection Factor):

We can’t stress this enough, whilst it’s important to ensure that your skin gets its daily dose of Vitamin D from outdoor exposure, applying products with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is crucial for the protection of your skin against UV B rays. It is highly recommended that SPF is worn in summer with a minimum factor of 15 to ensure that your skin is protected – even on those overcast days.

Water Resistant Wonders
La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Confort Cream SPF 50+ 50mlLa Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Confort Cream SPF 50+ 50ml
RRP: £16.50
Our Price: £12.35
Shiseido Aging Protection Lotion Plus SPF50+ 100mlShiseido Aging Protection Lotion Plus SPF50+ 100ml
RRP: £34.00
Our Price: £27.20
Lancaster Sun Beauty Velvet Tanning Milk for Body SPF30 400ml

Lancaster Sun Beauty Velvet Tanning Milk for Body SPF30 400ml
RRP: £32.00
Our Price: £17.95

Caudalie Beautifying Suncare Oil SPF30 150mlCaudalie Beautifying Suncare Oil SPF30 150ml
Our Price: £21.00

Hair Removal

Whether you embrace it, tolerate it or loathe it, controlling hair growth in the summer can be time-consuming and repetitive. If you’re fed up of choosing between a myriad of neon disposable razors, expensive salon trips or shaving subscriptions, then this section is for you. From epilation to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), handheld devices can provide more permanent solutions to your hair removal issues. Consider it a Summer Beauty investment!

What is IPL?

IPL uses light pulses to tackle hair pigmentation, which targets hair follicles at the root, discouraging growth. It can take between 6-8 sessions to be completely hairfree, but it offers you less maintenance in the long term.
IPL can reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. Double check that IPL is suitable for your hair and skin type, as pigmentation and melanin can impact product use.

Exploring Epilation:

Epilation is the act of removing multiple hairs at once using an electrical device (referred to as an Epilator). The Braun range of epilators catches even the smallest of hairs, meaning that it is a good alternative to waxing, where you have to allow for hair growth in between sessions.

We recommend exfoliating first to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. To allow for an easier and more comfortable epilation, you can use the devices in the shower or bath.

allbeauty loves:

Philips IPL Lumea Prestigage Cordless BRI950/00
RRP: £520.00
Our Price: £299.95

Braun Silk-épil 9-561 Epilator
RRP: £149.99
Our Price: £99.95

Braun Silk-épil SensoSmart 7/880 Cordless Epilator
RRP: £164.99
Our Price: £74.95

Braun Silk-Expert 5 IPL
RRP: £399.99
Our Price: £229.95


Have your feet had a winter of hibernation in socks and tights? Now is the time to air those toes and schedule in a bit of pampering – especially if you’re planning on donning your best summer footwear. Let’s face it, summer is when you are most likely to try out those super impractical but oh so fancy wedges or go on an impromptu hike (let’s hope not in conjunction but, hey, we’ve all been there), so it’s a good time to make sure your feet are adequately cared for.

allbeauty loves:


The Refresher

Masque B.A.R Intensive Moisturising Foot Mask x 2
RRP: £9.99
Our Price: £8.95

The Comforter

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Foot Cream 75ml
RRP: £11:00
Our Price: £9.90

Bring The Beach To You

Ahava  Deadsea Water Mineral Footcream 100ml
Our Price: £17:00

The Ultimate Foot Peel

Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel
RRP: £19.99
Our Price: £14.90

For further summer beauty inspiration visit our Summer Beauty shop at www.allbeauty.com/summer

*Information correct at time of publishing

Awaken Your Skin This Spring

During the winter our skin experiences everything from cooler, less humid weather to dry stuffy environments that suck the moisture out of your skin, in turn leaving you with possible dryness and flakiness.  You’re likely to have used more heavyweight moisturisers, layered up the serums, balms and oils over the winter but now it’s time to say goodbye to them, and say hello to Spring.

Caudalie Gift Guide: Christmas 2018

Caudalie Christmas is here! These are the perfect gifts for any Caudalie lover or those who want to try out the range for the first time… Shop our favourites here: 

NEW Caudalie VinoPure – For Oily To Combination Skin

NEW Caudalie VinoPure – For Oily To Combination Skin

Suffering from oily, dull, blemish-prone skin? Caudalie have a solution so pure it’s even safe for sensitive skin!

NEW from Caudalie, the VinoPure range is made up of a Clear Skin Purifying Toner, Blemish Control Infusion Serum and Skin Perfecting Mattifying Fluid, and has been designed to help target blemishes, reduce shine and prevent oiliness.

What causes oily/combination skin?

Oily/combination skin primarily has three main causes:

  1. Overproduction and oxidation of sebum (oil)
  2. Hyper Keratinization
  3. Bacterial overdrive

The overproduction of sebum is responsilbe for shine – usually most prominant on the T-zone – and an overall dull appearance to the skin. Hyper Keratinization is the name used when dead skin cells build up on the upper layer of the skin, clogging pores and causing blackheads. Skin is also left feeling rough. Bacterial Overdrive is responsible for blemishes.

Caudalie vinopure allbeauty blog

The VinoPure solution

Made from at least 97% natural ingredients, NEW VinoPure contains natural salicylic acid to unclog, tighten pores and refine skin texture; organic rose water to control oil and improve radiance; and grape polyphenols and organic essential oils to limit the production of acne and reduce sebum oxidation.

Developed from natural ingredients in the Caudalie Laboratory, the unique cockail of grape polyphenols and essential oils – lavender, lemongrass, geranium, rosemary, lemon balm and peppermint -works simultaneously to prevent P. acne bacteria – the main cause of inflammation and dullness. Vinopure is also  free of synthetic fragrance.

I created VinoPure for all women concerned and affected by skin problems in everyday life. This highly natural skincare routine uses powerful, active ingredients to restore beautiful and balanced skin” – Mathilde Thomas

Step 1: Prepare & Purify

Caudalie vinopure toner allbeauty blog

Made from 99% natural-origin ingredients, Clear Skin Purifying Toner adds a splash of freshness to your skincare routine. Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin, it gently purifies and prepares skin for the next stages of your skincare routine.

To use: Apply morning and evening to the face and neck using a cotton pad. Do not rinse.

Step 2: Control & Balance

Caudalie vinopure serum allbeauty blog

Made from 98% natural-origin ingredients, Blemish Control Infusion Serum is a powerful ultra-concentrate of natural-origin active ingredients to help exfoliate, unclog pores and reduce blemishes. With salicylic acid, patented Caudalie complex, organic rose water and hyaluronic acid, this lightweight gel melts into skin leaving it refreshed and balanced.

To use: Apply morning and evening to the face and neck after toner. For better results, allow it to absorb for a few minutes before applying creams.

This serum can also be applied locally to target blemishes directly

Step 3: Moisturise & Mattify

Caudalie vinopure mattifying allbeauty blog

Made from 97% natural-origin ingredients, Skin Perfecting Mattifying Fluid is a true shine control saviour! With silica powders to instantly mattify skin and organic rose water and vitamin B3 to regulate shine and restore natural radiance, it also moisturises and comforts skin.

To use: Apply morning and evening after serum.

You can shop NEW Caudalie VinoPure at allbeauty.com

10 Cult French Pharmacy Beauty Products

THESE are the French pharmacy products you need to stock up on if you want perfect skin, according to dermatologists

Designed to suit even the most sensitive skin, these  French pharmacy skincare products are coveted by everyone from the biggest models in the biz to the experts backstage. With more uses than you’d think, these are the dermatologist-recommended staples to add to your skincare routine…

Caudalie Premier Cru: Anti-Ageing Innovation

Discover Caudalie Premier Cru – the luxurious new range combining Caudalie’s most powerful anti-ageing ingredients with luxurious textures that simply melt into the skin.

Rich in polyphenols and antioxidants derived from grape seeds to help protect skin from damage and promote skin elasticity, the Caudalie Premier Cru collection is 100% natural and is made up of up to 99.5% natural ingredients. It’s also free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, sodium laureth sulfate or animal ingredients, so you can rest assured knowing that your skin is getting the best.

Discover the range

This five step skincare ritual is for anyone looking to intensely nourish the skin and reduce signs of ageing:

1. The Serum

Caudalie Premier Cru The Serum

For those who want to boost the anti-ageing efficacy of their skincare routine, this ultimate anti-ageing serum has been formulated with the infamous Caudalie Vinergy® complex to intensely revitalize the skin and correct the signs of ageing. Made from 95% natural ingredients, the light-weight gel-to-water texture is immediately absorbed, leaving skin soft and supple and has been proven to lift and illuminate skin within 7 days.

USE IT:  Premier Cru The Serum is the first step of your beauty routine, to boost energy and prepare your skin to better use the other anti-ageing ingredients. Apply morning and evening to face and neck.

2. The Precious Oil

Caudalie Premier Cru The Precious OilThe ultimate anti-ageing oil, Premier Cru The Precious Oil is the perfect alliance between luxury and efficacy, melting into the skin to deliver tailor-made ultimate anti-ageing action. Made from 99.5% natural ingredients, including resveratrol and sandalwood oil to help combat wrinkles, jojoba oil to plump and firm, and prickly pear oil to help boost radiance, this serum has been proven to double the thickness of the skin in 6 days.

USE IT: Apply morning and evening to face, neck and décolleté. Apply after serum, focusing on the dry zones for an even more intense nutrition. You can also use it as a night cure for an accelerated overnight repair. Avoid eye contour.

Premier Cru is an exclusive blend of all the Caudalie patents, Resveratrol – Viniferine –
Polyphenols, and the most high-performance active ingredients to treat all the
signs of ageing in a single step.” — Mathilde Thomas Founder of Caudalie

3. The Cream

Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream

The crème de la crème of the Premier Cru collection, Premier Cru The Cream is luxurious and effective in equal measure. This exceptional eye cream delivers ultimate anti-ageing action for visibly younger skin while its melt-away texture leaves the skin velvety smooth. Containing patented resveratrol, polyphenols and hydrating Vinolevure® grape-seed oil, wrinkles are smoothed, skin is firmer and complexion is radiant and even. Proven to double the thickness of the skin in 6 days, dark spots were reduced by 38%, while complexion and wrinkles were evened by up to 98%.

USE IT: Morning and evening on cleansed face and neck.

4. The Eye Cream

Caudalie Premier Cru The eye Cream

For those looking to improve the delicate zone of the eye contour area and reduce puffiness and dark circles, Premier Cru The Eye Cream offers ultimate anti-ageing action for instantly transformed eyes.  Fragrance free and made from 86% natural ingredients, skin is left hydrated, smoother and firmer and the eye area is brightened. Deep wrinkles are reduced by 34%, and 86% of users saw visible reduction in puffiness and dark circles.

USE IT: Morning and evening apply on eye contour.

5. The Rich Cream

Premier Cru The Rich Cream

For those with tight, dry and uncomfortable skin, a richer cream is a must have. Boasting the same active ingredients as Premier Cru The Cream, the ultimate anti-ageing Crème Riche formula is concentrated with 3 plant waxes to provide deeper nourishment. Made from 95% natural ingredients, including 27% nourishing ingredients, The Rich Cream is a luxury alternative to a lighter cream.

USE IT: Morning and evening apply on cleansed face, neck and décolleté.

Mathilde wanted a product that would not only be ultra – effective against
all signs of ageing, but also offer a highly sensory experience with a luxurious texture. The only container able to hold this exceptional formula is a jar, as it is too dense to be packaged in a airless bottle.

Caudalie Premier Cru Collection is available at allbeauty.com