In 1967 a Vogue article revolutionised skin care and led to the creation of Clinique products. This meeting of glamour and science would influence generations to come.

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Clinique products

Clinique Products – The Very Beginning

The history of Clinique is star-studded with some of the biggest names in skin care and set against a backdrop of New York’s Fifth Avenue, Vogue Magazine and cutting edge science.

Our story begins in 1967 with Norman Orentreich, a New York dermatologist and also the father of hair transplantation as we know it today. Dr Orentreich was advising his patients to use a 3-step skincare system of his own creation (cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise) when he met Vogue Beauty Editor Carol Phillips through research she was doing for her work. Carol was tired of seeing the same one-size-fits-all creams in store and together with Dr Orentreich, they created a trailblazing Vogue article that has gone down in history.

Clinique Products – THAT Article

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Can Great Skin Be Created? was the question asked in the August 1967 edition of Vogue magazine. In it, Dr Orentreich explained how yes, great skin can be created and answered in detail questions relating to the role of hormones, skin cleansing, vitamins, exfoliation and more. It was a fascinating article, but one that was also read by a certain Evelyn Lauder, daughter in law of Estée, who worked at Lauder headquarters on Fifth Avenue, New York. A meeting was promptly set up between Carol Phillips and Estée Lauder. The two women were equally feisty and influential and Carol was persuaded to come on board with the new venture ‘Clinique’.

Clinique Products – The Brand

Barely a year later Clinique was launched, with its unique selling points of fragrance-free, allergy tested products. And it was Carol who came up with the names ‘ Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion‘, ‘Turnaround Cream‘ and ‘7 Day Scrub‘. She also ensured that Dr Orentreich was involved in the Clinique formulations, and that his 3-Step skincare regime was adopted by the brand. Three steps, twice a day (cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise) and yes, great skin can be created.

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