We come to the rescue of foundation hoarders everywhere with 5 ways to use up foundation!

Whether you’ve bought the wrong shade or just bought too many, our 5 ways to use up foundation mean nothing goes to waste.

5 ways to use foundation by allbeauty Beauty Editor ClaireI’ll admit to owning 6 foundations (not counting BB or CC creams). One is my full-coverage evening face (Revlon Colorstay), another is my lighter daytime look (Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals) and somewhere in there is a third weekend-y shopping one. But there are still those I can’t bring myself to bin (even though I rarely use them.) This led me to wonder “how can I use my foundations that don’t see much action?” There’s at least one Dior in there you know…

  1. Quick Leg Colour. This is probably my favourite tip and one I use the most because a) it works and b) it looks so good. Take a tub of plain body butter (one with a shimmer is nice) and add in foundation until you get a nice even colour (around a tablespoon usually works). Give it a good mix then apply a small amount to your legs or arms. You’ll get a tanned glow with slight coverage and a moisturising finish. I haven’t had any problems with rub off and the colour usually lasts all day.
  2. Turn Night Into Day. Foundation that gives heavy coverage can sometimes be drying and just be too heavy for the day. Adding a drop of a facial oil (we love A’kin Rosehip Oil with Vitamin Cbefore you apply it will help foundation go on better and give a smoother, lighter finish.
  3. Holiday Skin. Turn your normal foundation into holiday makeup by mixing a little with moisturiser or sunscreen. Pop it into a travel tub and take it with you on holiday for a natural glow (that doesn’t need a mirror to apply!) Use a cream with a slightly thicker consistency for best results, like this REN Clean Skincare Rescue Cream.
  4. As Primer. There’s always that one foundation that’s a bit too light but that makes it perfect to use as primer. Using a brush apply a light layer all over the eyelids and in the corners for a wide-awake look. Then apply eyeshadow on top of that for bolder colour that lasts. Another way to use up foundation is by adding foundation to lips before applying colour. This will help colour to stay longer and can be used to lighten shades that are just that bit too dark.
  5. Bespoke Contouring Cream. In a clean pot mix foundation with a small amount of loose eyeshadow.The result will be a product that’s just right for your skin and super-easy to blend.

Do you have any alternative uses for foundation that haven’t been featured here? Message or tweet us your tips @allbeautynews

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