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Fake Tan for First Timers & Fanatics

Tan Organic ReviewI’ve never really been one to fake tan, not in my most recent years of attempting to adult anyway. It comes from a long line of spray tans gone wrong and embarrassing streaky legs ahead of a night out that I swore never to touch the stuff again, that is unless a product could prove me wrong. I put Tan Organic to the test to help fight my fears of fake tan and see whether my pale days could finally be over once and for all.

The reason I opted for Tan Organic was purely down to the ingredients. They are certified organic and contain no harmful chemicals which also alleviates that awful albeit obvious fake tan smell. Tan Organic offer both an oil and a mousse depending on which you prefer however, I’d never used the oil before so to give them both a fair review, I did one half of my body with the mousse and one half with the oil. Risky I know but I was hoping they would still turn out the same colour at least!

FirstTan Organic Review things first, exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. I can’t be the only one who has ended up with green armpits because they still have deodorant residue leftover! Make sure you are showered and scrubbed clean from head to toe using the tan-erase ultimate exfoliator glove to remove any product and dead skin. I have to say, this exfoliator glove is fantastic. It doesn’t scratch the skin and leaves it feeling super smooth afterwards. Then when you are dry, you can start applying your tanning product.

Tan Organic Self Tan Mousse

Tan Organic ReviewA mousse based fake tan product is what I assume most would normally turn to on a Friday night, what with its easy application and distribution of the product onto the body, plus I believe they are relatively cheap to purchase nowadays. I applied this using the self-tan applicator mitt  (which is SUPER soft btw!) and whilst it meant I wouldn’t be getting those dreaded orange hand, I found the product didn’t spread as easily using a fabric mitt as it does with a latex one. That and the fact that it left my arm somewhat fuzzy but I feel that is down to the mousse being a little on the sticky side. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of a mousse based product anyway, I always find they are sticky no matter what the product is. It gave a nice even colour however and I must admit it is more of a bronzy glow than an Essex orange. I’m also streak free and I don’t smell! Bonus! What I do really like about this product is the fact it is all natural, it contains no synthetics, dyes or drying agents and contains aloe vera juice to hydrate and moisturise the skin.

Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil

BeingTan Organic Review a bit of a skincare fiend, I was already attracted to the oil a little more than the mousse as I’m all about keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. I found the oil distribution a whole load better than the mousse and it had a lovely citrus scent too it as well. It doesn’t feel sticky or oily, it doesn’t leave me shining brighter than the neon lights in a rave and it absorbs super quick meaning I can do a quick one over application right before a night out instead of having to plan my day hours in advance of tanning. I used the application mitt again for this one and was left with no fuzz in comparison to the mousse so even more time back not having to pick fluff off my body too. My skin was left feeling smooth and glowy with the sweet scent accompanying it. According to the website, I can expect to feel this radiant for up to four days too!

WhilstTan Organic Review both products give an even, streak-free all over tan; I find myself leaning to the oil on this one but that is personal preference. I think Tan Organic can give any brand out there a run for its money due to its ease of use, excellent product distribution and natural ingredients. I have found that the mousse produces a darker colour in comparison to the oil and is a lot more noticeable (note to self: never half and half fake tan again!) However, I can easily apply the oil again after around 6-8 hours to give a darker colour.

Product Removal

One thing I have noticed with Tan Organic is the ability to completely remove it without leaving any stains or streaks simply by washing it off with the exfoliator mitt. This is incredible and means I can tan for a night out and wash it off with my sins the morning after completely hassle-free.

Next time you are planning on fake tanning, give Tan Organic a try. Its all natural ingredients leave your skin healthy with no signs of drying, the products do not contain any chemicals that dye your natural skin and they are so easy to apply and remove – what’s not to love?

Thanks to Sherry for sharing her review – you can follow Sherry on Instagram here or read her blog here.


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Sherry received a set of Tan Organic products for review, opinions are entirely her own.


  1. Such an informative review! The oil sounds perfect, I need to get my hands on this for next time I have a night out! I love the fact it’s streak free, no smell and easy to remove! xx

  2. I’m with you Sherry, I’ve always embraced what I like to call my ‘English Rose’ (rather than pasty pale) complexion! These sound really easy to use though, and I’m impressed with the results. Added bonus with being easily removed the day after.


  3. I’m so lazy when it comes to fake tan as I just can’t be bothered with the hassle only to be disappointed by the streakiness after all my hard work! This oil sounds really interesting and definitely more appealing than the usual mousse as you say! Great post as always Sherry! Molly xx

  4. Do you know if this product is tested on animals at all?
    Also, I’ve found that if I use a mitt and haven’t got a latex glove on underneath, my hand still goes that tan orange, is that problem eliminated in this review?

  5. I have always been so scared of fake tan! I am so pale I make anyone look tanned anyway, so I just think I would look ridiculous and no mater how natural the tan everyone would know it was fake! I love the idea that this s easy to use and organic too, so if I do decided to ever break into tanning I would come back to this, but sadly, I have to embrace the pale! x

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