Honest, clear, functional, innovative – SACHAJUAN hair care is all about the beauty of simplicity.

Sold in over 30 countries worldwide, SACHAJUAN hair care from Sweden is for men and women. Now available online at allbeauty, we explain more about this salon-led, cult favourite.

SACHAJUAN Hair Care: How It All Began

SACHAJUAN hair care

“We want to give people that feeling of having simply beautiful hair.”

Back in 2004, Stockholm salon owners Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind launched their first hair care products, inspired by a need to create simple, effective hair care for their stylists and customers. Their main objective: to create an antidote to the complex, over-hyped products that dominated the market. Working with Swedish scientists, Sacha and Juan’s philosophy was to combine form with function, style with substance – the SACHAJUAN brand was born.

SACHAJUAN Hair Care: The Products


What you notice first about SACHAJUAN is the packaging: strikingly simple, beautiful yet minimalist. In a crowded market, they’re a breath of fresh air. Using only ingredients that are absolutely necessary, selected for their purity and performance, the aim is to create a product you will love – not just like. At the heart of the brand are two types of cold water algae, harvested naturally from the ocean. Known as “Ocean Silk Technology”, these natural gems help boost elasticity, moisture, shine and the overall beauty of the hair. And that’s what makes SACHAJUAN unique.

Rhodophycea is known for strengthening hair, increasing elasticity, and adding moisture. It works primarily on the inside of the hair, boosting the hair’s mineral balance with magnesium, calcium, manganese and zinc, which can get depleted by daily damage. Chondrus crispus works mainly on the surface of the hair. It contains a higher calcium and zinc content to help boost shine and protect hair from surface damage. Both of these algae hold great nourishing and normalizing properties for the scalp.

SACHAJUAN Hair Care – Keep It Simple

The philosophy of this Swedish brand is simple: cleanse, condition and add treatments if necessary, to create a great foundation for styling.

SACHAJUAN hair care

Cleanse – the SACHAJUAN shampoo range is a great place to start. And at just £8, Normal Hair Shampoo 100ml is a great way to try the range.
Condition – once you’ve selected your shampoo, you’ll probably want to choose a suitable conditionerNormalizing conditioner leaves hair supple, strong and shiny and is great for all hair types.
Treat – if you feel you need an extra step, then Hair Repair 100ml is a weekly intensive treatment that takes 10 mins and infuses the hair with protein and minerals to restore health to damaged locks. Take a look at the treatment full range here.
Styling – once the foundation of great hair is in place, take a look at the SACHAJUAN range of styling products (including the very popular Ocean Mist styling spray, for natural-looking beachy waves).

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