We caught up with NEOM Organics’ Wellbeing Squad for tips on finding our inner calm as a new year begins…

If you’re ending the year feeling rushed and burnt out, find a few moments each day to focus on your inner calm and get back to the old you. The Wellbeing Squad at NEOM gave us these great tips for easy relaxation…

inner calm

Suzy Reading, Neom Psychologist: “Stretch out. If you can’t get to the gym then just have a good stretch when you get home. Nothing fancy needed, just ease out your muscles with whatever feels good to you or follow a YouTube yoga video for inspiration. Stretching out your body and relaxing into the sensation of your breathing also helps you to mentally unwind during a time that can have you tied into a knot! It will also help pave the way for a better night’s sleep.”
Try It: We love this 20-minute video by YouTube Yoga Guru Adriene.

Kelly Morgan, Neom Wellbeing & Fitness Coach: “Along with cosying up indoors, I love to get outside too. Why not replace one TV session with another activity with friends & family – like a long walk – or create your own home spa hour with friends?”

Anandi, Neom Sleep Expert: inner calm“I’m using the Intensive Skin Treatment Candle for self-massage (neck and shoulders), I call this my mini abhyanga. Abhyanga in India is the anointing of the body with warm oil. Doing this mini neck and shoulder massage with the treatment candle is like absorbing a little love through the pores of the skin. Massage also releases our inner pharmacy of healing chemicals and hormones.

When we’ve all partied too hard and find it hard to ‘switch off’ at bedtime, the breath is the most important tool we have for changing our state of mind. Put your hands on your lower tummy. Put awareness/thoughts to your hands. Begin breathing calmly for 60 seconds. Stretch your body and relax.”
Try It: We love this 7-minute video by YouTube Yoga Teacher Caren Baginski.

inner calmEmma Mills, Neom Mindfulness Expert: “For Sleep, I recommend the Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist and Bath & Shower Drops and a Chamomile tea before bed.”



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