Every four years we’re blessed with an astronomic anomaly – an extra day of the year. Since the dawn of the Gregorian calendar, we’ve added an extra day every four years to ‘balance the books’, making up for the fact that it actually takes 365.25 days for the earth to orbit the sun. 

But let’s face it, the newsworthy part to us is that we all get a bonus day.  Not only that, but this year Leap Day falls on a Saturday, so you can enjoy every minute of it! You could just treat it as any other day, or you could embrace the novelty and make it a quadrennial (definitely a word) day of ultimate luxury.

Need a bit of inspiration? Here’s how the allbeauty team plan on spending February 29th 2020.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

An absolute guilty pleasure, we love a good foot peel! The Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel is a #1 seller in Japan, so you know it must be good. The socks work best if they’re left on for around 60 minutes, so pour yourself a coffee or tea, then sit down and catch up on your social media or TV while the foot socks do their thing. 

If you haven’t used these before, it’s worth noting that your feet will begin to peel in 2-7 days, so rule out any spa days or sandal-wearing for the next week (which shouldn’t be an issue in this weather)!

Freshen Up

After your 60 minute treatment your feet will need to be washed, so why not combine it with an indulgent shower using some new aromatic products? Treat yourself to a new shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. With so many options, you’re sure to find something you love. Personally, we’ll be trying Clarins Bath & Shower Relax and finding out firsthand what the hype is surrounding Biolage Hydra Source.

Pamper Party For One (Or More)

You’re fresh from the shower, smelling fabulous and ready for the day. What it holds, only you can decide! Why not throw an at-home pamper party for a few close friends. Bring out the manicure kits, face masks, perhaps a cheeky bottle of prosecco? Or if you’re more of a lone wolf, do all of the above with that new Netflix series you’ve been dying to watch. 

All Dolled Up

How often do you get the chance to enjoy applying makeup? You’ve got no train to catch, nowhere to be, nothing to do, so instead, spend some time playing with a new eyeshadow palette or lip colour. After that, we’ll personally be popping out (looking rather glam) for a takeaway and retiring to the sofa – after all, who wants to be doing dishes on the most indulgent day of the last four years?!

An Extra Day = An Extra Night

That’s right, it isn’t just a leap day, it’s a leap night too. Make it count by heading to bed earlier than usual, climbing into freshly laundered sheets and drifting off to sleep. Of course, it isn’t quite that easy though is it? Your brain is still ticking away, social media is at the tip of your fingers and you could be doing other things. If you struggle to drift off at the best of times, pre-empt the battle with a few clever sleep-inducing products. 

Using a pillow spray is ideal for letting your senses be lulled by relaxing aromas; we can recommend thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and Neom Organics London Scent to Sleep Pillow Spray

And there we have it, the best way to enjoy an indulgent leap day – only four years until the next one!

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