We pick our favourite Korean beauty trends for 2017 – from face dunking to filter creams, which one will you try?

Korean beauty trends are usually the most innovative and respected when it comes to worldwide skincare and makeup. This year, we’ve picked 5 trends coming out of Korea that are making us sit up and take notice. Number 1 on our list to try is carbonated cleansing, but which of our trends will you try this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Korean Beauty Trends 2017: Jamsu aka Face Dunking

The Technique: apply foundation and concealer, then powder your face heavily with baby powder (yes actual baby powder) and plunge your face into very cold water. Dab off the water and apply the rest of your makeup.

The Theory: makeup is set for the day, pores look smooth and matte, skin is water and oil-resistant, makeup is transfer-proof.

Korean Beauty Trends 2017: 10 Step SCALP Care Routine


Alongside your 10 step skincare routine that you totally all do, you can now add the 10 step SCALP care routine. Promising to stimulate the scalp and create perfect, healthy hair, there are variations according to your source but most agree on the following. We’re not sure our hair is THAT damaged, but we love the regular scalp massage and deep mask treatments.

  1. Scalp Exfoliation
  2. Scalp Massage
  3. Shampoo
  4. Condition
  5. Hair Mask
  6. Vinegar Rinse
  7. Scalp Serum
  8. Hair Serum
  9. Hair Mist
  10. Overnight Treatment

Korean Beauty Trends 2017: Filter Creams


The hottest new K-Beauty product for 2017 is filter creams. These promise to apply an Insta-style face blur to your skin in real life. The magic? These products reduce the look of pores while reducing excess sebum and shine. Apply over or under makeup, whenever needed. We’ll be trying Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother.

Korean Beauty Trends 2017: Carbonated Cleansing

This has been around for a while now, but has started to catch on in recent months.


The Technique: after cleansing, hold your face in a bowl of fizzy, carbonated water for around 10 seconds.
The Theory: the fizzy water manually clears out debris from your pores. In addition, minerals in the water are great for the skin, while the bubbles add oxygen and help force water into the pores, leaving it super hydrated. Spas around the world have been using this technique for a while now, so it does have proven results. Users report a warming sensation against the skin and experts agree to go carefully at first until you discover how long is best for your skin.

Korean Beauty Trends 2017: 2 Tone Lip Colour


Over here the ombre lip trend wasn’t all that big. However, in Korean beauty it’s definitely big news. K-Beauty brand LANEIGE has released a two-tone lip colour that applies a gradient of colour from one product. We think this look is overdue for a reboot!

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