Kérastase are the masters of hair. Our Kérastase range guide explains how to decode your hair and choose the range that’s right for you.

Our Kérastase range guide is a great starting point for anyone new to the brand, or for those who find their hair needs have changed. Once you’ve identified the core range for you, we recommend exploring the Kérastase brand and adding in extras such as thermal protector and styling products.

STRENGTH AND REPAIR Damaged, coloured, fine or fragile? RESISTANCE – strengthens hair and adds shine  R_sistance_kerastase range guide
NOURISHMENT AND HYDRATION Healthy to dry, and dull, prone to tangling NUTRITIVE – offers extra conditioning and leaves hair fibre feeling nourished and soft  Nutritive_Kerastase Range Guide
DISCIPLINE AND ANTI-FRIZZ Unruly and frizzy, naturally wavy and curly DISCIPLINE – controlled, elegant, frizz-free hair  _Kerastase Range Guide
HAIR COLOUR PROTECTION Coloured or highlighted and sensitized REFLECTION – nourishes coloured hair and leaves a mirror-like shine, while protecting against fade and UV light  _Kerastase Range Guide
NATURAL, CONDITIONING CARE Normal but in need of shine and nourishment AURA BOTANICA – 98% natural origin haircare with no sulphates or parabens. Leaves hair soft, silky and nourished  _Kerastase Range Guide
FULLER THICKER HAIR Thinning from pregnancy, ageing or health issues DENSIFIQUE – thickens hair from root to tip and leaves it resilient with shine  _Kerastase Range Guide
ANTI- DANDRUFF Normal but prone to itchy, flaky scalp SPECIFIQUE – dedicated anti-dandruff formulas leave hair flake-free and with a healthy scalp  _Kerastase Range Guide
SCALP CARE Greasy with oily roots SPECIFIQUE – dedicated haircare products remove excess oil, while cleansing the scalp. Hair is soft and shiny  _Kerastase Range Guide
SUN AND UV PROTECTION FOR HAIR Exposed to sunlight, UV light, chlorine or sea salt SOLEIL – protects hair colour and strengthens fibres, while protecting hair from damaging UV rays  _Kerastase Range Guide
VOLUME Fine with lack of volume VOLUMIFIQUE – expands the hair fibre to create volume whilst controlling frizz and adding shine  _Kerastase Range Guide
SHINY RADIANT HAIR Long (thick or fine), feels heavy and lacks shine CRISTALLISTE – creates a weightless feel with crystal-like shine  _Kerastase Range Guide
EASY DETANGLING Normal but prone to tangling ELIXIR ULTIME – leaves hair smooth, supple and soft  _Kerastase Range Guide
MEN’S HAIR CARE  – HOMME – a full range of haircare and styling just for men  _Kerastase Range Guide
DEEP CLEANSING AND SOFTENING In need of revitalisation, deep cleansing and shine CHRONOLOGISTE – the ultimate in luxury for a revitalising hair experience  _Kerastase Range Guide


Kérastase Rituals

At the heart of the Kérastase ethos is the haircare ritual. This 3 step beauty experience of Bathe > Treat > Texturise gives your hair the proper care and attention it needs, with the feel of an at-home spa. To create your ritual, choose the shampoo and conditioner suited to your hair needs, followed by the hair masque and finally a finishing or protecting product. Try to stay within one range to get the best results, but feel free to mix in products such as Elixir Ultime Oil and Initialiste Beauty Serum, according to the needs of your hair.

Kérastase Range Guide – Where To Shop

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