Founder of the British beauty brand, Margo Marrone chooses her 2 favourite cleansers.

Margo Marrone specialises in herbal medicine, nutrition, well-being, and skincare. Margo picks out her top 2 cleansers and gives us her tips on how to use them; you can shop all The Organic Pharmacy skincare here at allbeauty.

Margo Marrone

To say I’m a little bit passionate about cleansing may be an understatement. It’s simply the fundamental basis of pretty much everything else. I learnt over 16 years ago that cleansing the body is fundamental to good health and created our 10 Day Detox Kit as the modern person’s DIY version that can be done at home. Cleansing the skin is just as important. Every day we are exposed to pollution, stress and free radicals that clog our pores, damage our skin and generally make us age more quickly.

The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Cleanser Margo Marrone

Establishing a good cleansing routine is crucial if you want fresh, healthy glowing skin and a bit of a ritual, a sort of me time. Carrot Butter Cleanser is and always will be one of the most beautiful products I ever created, the antioxidant-rich balm infused with beautiful plant oils and essential oils of rosemary, chamomile and lavender is just heaven and close to perfection so why create a new cleanser?


The Organic Pharmacy Rose Diamond Cleanser Margo MarroneIt’s simple if you want more punch from your cleanser then Rose Diamond Cleanser is the one. This dreamy silky hydrating cream cleanser is full of bio-actives to deep clean the skin and give a daily skin peel in one – instantly revealing cleaner, brighter more luminous skin. The hydration comes from luxurious shea butter and coconut oil and the powerful but gentle exfoliation comes from bio-fermented enzymes from lactobacillus (the good probiotics in our gut). These literally dissolve dead, dull skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother and even-toned skin. Diamond Powder boosts skin circulation and radiance and Rose extract calms and refreshes the skin.

The result? Fresh, bright and radiant skin ready for the next stage. Now your skin will absorb its serums and moisturisers beautifully.

Every morning and evening massage two pumps over dry skin on face and neck using fingertips and slow circular movements, working upwards for 30 seconds (giving the enzymes time to work their magic). Remove with your muslin cloth soaked in warm water.

To learn all about The Organic Pharmacy, you can read our blog post here.

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