Electric Ink is the exciting new Vegan-friendly skincare brand made to keep tattoos fresh. Discover more and enter our summer giveaway.

Where once getting a tattoo was niche and somewhat taboo, it’s now estimated that as many as 1 in 3 people have one. Electric Ink is the Vegan-friendly skincare brand that has everything you need to keep your tattoo vibrant, hydrated and clear. 

From independent lifestyle skincare brand Electric Ink, comes an innovative range of products made especially for tattoo care. The vegan-friendly products contain a number of powerful but gentle ingredients to assist with tattoo after care and include coconut oil, vitamins, plus award winning raw ingredient LIFTONIN-XPERT™.  With roots in tattooing and the counter culture, Electric Ink products can be found in local tattoo shops, barber shops and skate shops, as well as on the high street and online at allbeauty.

Electric Ink’s range comprises three products – a moisturiser, an oil and a serum. All easy to use and suitable for all, they’re a quick and effective way to keep your art looking its best. Here’s a little more about the products, together with how they work:

  1. Daily UVA/UVB Moisturiser (RRP £10.95)
    Helps to protect tattoos from fading, whilst keeping them fresh, nourished and defined. Contains UVA and UVB filters, plus LIFTONIN-XPERT™ an award-winning raw ingredient to  help reduce the signs of skin redness and inflammation. Inca Inchi Oil, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil all help to support the suppleness of the skin.
  2. Defining Body Oil (RRP £10.95)
    Moisturises sleeves and other tattooed areas whilst delivering gloss and clarity for that freshly inked look. Contains Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and White Lupin Seed Extract. Together, these support skin elasticity and firmness and help reduce the signs of UV induced pigmentation.
  3. Vibrancy Serum (RRP £12.95)
    Enhances colour, maintains pigment and promotes vibrancy of tattoo whilst hydrating your skin. Contains LIFTONIN-XPERT™, Inca Inchi Oil, Vitamin C and Amino Acid that acts as a skin conditioner and improves the clarity of the skin.


  1. Lisa young Reply

    I would love to #win one of your sets.. All about beauty you’s have been so kind with these competition. .I’ve entered a few and my fingers are crossed. . Got to be in it to win it…thanks for this chance. Z

  2. Lisa young Reply

    Would love to win one of your electic Ink sets. . You get all this fabulous products to go with it to help with the colours and to keep your skin clean and healthy. .would love to win one of the four. .Thanks for the chance 👍 x💖💕

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