We’ve rounded up our favourite Christmas nail art to inspire you this season!

Christmas nail artThis look is super easy and makes great use of leftover colours! Use a cocktail stick to dab on the dots, if you don’t have a brush that’s small enough. Change up the colours, add gloss or go matt – the choice is endless.




Christmas nail art Another easy look to pull off, all you need is a red and a white plus a base coat and an optional green. Add a sparkly topcoat and you’re good to go!





Christmas nail art

All you need to get this striking look (that’s party-ready) is a dark colour (preferably black) and a glitter topcoat. It’s also super easy to update if you get any chips. To remove, we recommend using a Q-Tip soaked in nail polish remover to remove the glitter particles, before you tackle the rest of the nail.



Christmas nail artNow here’s a great way to get a Christmas tree outline, using just masking tape and 2 shades of polish. Simple enough for anyone to achieve, just make sure the top coat has dried completely before you remove the tape.




Christmas nail artGot several shades of glitter polish just waiting to be used? This bauble look is so cute and pretty easy to achieve. All you need are small clear or white stickers – cover them in polish and leave to dry, then paint your base coat. Before the coat is 100% dry, peel off the glitter circle and apply it to the nail. Then add a bow and a string with your regular brush (or a cocktail stick) and seal everything with a topcoat.


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