Award-winning blogger Cliona Kelly tries Tan Organic – and shows off her incredible before and after pics!

Irish blogger Cliona Kelly recently tried Tan Organic’s Self Tan Mousse – here’s what happened:

Cliona Kelly

I haven’t been tanning much lately because I’m getting Laser Hair Removal but I’m genuinely excited with the new Self Tan Mousse from Tan Organic. Not only is mousse my FAV kind of self-tanning product to begin with, this is the world’s 1st eco-certified, 100% organic self-tanning mousse.

It’s suitable for sensitive skin types, or people with skin issues such as psoriasis or eczema as it’s made with all-natural organic ingredients that won’t cause irritation.

Cliona Kelly


The picture on the left was taken on Saturday after I returned from holidays and here was me thinking I had developed some sort of natural colour.

I topped up using the Tan Organic Self Tan Mousse 😍 and look at this amazing natural and flawless colour!!


This Mousse contains 80% organic aloe vera juice, hyaluronic acid, moisturising agents and natural food colouring that hydrate the skin AND it has NO synthetic ingredients, colours, dyes or drying agents 🚫 it’s also safe to use when pregnant 🤰🏽as it’s free from harsh chemicals, parabens, colours and fragrances.

Cliona Kelly

After almost a week later and a perfect fading, I had to reapply it so I scrubbed myself yesterday & reapplied the Tan Organic Self Tan Mousse.

I’m LOVING how hydrating it is!  The new & upgraded formula contains Baobab Oil – an oil obtained from the seeds of the African Adansonia tree it works as an emollient locking in moisture, promotes the rejuvenation of skin cells, prevents free radical damage and also acts as an anti-inflammatory because of its high omega fatty acid content.

The formula also contains Argan Oil – an oil produced from the kernels of the Moroccan Argan tree widely referred to as liquid gold because of its exceptional moisturising, anti-ageing & healing properties. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin E, omega fatty acids & linoleic, all amazing ingredients to guarantee your skin will be deeply hydrated and the fading will be perfect!

I’ve also been using the Moisturize Multi-use Dry Oil to maintain my tan for longer and skin hydrated throughout the week!

Cliona Kelly

Hope you have enjoyed the post as much as I’m enjoying using Tan Organic!


Cliona Kelly

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