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Vegan Beauty: Everything You Need To Know

Searches for vegan beauty products are up by 281%. THESE are the brands you need to know about…

According to Pinterest, searches for vegan beauty products were up 281% YOY, and with a 175% increase in vegan beauty products available to consumers since 2013, you might say that #veganbeauty is having a bit of a moment. We reveal everything you need to know about the vegan  beauty trend, including the brands to look out for… 

The rise of Vegan Beauty products

Sales of vegan beauty products saw a 38% increase in the UK between 2017-2018 alone according to a report by the NPD group. But what does that mean for the beauty industry? Well, for starters it means that consumers are becoming more contientious. According to Helen Duxbury, senior UK beauty account manager at NPD:

There has certainly been a rise in the number of vegan brands in prestige beauty and this coincides with consumers adopting a more conscientious approach when purchasing products, looking closely at the underlying philosophies and actions of the brands.

They not only investigate ingredients and efficacy: they want to know about traceability, and how animal friendly they are.”

What does ‘vegan beauty’ mean?

Similarly to a vegan diet, vegan beauty products are cosmetics that are free from any animal derivitives, including but not limited to:

  • Lanolin
  • Shellac
  • Glycerine (unless specified vegetarian)
  • Casein/Sodium Caseinate or Caseinate
  • Squalene
  • Guanine
  • Oleic Acid/Oleyl Stearate/Oleyl Olate/Tallow
  • Non-synthetic hair
  • Stearic Acid
  • Carmine/Cochineal/Natural Red 4/E120/C/I/ 75470
  • Collagen
  • Elastin
  • Keratin
  • Beeswax/Cera Alba

Vegan Brands We ❤

paul mitchell #veganuary beauty


All Hair: Paul Mitchell
The nature-loving brand that promises never to test on animals, Paul Mitchell has a range for everyone, including men. Our pick is the vegan Tea Tree range . Suitable for all hair types,it smells fantastic and gives your scalp a unique tingle for a refreshing, cleansing feel.

Coloured Hair: Pureology
100% Vegan, Pureology is also zero-sulfate. A salon-led brand, this is serious colour care. We recommend Strength Cure, a treatment range that fortifies damaged, coloured hair, and strengthens with a soft, velvety finish.


#Veganuary Beauty A'Kin


Many brands nowadays are turning to organic, natural ingredients, but for a 100% fully vegan choice A’Kin is our go-to. This Australian brand is not only vegan but features organic ingredients, contains no nasties and is cruelty-free. We absolutely adore their Rosehip Oil, which works wonders on scars, dry and ageing skin. If pigmentation is a problem, choose their Rosehip Oil with added Vitamin C. But it doesn’t stop there, because A’Kin has a whole range of skincare from micellar water to day cream, cleansers and body care.


#Veganuary Beauty A'Kin


Mineral makeup is so well known, it’s hard to remember the days when it was considered weird and unusual! But back in the early 2000s it certainly was a new thing, and pioneering the way was Jane Iredale. Her mineral makeup was first loved by cosmetic surgery clients who needed something very kind but very effective while they healed from their treatments. It wasn’t long before everyone noticed how fabulous mineral makeup looks on the skin – the natural, dewy effect just can’t be missed. It was also amazing for anyone suffering with acne, as the acne virus just can’t thrive in the mineral pigments. Jane Iredale products are certified cruelty-free but some do contain carmine and beeswax that dedicated vegans will want to avoid (see details here).


#Veganuary beauty weleda


100% natural and completely at one with nature, UK company Weleda has a whole range of products from bath and body to skincare. Around 3/4 of their products come from organic or biodynamic farming and Weleda believes strongly in fair treatment of everyone from suppliers to partners and customers. While not all products are vegan (some contain lanolin, beeswax or goat milk – check here for more info),  most are and as a company with a strong ethical stance, they’re defintely on our ♥ list. Try their vegan Lavender Bath Soak as a real treat!


Stella Mccartney Pop allbeauty blog #VeganFragrance

A completely vegatarian company, all of Stella McCartney’s fragrances (produced by COTY) are vegan friendly. With no ingredient tested on animals or made from animal origin, including bees, Stella McCartney has deliberately removed all of her fragrances from China where animal testing is required by Government regulation. We can’t get enough of Pop, with top notes of tomato  and violet leaves, green mandarin and base notes of violet, tuberose and cedarwood.  Find out more about Stella McCartney’s ethical and sustainable  policies here.

#veganuary beauty tan organic#VeganFakeTan

The first and only Eco Certified organic tanning product in the world, Tan Organic is the natural way to get a New Year glow. Only using natural and organically grown ingredients, from ethically run producers, this fabulous brand truly cares about people, animals and the environment. Certified by PETA and free from animal testing, their products also contain no nasties such as parabens.




Everything You Need To Know About Clinique

How a simple Vogue article revolutionised skincare and led to the creation of Clinique products…

Did you know that the idea for Clinique came from a Vogue editor?

The year is 1967, and the question on everybody’s lips is: Can great skin be created?  Norman Orentreich, a New York dermatologist, is advising his patients to use a 3-step skincare system of his own creation: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise, when he meets Vogue Beauty Editor Carol Phillips.  Tired of seeing the same one-size-fits-all creams in stores, together they create a trailblazing Vogue article and the rest, they say is history!

everything you need to knnow about clinique allbeauty blog

The creation of ‘Clinique’

In a leading article in the August 1967 edition of Vogue magazine – aka THE article – Dr Orentreich explained how great skin can be created. It was a fascinating article, and one that was also read by Evelyn Laude –  daughter in law of Estée. A meeting was promptly set up between Carol Phillips, Dr Orentreich and Estée Lauder, and ‘Clinique’ was born.

The idea that great skin could be created with the righ products marked a new era in skincare, and in 1968 the world famous 3-Step Skin Care System was introduced. Barely a year later, Clinique opened its first UK beauty counter, and  has since become on of the most trusted prestige beauty brands in the world.

The science behind the brand

The first ever dermatologist-developed prestige beauty brand, all of clinique’s skincare products are 100% fragrance-free and allergy tested. They debuted with 117 products, of which, the 3-Step System – cleansing with facial soap, exfoliating dead skin cells with the clarifying lotion, hydrating and balancing the skin with moisturiser – will forever be the star of the lineup.

Cult Clinique products

Every prestigious beauty brand has it’s cult favourites, and none more so than Clinique. Here’s our star buys:

clinique mild liquid facial soapClinique Liquid Facial Soap

Step one of the 3-Step System, it gently cleanses skin and leaves it ready for exfoliating without harming the skin. Allergy tested and 100% fragrance free – use twice daily for best results. allbeauty price: £14.75


Clinique clarifying lotionClinique Clarifying Lotion

Step two of the 3-Step System, this award-winning exfoliator leaves skin looking and feeling healthier, reduces excess oil and pores are unclogged. Simpyl apply with a cotton ball twice daily after cleansing and before moisturising. allbeauty price: £22.95


Clinique dramaticall different moisturizing lotionClinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

Step three of the 3-Step System, this lightweight moisturiser is easily absorbed to help keep skin hydrated and looking healthy.  Easily their best-seller, one of these is sold in the world every 3.7 seconds. allbeauty price: £26.35

Clinique HappyClinique Happy

Launched in 1988, Clinique Happy is a cool, modern, floral scent that contains top notes of apple, blood grapefruit, plum, bergamot, Indian mandarin and orange. Middle notes of rose, lily-of-the-valley, freesia and orchid, and base notes of musk, amber, magnolia, lily and mimosa.
allbeauty price: £38.45


Clinique take the day off cleansing balmClinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

This award-winning soft-solid cleansing balm melts into a soothing, lightweight oil upon application, gently dissolving eye makeup, dirt, oil, suncreen and impurities.
allbeauty price: £19.95


Shop Clinique at now 

30 Days of Guinot: Here’s What Happened

Our Beauty Editor took the Guinot challenge and used only Guinot skincare products for 30 days. Here’s what happened…

Double CleansingWhen it comes to skincare I’ll confess I’m fickle. At any one time my skincare (micellar water, cleanser, moisturiser, toner etc.) is all from different brands. And although cherry picking products can be the best of all worlds, I do wonder if there’s a benefit from using products created to work in sync with each other. To test this theory I set myself the task of using only skincare by one brand for 30 days. And since Guinot is one of my favourite skincare brands I decided on the ‘Guinot challenge’.

Guinot Challenge – Products I Used

Here are the only skincare products I used for the 30 days of the challenge. I used all products in this order, morning and night.

Makeup remover: Eau Demaquillante Micellaire
I always double cleanse so start with makeup removal. This micellar water has a soft, floral fragrance and easily removes makeup with just a few wipes on cotton wool. My bottle lasted about 8 weeks and I promise I was using it liberally! I wear contact lenses and this was 100% comfortable. My verdict: one of the best micellars I’ve used, 8/10

Cleanser: Lait Hydra Confort
Next was this thick and creamy cleanser – just apply to the face then rinse with water. With a soft rose scent it was a dream to use. I still have half the bottle left and I’ve been using it twice a day for over 8 weeks. In fact it’s become my go-to cleanser and I plan to stick with it! My verdict: absolutely LOVE, it feels like a treat each time I use it, 9/10

Toner: Lotion Hydra Confort
This toner for dry skin has a soft and fruity, floral scent. One of the main ingredients is glycerin which makes it super moisturising. Absorbs very quickly and given the high glycerin content makes a great pre-makeup primer. One bottle lasts around 12 weeks. My verdict: one of my favourite products and my skin loved it, 8/10

Pigmentation Serum: Concentre Anti-Taches
Pigmentation is one of my bugbears so I added in this step. Only a 15ml tube but you need a tiny amount so a little goes a long way. Still lots left and the tiny nozzle means you can target problem areas. My verdict: pigmentation is a marathon not a sprint, but areas of light pigmentation have already gone (yay!), I’ll continue to use, 7/10

Moisturiser: Creme Riche Fermete Lift
Guinot has a large range of moisturisers so I chose this one for dry skin with firming action. Super-rich and creamy with a soft scent, you only need a 5p sized piece for the whole face. My tube lasted about 10 weeks. My verdict: I really like this, it made my skin look plumped and healthy, absorbed well and was great under makeup, 8/10

Eye Cream: Age Logic Yeux
This eye cream from Guinot is a splurge, but I really wanted to give my eyes some extra support. The cream manages to be thick yet absorbs really fast. Best of all you need a teeny tiny amount for both eyes (use any extra on your lips). My verdict: I really liked this, it didn’t irritate my eyes at all, absorbed well and helped reduce fine lines, 8/10

Guinot Challenge – My Results

Guinot Challenge Empties
My Guinot ‘Empties’!

So did I notice anything using the same brand for 30 days? Well firstly my skincare felt more structured. I had a neat row of bottles and products that matched, instead of my usual mish-mash. And the texture and scent of each product worked so well with the next. Even though I was following a 6 step system, it seemed to work quickly – I can’t say why for sure, but it just flowed. The whole process took around 5 minutes from start to finish. My skin looked great and my dry patches vanished, which is testament to the great job that Guinot does. And although I have other favourite brands, there are products I loved that will definitely stay in my routine, such as the fabulous creamy cleanser.

Guinot Challenge – Shop Guinot

If you’d like to take the Guinot challenge you can shop all Guinot at allbeauty. And if the products I used aren’t quite right for you, Guinot has a large range of skincare for all skin types.

REGENERATE Tooth Enamel System: How It Works

The REGENERATE tooth enamel system has been inspired by bone repair technology. We explain the science behind the brand and how easy it is to use.

Thanks to more than nine years of research, enamel erosion is a thing of the past! Find out how Regenerate can help protect your teeth with their scientifically proven, quick and easy-to-use system… 

What is enamel erosion?

regenerate tooth enamelTooth enamel may be the hardest substance in our body, but it suffers from erosion every single day! Erosion is caused by acidic food and drink (even healthy ones!) such as citrus fruits, fizzy drinks and wine.

Did you know? Tooth enamel is harder than bone!

Thanks to its high mineral content, tooth enamel is almost as scratch resistant as diamond (well, half!) and helps to protect teeth from damage.  Unfortunately,  our bodies cannot make more enamel, so once it is lost it cannot be replaced.  Until now! REGENERATE Enamel Science™ is the first system able to regenerate enamel mineral* with exactly the same mineral that tooth enamel is made of.

What are the signs of enamel erosion?

There are many different effects of enamel erosion, including:

  1. Cracking – edges of the teeth begin to crack and feel rough
  2. Yellowing – because of the thinning enamel, the underlying dentine becomes more visible
  3. Transparency – the tips of the front teeth may appear transparent
  4. Grooving – tiny indentations may arise on the surface of the teeth
  5. Sensitivity – as the underlying dentine becomes exposed, you may feel sharp twinges when eating hot or cold food and drink

How does the Regenerate Tooth Enamel System work?

Years of laboratory research – inspired by advanced bone repair technology – have led to the development of the exclusive and internationally patented REGENERATE NR-5™ technology. The first system that can regenerate enamel mineral** with the same mineral that tooth enamel is made of.

Step one:  Advanced Toothpaste (daily use)

Clincally proven to regenerate enamel mineral***, protect against cavitiies, restore original whiteness, with a fresh, minty sensation.

Used daily (ideally twice a day) in place of your usual toothpaste, Advanced Toothpaste begins working right from the start. Every time you use the REGENERATE Advanced Toothpaste, its unique ingredients form a fresh supply of enamel mineral. These then wrap and integrate onto the teeth and regenerate enamel mineral*** with exactly the same mineral your tooth enamel is made

Step two:  Advanced Enamel Serum (3 minutes, 3 days. Once a month)

Each Advanced Enamel Serum Kit contains: 1 x NR-5™ Serum, 1 x Activator Gel and 2 x custom-fit mouth trays plus mixing stick. Simply use the kit on 3 consecutive nights every month before bed, for just 3 minutes, to boost the effectiveness of the toothpaste by 43%**** For best results, use in combination with the Daily Advanced Toothpaste. Refills are available.

You can shop REGENERATE Advanced Toothpaste and REGENERATE Boosting Serum online at allbeauty. If you’ve used REGENERATE or are just excited to try it, comment below and tell us!

*Acts on early invisible stages of enamel erosion. Helps to regenerate enamel by restoring its mineral content and micro hardness with regular use. Clinically proven. **Based on an in vitro test measuring enamel hardness after 3 days combined use of toothpaste and serum. *** Acts on early invisible stages of enamel erosion by restoring its mineral content and micro hardness with regular use. Clinically proven. ***As demonstrated in a 3 day in vitro test measuring enamel micro hardness: Combined use of toothpaste and serum vs. toothpaste only.

Top 10 Face Masks For Barefaced Beauty

Feel confident in bare skin with our top 10 face masks !

Nothing says ‘aaaaaaand relax’ more than a soothing, creamy face mask. And these favorites are perfect for prepping, protecting and soothing skin for make-up free days in the sun…

The 300 Year Old Royal Beauty Secret From Roger & Gallet

Created by monks and harnessed by Roger & Gallet. You can be a modern empress with this 300Yr old royal beauty secret!

royal beauty secretBeloved by Empress Josephine, Queen Victoria, Aqua Mirabilis is the royal beauty secret that was said to be the magic behind their aura.  Nearly 300 years ago, this powerful, natural elixir was created by monks and could be drunk or applied to the skin. Used to treat a wide range of remedies, it was deemed to be a true miracle. Created with 18 distilled officinal plants, each selected for their healing properties from the monastery healing garden, the formula is now owned by Roger & Gallet.

Royal Beauty Secret Backed By Science

royal beauty secret

Naturally, Roger & Gallet wanted to understand the science behind the magic. Although recognised by a medicinal faculty since the 18th century, they approached a team of researchers from Ruhr University to further understand the formula. In particular, its role in cellular regeneration. They succeeded in proving this ‘magic mix’ activates certain olfactory receptors. On contact with skin, these receptors lead to activation of an enzyme which uses the energy of the plant to allow calcium ions to be penetrated into the skin. It’s these ions which trigger the cell to being the healing process and cell regeneration. These results were presented to and recognised by the European Society of Dermatological Research in 2016 and 2017.

The 18 Distilled Officinal Plants in LE AURA MIRABILIS

  1. Sandalwood
  2. Geranium
  3. Neroli
  4. Lemon Zest
  5. Thyme
  6. Lavendin
  7. Sweet Orange
  8. Lemongrass
  9. Lavender
  10. Green Mandarin
  11. Damask Rose
  12. Palmarosa
  13. Citronelle
  14. Bitter Orange Leaf
  15. May Change
  16. Magnolia
  17. Bergamot
  18. Rosemary

Aura Mirabilis – Our Hero Product

royal beauty secretDouble Extract Serum has to be our hero product from the range. This anti-ageing serum restores, revives and infuses radiance. Very concentrated, it contains all 18 of the officinal herbs above. The serum penetrates skin quickly to restore the skin’s barrier, smooth the appearance of wrinkles and irregularities, and infuse the skin with radiance. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, with 95% natural ingredients, it’s tested under dermatological control and is paraben-free. Our tester has been using the serum for 3 months – here’s what she told us:

100% in love with this serum! It’s lightweight but hydrating (and not at all greasy). I’ve been using it at night after cleansing and every morning my skin has looked plumped, healthy and ready to face the day – I absolutely love it. The scent is beautiful too, it’s perfect for a night-time ritual!

You can shop all of the Aura Mirabilis range online at allbeauty.

Philip Kingsley Hair Nutrition – Expert Trichologist Q&A

We caught up with an expert Trichologist at Philip Kingsley, for a hair nutrition Q&A – learn which supplements and nutrients mean luscious, healthy locks!

Learn how to keep your hair healthy, with experts Philip Kingsley in our hair nutrition special! You can shop all Philip Kingsley products and supplements online at allbeauty.

Which vitamins/minerals are important for my hair?

A balanced mix of all vitamins and minerals is important for your hair. After all, your hair is growing tissue and needs proper sustenance. That said, from the clients that I see in our trichological Clinic in Mayfair, Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Biotin and Zinc should be top of mind when choosing foods and selecting nutritional supplements. Deficiencies in these are common causes of hair loss.

Are there any natural sources I can include in my diet, to keep my hair healthy?

Most definitely. The best way to get vitamins and minerals is through a healthy diet. If you wish to improve your iron levels, red meats, dark leafy greens and beetroot are great choices. Zinc is found most abundantly in shellfish, chickpeas and nuts. Excellent sources of Vitamin B12 are salmon and eggs. Vitamin D is slightly more complicated, mind you. You can only obtain a very small percentage of the Vitamin D you need through diet – the rest must come from sun exposure or, in winter or for those who spend a great deal of time in-doors, a nutritional supplement containing Vitamin D3.

hair nutrition

I have pretty normal hair – will supplements do anything ‘extra’ for me, such as make my hair grow faster?

How fast your hair grows is genetically determined, but it averages at around half an inch a month. You cannot change this. However, sometimes hair does not grow to its best ability, and often diet is in part to blame. For instance, a ferritin deficiency can cause your hair to fall out before it reaches the length it is capable of. Low protein intake can affect the quality and strength of your strands. In these instances, taking a nutritional supplement can be very helpful. The hair’s nutritional requirements are truly unique. Being non-essential tissue, it is the last part of us to receive nutrients we intake. It is also the first to be withheld from. Because of this, it can be difficult to meet your hair’s nutritional requirements through diet alone; and supplements provide a helping-hand. Our supplements are particularly useful as you can mix and match them to meet your own individual needs. Personally, I take Biotin Boost, Root Complex and PK4 Soy Protein Boost every day. I take Tricho Complex every other day because, at the moment, my iron levels are rather good.

How does PK Soy Protein improve my hair?

PK Soy Protein Boost contains a concentrated mix of all essential amino acids (proteins). Proteins are the building blocks of your hair; they determine its strength and structure. This makes them very important. While there are plenty of foods that contain protein, it is good to provide your strands with an extra boost of readily available protein; as your hair is competing with essential tissue when it comes nutrients, it can really benefit from some additional support. Due to the nature of the hair growth cycle, you will usually see benefits to the quality of your hair within six – twelve weeks of taking PK Soy Protein Boost.

I know a healthy scalp is important, but how can my diet influence this – aren’t products the only solution?

If you have a problematic scalp, changes to diet may help. Certain foods are common scalp aggravators. Most often these are full-fat cheese, full-fat cream, members of the Nightshade Family (i.e. peppers, aubergines) and spicy and sugary foods. You may want to work out what your trigger treats are by a process of elimination. White wine and champagne can also cause trouble, so try red wine or spirits (or don’t drink at all). However, diet alone will not remedy a scalp problem. You also have to use targeted products.

If I begin taking supplements for my hair, how long should I wait to see results?

Due to the nature of the hair growth cycle, you will usually see benefits to your hair within six to twelve weeks of taking a supplement.

Can my diet cause thinning hair?

A bad diet, without a shadow of a doubt, can cause hair loss. Specifically, a type of hair loss called ‘telogen effluvium’ (excessive daily hair fall). In fact, as your hair is not essential tissue, it is usually the first part of you to be affected by a poor diet. While it means a great deal to us psychologically, physically it is dispensable. This means, if you are not eating regularly or correctly, your body simply stops sending nutrients to your hair follicles. It reserves them instead to keep vital systems functioning. You need to provide your hair with a steady supply of nutrients and energy in order for it to grow and keep growing. As I say to my clients, whenever you become hungry during the day, imagine what your hair is feeling: ravenous!

Can supplements help my hair regrow?

If you are losing your hair due to a nutritional deficiency, supplements can be incredibly helpful. They provide your hair follicles with an extra boost of nutrients, helping hair growth to get back-on-track. However, you cannot rectify a hair loss issue simply by taking nutritional supplements; they must be taken alongside a healthy diet to have maximum effect. Regardless of diet, I recommend taking a daily protein supplement (what hair is made of) and a Biotin supplement (helps your body to utilise proteins in the foods you eat).

hair nutrition

I have a flaky, itchy scalp – what do you recommend in terms of products and diet?

Consistency and perseverance are key. I promise you it pays off! Follow these steps:

1. Shampoo daily with an anti-microbial shampoo to re-balance the micro-flora of your scalp. I recommend our Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo, originally made for Sir Laurence Olivier.

2. After towel-drying, applying a soothing, anti-itch scalp toner. Also apply during the day whenever irritation strikes. This will help to break the itch/scratch cycle. I love our Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner, which is based on our most popular Clinic Tonic.

3. Twice weekly, use an exfoliating scalp mask to lift away dead skin cells. I recommend our Exfoliating Scalp Mask, specifically formulated for those with dandruff.

In terms of your diet, try cutting our trigger foods, such as full-fat dairy products, white wine and champagne. I also suggest taking an anti-inflammatory Omega 3 Supplement, such as our Root Complex.

I burned my scalp in the sun (ouch!) – what can I do to heal the damage?

First things first – apply a soothing, after-sun scalp mask. I recommend our After-Sun Scalp Mask which contains soothing Aloe Vera and a cooling, slow release menthol. You must keep your scalp out of the sun until your skin has healed. Wear a comfortable hat or a soft, loose scarf to cover your head. To help clear away flakes and calm irritation when your scalp starts to flake (and it will!) gently cleanse your scalp and hair with an anti-microbial shampoo, and use a hydrating Scalp Toner.

Thank you so much to Philip Kingsley for a really informative hair nutrition read. You can shop all Philip Kingsley products and supplements online at allbeauty.

10 Face Mists We’re Loving Right Now

Face mists are a summer buzzword. Never tried them? We pick 10 of our favourites on-site right now…

Face mists are a must in the summer: especially when it’s this hot and muggy! Not only do they cool and soothe skin, they also provide moisture and help to set makeup. Air conditioning, summer heat and hot bodies can all stress the skin, so pack one of these in your bag or keep one on your desk for an instant skin pick-me-up:

The Complete Guide To Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy is for many a signature scent. We bring you a complete guide to the famous fragrance, from the original Daisy to the latest release: Daisy Love

Marc Jacobs Daisy Collection allbeauty blogWhen we think of Marc Jacobs Daisy, we think summer, fresh, fun, feminine. Launched in 2007, this charming floral-woody fragrance instantly captivated us. Its chic bottle and enchanting stopper both intrigued and delighted; we were fans!

In 2011 a vibrant remix in the form of Daisy Eau So Fresh was released, followed by Daisy Dream three years later. Since then, we’ve been treated to yearly updates including Daisy Blush and Daisy Dream Kiss. Each scent is unique, yet builds on the original fragrance with floral and fruity notes. Key notes are grapefruit, pear, sandalwood and musk, with exotic additions from coconut to blackberry.


2007 – Daisy
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml
The original fragrance, a blend of fruits and florals on a base of sandalwood. Key notes include white violet, sandalwood, strawberry and jasmine.
2008 – Daisy Black Edition
Marc Jacobs Daisy Black allbeauty blog Subtly concentrated to add a hint of sophistication, Daisy Black Edition features the same fruity florals of the original Daisy fragrance, with added musk
2011 – Daisy Eau So Fresh
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau de Toilette Spray 125ml
Raspberry and grapefruit mix in this vibrant scent, with a base of warm plum and cedarwood.
2014 – Daisy Dream
Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette 100ml
Blackberry, grapefruit and pear mix together, with a finish of white woods, musk and coconut water
 2015 – Daisy Dream Forever
Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever Eau de Parfum 50mlA fruity delight, Daisy Dream Forever combines blackberries, grapefruit, pear and lychee fruit.
2017 – Daisy Twinkle
Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle allbeauty blog A sparkling take on the original Daisy fragrance, Daisy Twinkles is a bright bouquet of wild berries, violet leaves and white woods.
2017 – Daisy Eau so Fresh Twinkle
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Twinkle all beauty blog

A lively and unexpected combination of juicy fruits and delicate flowers, Daisy Eau So Fresh Twinkle blends sparkling raspberries with violet and wild rose.

2017 – Daisy Dream Twinkle
Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Twinkle allbeauty blog Whimsical and delicious, Daisy Dream Twinkle is an airy blend of lavish white flowers, juicy wild berries, cherry and milk mousse.
2018 – Daisy Love
Daisy Love An irresistible homage to the iconic Daisy fragrance, Daisy Love  has once again been formulated by master perfumer Alberto Morillas. The familiar musk of driftwood has been combined with notes of sweet cloudberries and daisy tree petals to create an addictive and gourmand twist on a classic.

Alberto Morillas Marc Jacobs DaisyBehind Marc Jacobs Daisy is the famous Spanish ‘nose’ Alberto Morrillas. Something of a legend in the fragrance world, Alberto is a Master Perfumer behind countless famous scents. For Marc Jacobs, Alberto created not only the original Daisy, but also Daisy Dream and Daisy Dream Forever.


You can shop all Marc Jacobs fragrance online at allbeauty, from classic scents to the newest releases. Click here to visit our full range of Marc Jacobs scents.

Mathilde M Scented Candle Giveaway

Here’s your chance to win a gorgeous Mathilde M scented candle, for a touch of French chic in your home!

Our Mathilde M scented candle giveaway is open to the EEA. Five winners will be selected at random, from all entries received on the blog and via our social channels. You can enter as many times as you like across all platforms, but only once here on the blog.

mathilde m scented candlesMathilde M. is the chic French brand that offers elegance, charm and poetry to your home in a timeless classic style. Inspired by the historic French heritage of castles and residences, each item is designed to bring some softness and romance to your home.

mathilde m scented candles

Mathilde M perfumes are created in close collaboration with the famous Master Perfumers in Grasse, perfume capital of the world; the Mathilde M. collections are created with passion and enthusiasm by their in-house team of designers in Mâcon, Burgundy, France. Our giveaway is the Iconic Lys Majesteux scented candle, that reflects the majesty of the gardens of Versailles. The enchanting scent of Lily mingles with fresh Jasmine, sparking into a spicy heart of cardamom, finally sinking into a graceful base of cedar and white musks.

Shop more Mathilde M fragrance and home online at allbeauty.