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Top 10 Brow Products

From over-plucking in the nineties to the Cara Delevigne-inspired aesthetic of the 2010s which saw an explosion of brow products, we’ve seen trends come and go. But, if the last fashion week was anything to go by, bushy brows are going to stay on trend for the foreseeable future.

We’re not all blessed with generously hairy arches, but even those of us who are could do with a little added definition. With a host of gels, powders and pens available, choosing the right brow product will depend on the level of definition you’re looking for and how much volume you want to add.

Here’s the lowdown on choosing the best option for you and our Top 10 Recommended Brow Products.

Types of Brow Products

Whether you want to provide a little extra shape or create realistic brows when you don’t have much to work with, it’s important to choose the cosmetic that’s up to the job.


Ideal for adding volume to eyebrows that are already naturally full, powder seamlessly blends between hairs to make them appear thicker and darker.


Usually applied with a small brush similar to a mascara wand, gel coats existing hair with pigment but can also be used to imitate hairs on the skin. A great option for lighter hair types.


The most versatile option, brow pens come in a range of styles and shapes to suit your needs. A sharp-tipped pencil gives the ultimate precision, while a triangular tip allows you to variate between thick and thin strokes. Multiple-line pens give the quickest, most realistic results.

1. benefit Brow Microfilling Pen – Best for Faux Microblading

Who said you need to go under the knife to get realistically full brows?! With the tri-line tip of the benefit Brow Microfilling Pen, you can achieve the effect of microblading, without the price or pain. Water-proof, smudge-proof and with up to 24 hours of wear, this is the ultimate brow pen for easy, effective application.

2. benefit Gimme More Brow! – Best for Adding Volume

Bring your natural colour down a shade, or boost length with benefit Gimme More Brow! The gel formula contains tiny microfibres which attach to the hair and skin, adding volume and length. Applying it couldn’t be easier, with a small, tapered brush that gives a mess-free finish and allows buildability.

3. HD Brows Browtec – Best for Filling In

With its firm texture and slim, twist-up tip, the HD Brows Browtec pen is ideal for thinner brows as it allows you to add volume by drawing individual hairs where they’re needed. Use the attached spoolie to brush your brows into place, then use light upward strokes to replicate hairs until you’ve achieved the desired effect.

4. HD Brows Brow Define – Best for Precision

Whether you want the ultimate in definition or are creating eyebrows from scratch, HD Brows Brow Define is a great choice. The pencil tip and integrated sharpener allow you to get a super-defined point to expertly draw hairs in place, so you can fill, shape and blend with master precision.

5. benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Duo – Best for Waterproof

Active lifestyle? No problem. With benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Duo your brows will stay on fleek no matter what you put them through. The angled tip has a wide-angle for filling and a pointed end for defining, while the soft, glide-on colour stays true, even while exercising.

6. Grande Cosmetics GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum – Best for Natural Brows

Why spend time drawing on brows when you can supercharge your own? Grande Cosmetics GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum includes a four-month supply of growth-encouraging serum, rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids. Fill in sparse areas and condition your existing hair for healthier, thicker brows.

7. Estée Lauder Brow Now Brow Defining Pencil – Best for Long Lasting

Enjoy up to 12 hours of sculpted, gorgeous brows with the Brow Now Brow Defining Pencil. Titans of beauty, the team at Estée Lauder know a thing or two about makeup, and this pencil is a great example of their expertise. The unique formula combines the glide of gel with the precision of a pencil for great results.

8. Estée Lauder Brow Multitasker 3 in 1 – Best for Creativity

Another fab option from Estée Lauder, the Brow Multitasker 3 in 1 gives you limitless options to create your dream brow. With pencil, powder and brush in one tool, you can groom, shape, fill and set your arches without breaking a sweat.

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer – Best for Colour Matching

For the ultimate natural brow, choosing the right colour is a must, and that’s a breeze with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. With ten shades ranging from Blonde to Granite, you’re sure to find a perfect match for your unique colouring.

10. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder – Best Powder

When it comes to colour, Anastasia Beverly Hills certainly don’t skimp on their range, and their Brow Powder is yet anothergreat example of this. With two shades in each compact, you can choose the hue closest to your natural colour and use the powder palette to create realistic variations in shade. Buildable intensity with a seamless, natural finish.

Feeling inspired? Shop all Brow Products at allbeauty.

Light Up Your Skin This Summer – Post-Lockdown Skincare

It’s official, most of the country is now out of lockdown measures, restaurants are reopening, and summer is on its way. With a slow return to normality, many of us will be dusting off the mascara and getting our heels out of storage, but what about your skin?

If you barely recognise the pale, spotty, exhausted face staring back at you in the mirror, you’re not alone. Between the stress of lockdown, the comfort eating and perhaps one too many glasses of wine (ahem), women all over the UK are struggling to get their complexion back to its 2019-prime. So here’s your cheat sheet to making it happen without breaking a sweat.

Start Your Summer Fresh-Faced

With warm weather and more opportunity to socialise, you’re likely to be using more sunscreen and foundation than you’ve done for a while, so it’s important to get back into the routine of cleansing your skin regularly. If you’ve let it slip over lockdown, you’ll probably notice that your skin is a little dull and perhaps even getting more prone to irritation or spots. Cleansing gives your face a fresh start, removing all those microscopic bits of dirt, oil and grime from the outer layer of your skin.

But it isn’t just the cosmetics that are to blame. There’s a lot of extra pore-clogging potential from your mask, too; the humidity, the sweat, the spots… the horror. Make sure you’re changing your mask at the first signs of damp, keep your complexion looking your best with a gentle cleanser, and invest in some mask-proof lipstick, ready for a summer to remember.

Moisturise Your Hidden Bits

Nothing too risqué here; we’re talking elbows, knees, feet – all those areas that have spent much of the last year hidden by pyjamas or loungewear (no judgement!). When left to their own devices, feet, in particular, can quickly dry out and become rough. So, get those toes sandals-ready with some nourishing TLC.

Oil-based body balms are great for tending to those scaly patches and most can be used on all the usual areas you might experience dryness. Soaking in the bath first will help loosen and lift dry flakes. For best results, apply liberally in the evening to allow it to absorb overnight and, for feet, wear a pair of socks to keep the balm on your feet and off your sheets.

Say No To Free Radicals

Getting back into the world during summer comes with both positives and negatives. Along with sunshine and socialising comes increased exposure to pollution, UV rays, and, let’s face it… alcohol. These factors can lead to increased free radicals entering your system and causing oxidative stress on your cells, rapidly speeding up the ageing process.

Keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay by injecting antioxidants into your diet and skincare routine. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and kale are all rich in antioxidants, as are most colourful fruit and veg, so eat the rainbow while giving your skin a little extra support in the form of an antioxidant-rich serum. Containing a range of vitamin-rich oils, the right antioxidant serum will help restore your natural glow and reduce the signs of ageing while also preventing further damage.

Get Into The Sunshine

Last but not least, give yourself a sun-kissed glow fit for your summer wardrobe. Trips to the Canaries may not be on the cards, but with self-tanning supplies at your fingertips, you can still get the look. Say hello to radiant, bronzed skin, wherever you are.

And of course, don’t forget that sun damage is just as harmful to your body as it is to your face, so keep yourself protected with a high SPF sunscreen any time you’re outdoors or in sunlight for extended periods.

So, throw on sun protection and your favourite dress and get out there – it’s your time to enjoy summer 2021.

Post-Lockdown Anxiety Busters

Is the thought of the return to “normal” putting you on edge? The following tips might help.

As lockdown rules change over most of the UK, it can seem at times as if everyone has been stepping – if not leaping – back into society. But if you’re feeling trepidation at the hugs, gatherings and general easing of measures, you’re not alone.

Many people are experiencing “post-lockdown anxiety”. Sometimes these feelings of anxiety that arise when being confronted with new social situations after a year of mandatory social distancing can feel even more isolating than living in lockdown.

If you find yourself anxious when out and about, here are a few easy tricks that can help to restore your balance.

Reconnect With Your Body

Often when you’re feeling anxious, your brain goes into overdrive, with negative thoughts adding fuel to the fire. When this happens, it can be incredibly difficult to get yourself back to an even keel. The following exercise is often recommended to help people take control over acute anxiety attacks, but it’s just as helpful when you’re feeling a little out of sorts.

Stop what you’re doing and count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Name,

• five things you can see,
• four things you can feel,
• three things you can hear,
• two things you can smell,
• one thing you can taste.

Although it may seem simple, doing this activity can actually break the anxiety cycle and help to ground you, putting you back into your body when you’re stuck in your head. When you’re feeling disconnected from your surroundings, panicked, or feel your mind start racing, this trick may just be the thing that offers you some relief.

Practices such as Yoga can also help you to reconnect with your body and mindful breathing as well as helping with improved flexibility and balance.

Harness The Power Of Scent

Not only can your sense of smell help reconnect your brain with your body, but certain scents, such as linalool, trigger the area of your brain that relieves anxiety. Linalool is a sweet-smelling alcohol that occurs naturally in both lavender and rose, making them two of the most popular scents to ease stress. That being said, there are many other fragrances that are also used for their relaxation properties that don’t contain linalool, including chamomile and bergamot.

One of the easiest ways to use scent to de-stress when you’re out and about is to carry a small bottle of essential oil in your bag, so you can simply inhale the scent as needed. Or, if that option doesn’t work for you, try a scented hand cream to enjoy the same effect but over a more extended period.

Pressure Points

If you haven’t tried acupressure before, there’s no better time to start. An ancient Chinese practice, acupressure, is similar to acupuncture but without the need to use needles. Instead, you simply press on specific points of your body, focusing on those said to help relieve anxiety.

Two of the easiest areas to focus on (without having to get your feet out in the office) are listed below. When you’ve located the point in question, massage it gently in a circular motion with your index finger for the specified time.

The Heavenly Gate Point is located at the top of the triangular hollow in the upper part of your ear. Massage for two minutes.

The Hall Of Impression Point lies at the central point between your eyebrows. Massage firmly for 5-10 minutes.

Most of all, go easy on yourself over the coming weeks. Treat yourself with the same compassion and empathy as you would your closest friends – it will get easier.

Dream Your Destination With Summer Fragrance Escapes

Some perfumes capture the essence of summer so perfectly that they instantly transport you to another time and place. Whether it be the sunbaked rosemary bushes in rural Greece or mango fresh from the tree in Jamaica, the defining scents of your summer become inextricably linked to the places you’ve visited.

While international holidays might have to wait until 2022, you can relive old memories and create new ones with these seasonal fragrances. What destination will you be channelling this summer?

Coastal Frolic

Let’s start with a new take on a classic. CK One is the quintessential summer fragrance for men and women alike and was one of the pioneering scents in rejecting the masculine/feminine narrative. First released in 1994, there have since been dozens of Limited Editions, including annual summer releases.

Calvin Klein CK One Summer is a woody citrus number with mandarin orange, sea salt and ginger notes layered over sage, amber and sandalwood. You might not be able to enjoy cocktails aboard a yacht off the coast of Croatia this summer, but CK One Summer is the next best thing.
Ideal if you love: salty, citrus, fresh fragrances.

Tropical Getaway

From coastal Croatia to the tropical islands of the Caribbean, let your senses be swept away by the luscious fruits and exotic florals the region is famous for. Versace Dylan Turquoise triumphantly balances sweetness with citrus with layers of guava, lemon, mandarin, pink pepper, and cassis. The vibrant woody base is created from sugarcane and adds just enough depth to take the perfume from day into evening.
Ideal if you love: fresh, fruity, aquatic fragrances.

Another gorgeous fragrance with tropical notes, DOLCE & GABBANA No 3 L’Imperatrice, is packed with fruity goodness. Kiwi, rhubarb and watermelon dominate the perfume, while cyclamen, jasmine, pink pepper and musk provide a spicy floral backdrop and create harmony.
Ideal if you love: green, earthy, clean fragrances.

City Break

If you prefer to spend your vacations soaking up the cosmopolitan culture of Europe’s capitals, take a page from Yves Saint Laurent and bring the cafe vibe with you wherever you spend your days. Named after the “Left Bank” area of Paris where metropolitan and bohemian influences combine, Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche is feminine yet fiercely free-spirited. Notes of aldehydes and oakmoss give the fragrance its clean, metallic scent, while additional layers include a bouquet of white flowers (jasmine, magnolia, gardenia etc.) and juicy summer fruits (peach, lemon, bergamot).
Ideal if you love: metallic, green fresh fragrances.

Picture yourself walking past a florist on a Parisian boulevard, and you’ll get some idea of what awaits you with this next fragrance. A second scent inspired by the city of love, Yves Saint Laurent Paris features a base of warm amber, vanilla and sandalwood, while the heart and top notes are a floral fantasy, including rose, violet, orange blossom and iris.
Ideal if you love: warm, floral, powdery fragrances.

Escape To The Chateau

Combining fruity top notes of lemon, bergamot and tangerine with herbal heart notes of rosemary, coriander and basil, Lancôme Ô de Lancôme takes the sunbaked hills of Italy and bottles them to create this complex fragrance.
Ideal if you love: herbal, citrus, fresh fragrances.

Equal parts English cottage garden and French countryside manor, Cacharel Anais Anais L’Original is a floral masterpiece. First released in 1978, Anais Anais continues to be one of the most popular and elegant floral fragrances sold today. Top notes of honeysuckle and hyacinth are followed by lily, jasmine and rose, with an earthy base of sandalwood.
Ideal if you love: romantic, powdery, floral fragrances.

From countryside gardens to tropical shores, the right perfume can take you anywhere. Explore the range and discover your new destination scent with the Fragrance Finder.

The Lush Lashes Of Sophia Loren

Well hello there, Bella. If you’re looking for a bit of Italian Pizzazz in the eye department, then you’ve come to the right place. Luscious eyelashes are in (well, were they ever really out?) and of course, the sublime Sophia Loren is one of the first famous beauties who springs to mind when it comes to discussing long, fluttery lashes.

Read on to discover the iconic Dolce Vita of Italian actress Sophia Loren, including some of her famous quotes and Hollywood legacy. We’ll also be covering her sneaky trick to elongate, exaggerate and and emphasise her famous almond shaped eyes.


Sophia was born Sofia Villani Scicolone in Rome in 1934. She grew up in relative poverty in a small town on the outskirts of Naples, against a backdrop of tension leading up to World War II.

Sophia started her foray into show biz at the age of 14 when her mother entered her in a Napoli beauty pageant. Although she did not win the pageant, she did win a Runner’s Up prize of a ticket to Rome. This prize would set Sophia on a new course. She subsequently enrolled in drama school and appeared as an extra (alongside her mother) in the 1951 film QUO VADIS, which was filmed at the Cinecittà Studios in Rome. Famous for being the largest film studio in Europe, filmmakers who have worked at Cinecittà include such names as Federico Fellini, Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese.


Sophia’s breakthrough role came in 1954, when she appeared in the film The Gold of Naples.

Making her Vogue debut in 1955, her first major Hollywood picture was 1957’s The Pride and the Passion with Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant. In 1958, the star of Loren was truly forged when she won a five-film contract with Paramount.

She became the first ever performer to win an Oscar for a foreign language role in the 1960 film Two Women, directed by Vittorio De Sica. She also worked with Peter Sellers in the 1960’s The Millionairess and with Gregory Peck in 1966’s Arabesque.


Sophia Loren was famous for her voluptuous curves, as well as the above statement on spaghetti. She was passionate about Italian cuisine and as well as being an actress, she also wrote cookbooks. Indeed, she wrote In The Kitchen With Love as well as Recipes & Memories.

Sophia was also a singer and recorded several songs, including two with Peter Sellers that made it into the UK Top 20 – Goodness Gracious Me and – importantly, keeping on the foodie theme – Bangers & Mash.

Named by the American Film Institute as one of the greatest stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema, to this day, Sophia is still active in the acting industry. Her latest film, The Life Ahead, in which she portrays the character of Madame Rosa, a Holocaust Survivor, was released in 2020. The film was a family affair, as it was directed by her son Edoardo Ponti.

At age 86, Sophia is still rocking her long lash look. So without further ado, let’s get to it.
Whilst you’ll want to keep your mascara handy, the trick to Sophia’s doe eyes is all in the lash application.

Specifically thinking outside the lines.


Sophia applied her lashes from the middle of her eye rather than starting at the inner corner. When paired with a winged liner, this technique allows you to extend your wing up, meaning that you can create the illusion of having much bigger eyes.

What you’ll need for Sophia’s 60s eye Look:

• Mascara
• Eyeshadow in shades of grey or neutral
• False eyelashes
• Liquid Eyeliner (for the tightest of lines) or a gel liner that you can apply with a brush
• Q Tips (for cleaning up your crease)
• Eye brushes
• Concealer

First things first…

Extend the corner of the eye with a white line (a liner such as M.A.C’s Fascinating is just the ticket). Next, take an eyeshadow shade not too dissimilar to your skin tone and apply this as a base – making sure this is applied up to your eyebrows.

Follow your base up with a dark grey eyeshadow, but ensure that this stops at your eye crease. Then paint a thin line of darker grey or black onto the crease of your eyes, using an eyeshadow brush. Use a blending brush – or a Q-Tip – to blend the look out.

Using a liquid or gel liner, line your eyes, keeping very tight to your lash line, extending above the white flick discussed earlier on. This will give your eyes a sumptuous exaggerated wing. Make sure you line underneath the waterline for added oomph. Apply a lighter grey to the inner corner and centre of your eyes. By Terry Ombre Blackstar in No 15 Lumiere Mercure is a beautiful pearly grey which will highlight the centre of your eyelid.

Apply your chosen mascara of choice.

Next, grab your lashes. However, instead of applying the lashes right from where your natural lashes start, place them on your lash line in alignment with the widest point of your iris, making sure to use enough glue for the lashes to adhere correctly.

Blend your black liner underneath the eye in and make sure your lower lashes have an even coating of mascara for a true 60s Loren look.

Finish off your Loren look with concealer underneath your eyes. Make sure your eyebrows are well groomed – and for an authentic added touch, use a touch of natural lipstick as blush and bring out the bronzer to craft some chiselled cheekbones a la Loren.

Looking for a more simple look? Instead of using grey shadows, you can always try the colour scheme from a more neutral palette.. some allbeauty favourites are :

Chanel’s palette in Clair Obscur
M.A.C Art Library Nude Model
Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

Have you been inspired to lash up your look? Shop all eye makeup at allbeauty

Summer 2021 – What’s In Your Handbag?

Returning to work for the first time in months? Venturing out for a night with the girls? Then it’s time to dig out that handbag and get ready for whatever the world throws at you. Can’t decide what essentials to pack? You’re in luck…

Let’s face it, it’s been a while since people were expected to function normally in public for any extended period. If you’ve had to dust off your handbag after a year of inaction, or you’ve reverted to throwing everything but the kitchen sink into a backpack before leaving the house, here’s a timely reminder of how to pack light (and smart) for work or play.

Pencil Eyeliner

Rushed out the door without time to throw on makeup? Your handy eyeliner should always be on hand (… or in the handbag) to save the day. It’s usually best to opt for a pencil-style eyeliner for your handbag, as it’s easier to apply on the go than a liquid or gel. If you find yourself pushed for time on a regular basis, you might even want to consider choosing a lighter shade of eyeliner that matches your brows, giving you double the possibilities from one pencil.

Travel Mascara

While we don’t advocate letting your prized Estee Lauder mascara languish in the depths of your handbag, it’s a great idea to have a travel-sized lash lengthener tucked away for emergencies. The benefit Mini range of mascaras are the perfect size to throw in your bag ahead of any adventuring in the Great Outdoors. So, whether applying on your morning commute or touching up after getting caught without a brolly, you’ll be good to go.

Natural Lipstick

Whether you’re a lipstick diva or more of a gloss gal, no handbag is complete without a natural shade of lip colour. Dot onto your cheeks and blend for an easy blush, then sweep over your lips for flawless coverage. The benefit to a natural coloured lipstick over something with more of a wow-factor is that it gives you a smooth, even finish that won’t look out of place on a bare face. On hand for when you want a “like you, but better”, polished look, by choosing a shade that’s only fractionally darker than your natural lip colour you can elevate your natural beauty with minimal effort.

A Multitasking Cream

The ultimate do-it-all product, every handbag needs a hardworking tube of multipurpose product. Smooth flyaways, moisturise dry patches, add shine to your lips, soothe stings, these products are the Swiss army knives of beauty. Looking for a cult classic? Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is one of the original multitasking creams beloved by beauty editors everywhere. Looking for a petite alternative? Try Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Dry Skin, Luscious Lips and Glossy Bits, which uses the natural benefits of lanolin to soothe and protect.

That Signature Scent

It can be difficult to find a perfume with all-day staying power, particularly in the warmer months. Lighter fragrances designed for summer often don’t have the weight needed to last a full day of wear, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without. A must for every handbag, perfume atomisers come in a wide range of colours, so you can find your perfect match. Simply place your atomiser on the nozzle peg of your perfume and pump to fill it up. Voila, your favourite fragrance in miniature form, ready for refreshing on the go.

Bonus Items

Although infinitely less exciting than your favourite lippy, there are a few extra bits and pieces no handbag is complete without. Tissues, for unexpected tears; cash, for emergencies; hand sanitizer, to keep you safe; and gum or mints, to keep you minty fresh.

Got your essentials packed? You’re good to go – get out there and rock it.

Products To Make You Smile This June

Each June, the Summer Solstice takes place, marking the beginning of the Summer for the Northern Hemisphere.
Whilst Summer sunshine can’t *always* be guaranteed in the British Isles, the allbeauty June roundup will definitely get you glowing. From highlighter palettes and bronzers that shimmer, to uplifting fragrance and chic hair refreshers, you’re sure to find something to make you smile!


This limited edition By Terry Brightening CC palette is the summer content that you need. Fans of the Sunny Flash serum or By Terry Sun Designer palettes will be thrilled with the latest illuminating powders that have been developed for Spring-Summer 2021.

If you’re late to the party, By Terry is the cosmetics brand founded by Terry De Gunzberg – former artistic director of Yves Saint Laurent, famed for creating the iconic Touche Éclat concealer pen.

Formulated with hydrating rosehip oil and optical glow technology, four powders are presented in the rose-gold Beach Bomb palette, with each shade designed with versatility in mind. That’s right – open up the beautiful embossed packaging to discover brightening powder, vivid pink blush, highlighter and bronzer all in one palette. The verdict? This palette will give you a perfect flawless finish and will brighten up lacklustre skin with a radiant sun-kissed glow.


Another limited edition to light up June is the one-step Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser from Philosophy. This beauty is formulated with goji-berry extract and delivers a 3-in-1 cleansing action, melting away any impurities, whilst toning and hydrating the skin.

Did you know? As well as smelling divine, Goji-berries are known for having powerful antioxidant properties. This cleanser is specially formulated for daily use and has been designed to help you look and feel your best – empowering you to seize the day with confidence.


Your Summer Beauty kit just got shimmer. Introducing Hoola Glow, the all-new shimmer powder bronzer which combines the original favourite Hoola powder with superfine pearlescent pigments.

This powder, which is suitable for all skin tones, can be applied to the neck, décolletage, shoulders (and even your eyelids) for a luminous lit-from-within glow. You won’t need a holiday overseas when you’ve got a glimmer that’s this lit.


Any curly beauties out there? Humidity can wreak havoc on your locks, especially if you’re out and about enjoying Summer days in changeable weather.

Kérastase’s latest collection Curl Manifesto has a focus on curl definition and the Refresh Absolu Second Day Curl Refresh Spray is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to refresh their curls with bounce and hydration. Manuka Honey and Ceramide are two of the key ingredients, which help to revitalise curls in between washes.

Let your curls shine on in style.


If you’re in the mood for a playful fragrance to liven up Summer nights, this one’s for you. Moschino Toy2 Bubblegum has intense nostalgic notes of Bubblegum which dry down into a citrus floral.

Along with the vivacious pink Bubblegum note, Candied Fruits, Bitter Orange, Lemon, Bulgarian Rose, Blueberry, Peach and Peach Blossom are just some of the additional extracts that have been blended together in this cute pink Teddy bottle.


Whatever your plans this Summer, you’ll know where we’ll be – curating the very best in beauty for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to come back in July for our next Smile Edit.

The Luxe Lips Of Marilyn Monroe

As one of the most celebrated blonde icons of the 21st Century, Marilyn Monroe’s beautiful face (and pout) have been paid homage to in many pop culture beauty moments.

On the 1st June 2021, Marilyn would have turned 95 – so to mark the occasion, here’s a recap of her extraordinary life, as well as some of her beauty secrets…

Famous for her peroxide blonde curls, breathy voice and classic red lip, Marilyn was one of the most photographed celebrities of the 20th Century and was considered a Hollywood sex symbol. From Andy Warhol’s pop art to influencing artists such as Madonna, Elton John, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, her legacy continues to inspire artists from around the world. In 2014, Marilyn even made it into the Smithsonian’s list of the top 100 most significant Americans of all time.

From her rise to fame to her sudden death at the young age of 36, the glamorous – yet ultimately tragic – façade of Marilyn Monroe has bewitched, bewildered and entranced.

Come along with us as we talk about the life and times of Marilyn Monroe and discuss the Hollywood beauty secret behind her red pout.


They say that stars aren’t born, they’re made. This is the case for Marilyn, who wasn’t always a Monroe… or a Marilyn, for that matter.

Her story began in 1926. Marilyn was born Norma Jeane Mortenson – although she would later adopt her mother’s surname of Baker. Long before she dazzled the stage with her peroxide curls and smouldering gaze, Marilyn’s upbringing involved a myriad of foster parents, orphanages and guardians. A child bride, she married James Dougherty shortly after her 16th birthday, partially to avoid having to return to an orphanage following the move of her foster parents. Not an easy start in life by any stretch of the imagination.


It was whilst working as a parachute packer in Van Nuys, LA, that Norma Jeane Baker’s rise to stardom began. Initially used as a subject to illustrate campaigns about women contributing to World War II efforts, Norma Jeane’s pretty face soon led to her becoming sought after as an LA pin-up model. Naturally a dirty blonde with tight curls, Marilyn bleached her hair to get that iconic platinum blonde, a look which required the bleach to be reapplied two to three times a week.

Norma Jeane signed with 20th Century Fox in 1946 as Norma Jeane Dougherty – with one of the prerequisites of her contract being that she had to be a single starlet. She swiftly ended her marriage to Dougherty and began to study acting at the Actor’s Laboratory Theatre in Hollywood.


By the age of 20, Marilyn had already had her fair share of names, but none of these monikers had sufficient pizazz for the stage or screen. Aged 20, it was decided that she would transform from Norma Jeane into Marilyn. The name Marilyn was inspired by a Ziegfeld Follies dancer, Marilyn Miller, whilst Monroe was a surname from her Mother’s side of the family. Although her stage name was adopted in 1946, Marilyn’s name was legally changed ten years later in 1956.


Marilyn quickly became noted for her portrayal of the “Dumb Blonde” – playing roles which varied from models, chorus girls and secretaries. Some of her most iconic films include Niagara (1953), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), How To Marry A Millionaire (1953), The Seven Year Itch (1955), The Prince and the Showgirl (1957) and Some Like It Hot (1959). Her performance in the latter won her a Golden Globe.

It was well-known within the industry that Marilyn’s screen & public persona were a carefully crafted performance – and that she longed to take on more serious film roles that showcased her wit. Marilyn was unlucky in love and experienced several personal difficulties throughout her short life. She married baseball player Joe DiMaggio in 1954, followed by playwright Arthur Miller in 1956. Both marriages ended in divorce. The last film that Marilyn completed was The Misfits, written by Miller and released in 1961. Sadly, Marilyn died a year later in 1962 from a barbiturate overdose.

Marilyn was, in many ways a beauty and influencer, ahead of her time. As Elton John sang in 1973,  “Goodbye Norma Jeane…your Candle burned out long before your legend ever did”.  Indeed, her legend still lives on today.


Marilyn was famous for her radiant skin (thanks to Vaseline and Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream) as well as her penchant for wearing Chanel No 5 to bed. However, one of the most defining characteristics of Marilyn’s head turning look was her distinctive cherry red heart-shaped pout. Marilyn was always accompanied on set by her hardworking makeup artist, Allan “Whitey” Snyder to get her femme fatale pout.

Here’s how you too can work Marilyn’s red lips – and get the look.

You will need :

A Satin Lustre Lipstick
A Matching Lip Liner
A Lip Brush
A Cotton Bud

Start off by picking out a satin red lipstick. Why Satin? A satin lipstick formula is a hybrid of creme and matte, which will give you Marilyn’s perfect superstar shine whilst packing a powerful pigmented punch. With the shine of a gloss, this lipstick finish will see you all through your day.

Before your satin shade is applied, you will want to select a lip liner or pencil which is either the same shade or close to your chosen lipstick. Create dimension by lining your lips and filling them in – making sure to leave the centre of your lips bare.

Next, take your lipstick and use a lip brush to fill in the space that you’d left bare. Using a brush helps with the even precision of your look and also ensures that you use less product. It’s also helpful for when you get down to that final nub of lipstick – ensuring that you can use every last smudge of product. Add translucent powder or highlighter to the centre of your lips to add dimension and create an ombré effect. For added authenticity and lip definition, add a pop of highlighter to your cupid’s bow.

Finish off your look with a subtle eyeshadow. Marilyn took inspiration from black and white movie star Greta Garbo by applying white powder shadow with a pearl highlight to the centre of her eyelids.

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The Bold Brows Of Audrey Hepburn

If you’re here right now, you fit into one of either two camps.

1) You own – or have owned – a poster of Audrey Hepburn picked up decades ago at a student fair or you’ve once aspired to stroll outside Tiffanys in New York with a danish pastry.

2) You are bewildered by the mystique of Audrey Hepburn and want to find out more about why she’s so cult.

Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out more. Audrey’s gamine appearance, pixie-like charm and refined elegance certainly made her a poster child of the 1950s and 60s. As 2020-21 has sent us back into a comforting bubble of nostalgia, including the films of one Ms. Hepburn, you may have been wondering how to channel a bit of Audrey magic into your everyday life…

Read on to discover more about the human behind the pop culture legend, as well as key notes on how to celebrate bold brows like Audrey.


Audrey was born Audrey Kathleen Ruston on 4 May 1929 in Belgium.

Half Dutch and Half British, she spent her childhood in Belgium, England and the Netherlands and her early life was affected profoundly by World War II.

As a child, she took part in silent ballet performances to support the efforts of the Dutch resistance. She experienced the hardships of war, including the Dutch famine of 1944-1945, when many families had to eat tulip bulb derived products in order to survive. Teenage Audrey moved to London in 1948 to train with Ballet Rambert, however focused on acting after she was told she would never make it as a Prima Ballerina.It’s hard to imagine someone with Audrey’s star power being told no, but it just goes to show that when a door closes, life can open a window. And what a life Audrey would go on to lead!


Audrey first appeared as a chorus girl in London’s West End before moving to New York and taking on the role of Gigi on Broadway (having been personally picked by Colette, author of Gigi). In 1953, she had her big break, playing Princess Ann in Roman Holiday alongside Gregory Peck. This role won her an Academy Award and brought the pixie crop hairstyle into sharp focus.

Audrey went on to star in films such as Sabrina (1954), War and Peace (1956) and Funny Face (1957). This is when her style credentials really started to take off – Hubert de Givenchy began to dress Audrey and the Givenchy fragrance L’Interdit was created for her in 1957.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the film that Audrey is most remembered for. But did you know that Audrey was not the first choice for the role of Holly Golightly? Marilyn Monroe was in fact the favourite choice of author Truman Capote and had inspired him to write the character.

Released in 1961, the film made the Little Black Dress a thing, whilst highlighted hair and pink lipstick also became on trend. The exact shade of salmon lipstick which Audrey wore in the film is oft debated and remains a beauty mystery. Although, if you ask us, we would recommend French Silk by M.A.C as our perfect Holly Golightly dupe!


In 2015, Hepburn was voted “the most stylish Brit of all time” and it’s clear that her effortless European sense of style continues to be much admired. With impeccable manners, Audrey was bilingual in English and Dutch and also spoke French, Italian, Spanish and German.
However, look beyond the posters, fashion references and sophisticated veneer and her enduring quality is perhaps her vulnerability and empathy for others.

“Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm. As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

Audrey never forgot her past and in her later life, used her public profile for the greater good. We may remember her as Princess Ann, Sabrina or the impish Holly Golightly, but to many children, Audrey was the lovely UNICEF lady with kind eyes who wanted to help. As a child who grew up during World War II, experiencing hardship and famine, Audrey had great empathy and compassion for children. Appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 1989, Audrey spent the last few years of her life on UNICEF field trips in Ethiopia, Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam and Sudan, amongst others, helping children in need. Audrey received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992. She died in 1993 at her home in Switzerland.


The 1950s were a key time for bold brows, and they are one of Audrey’s most famous features. A departure from the arched look of the 1940s, Audrey’s straight thick brows provided the perfect frame for her big soulful eyes.

Here are our tips for making sure your brows are the very best they can be!

The first step is to be brave and let your eyebrows grow out. RevitaBrow can be used to condition your hairs and to help give the appearance of thicker brows during the growth period, or you can use powder to fill in any sparse gaps.

Once you’re happy with your brow growth, map out your brows! We recommend using a brow stencil for this step. Pluck any hairs which fall outside the stencil. Earlier on in her career, Audrey’s brows were very straight – by the Breakfast at Tiffany years, she had more of an arched look.

Once you’re happy with your shape, you can use powders and gels to fill in your brow shape. If drawing an outline, you can blend your brow outline with a cotton swab to avoid your brows looking too heavy.

Top Tip : Balance out those brows! Play up the illusion of bigger eyes by using a combination of liner and lashes. Want a sneaky makeup trick? A touch of light grey shadow on the outer corner crease of your eyes goes a long way.

Remember – one of the most important attributes you can display is compassion!

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Top 10 Mascaras

It’s often said that eyes are the window to the soul – what do yours say about you?

Whether you’re in possession of blue, green, hazel or brown eyes (or any of the shades in between), each pair of eyes have their own charm. And what better way to emphasise your beautiful eyes than by layering on lashings of luscious mascara.

Nothing quite says “bombshell”, like peeking out from under long, bambi lashes – and those lashes are within your reach. Mascara is a fantastic way to accentuate your natural beauty, whether worn alone or as part of a full make-up look. By lifting your inconspicuous little hairs up and away from the eyes, you instantly look more refreshed, put-together and ready to take on the world. But which mascara wand should you be reaching for?

From full-glam to “I just woke up this way”, read on for the characteristics of some of our all-time faves.

1. benefit They’re Real! Magnet Mascara Black – Best for Extreme Length

Want to achieve the length and drama of falsies without the faff? benefit They’re Real! Magnet Mascara might just be the product of your dreams. With custom-designed zig-zag bristles and a mineral-enriched formulation, lashes are fanned out and defined, while the brush’s magnetic core extends length by up to 40%. Rock bold lashes in just one coat, or build layers for the ultimate dramatic eye.

2. Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara 01 Stunning Black – Best for Definition

Show up in style with Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara. Lash technology gives this beauty a triple-action performance, increasing volume, length and curl by up to 80% for glamorous, fluttering lashes. The precision brush lifts and defines to keep spider-eyes at bay, with no clumps, flakes or smudges in sight.

3. Clinique High Impact Mascara 01 Black – Best for Sensitive Eyes

For everyday-wear that still gives you the wow factor, Clinique High Impact Mascara delivers. The bristle brush encourages volume and separates each lash, while the smooth, deep colour adds immediate impact. Best of all, the formula is incredibly gentle, making this tube a recommended go-to for those who might experience sensitivity around the eye area when using other products.

 4. benefit They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara Jet Black – Best for Long Wear

A multi-award-winner, benefit They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara has received rave reviews around the globe. The long-lasting mascara is applied with a specially designed brush… featuring a domed tip, this wand helps you to reach those corner lashes, giving you defined doe-eyes from morning till night.

5. Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara Extreme Black  – Best for Volume

Find out what makes Estée Lauder a beauty favourite with best-selling Sumptuous Extreme Mascara. The clue is in the name – expect sumptuous, plump lashes which are strikingly elegant. Eyes look brighter and wider thanks to the incredibly light base, which creates intense volume without weighing you down.

6. benefit Roller Lash Super Curling Lifting Mascara Black – Best for Curling

Long straight lashes? We know the struggle. benefit Roller Lash Super Curling Lifting Mascara helps to elevate your natural beauty with its “hook ‘n’ roll” brush that grabs, lifts and gently curls from root to tip. The instant, curve-setting formula locks each curl in place for up to 12 hours, while active ingredients serin and provitamin B5 condition and nourish.

7. Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara Extreme Black Waterproof – Best for Waterproof

Keep your lashes on point and avoid the dreaded panda eyes with Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara Black Waterproof. With up to 10 hours of wear, the smudge-proof, waterproof formula will keep you looking fabulous no matter what life throws at you. The oversized wand defines and separates, creating a dramatic false lash effect that won’t budge, so you can dance the night away.

8. Grande Cosmetics GrandeMASCARA Conditioning Peptide Mascara: Rich Black – Best for Conditioning

Condition while you coat! Grande Cosmetics GrandeMASCARA Conditioning Peptide Mascara makes it easy to pamper your natural lashes and still get the drama of mascara. Using a blend of peptides, panthenols, and natural waxes, lashes are protected and conditioned, improving their appearance over time, while the thick pigment and bristle brush lengthen and volumize.

9. Clarins Supra Volume Mascara 01 Intense Black – Best for Natural Volume

Add a little extra oomph to your lashes with Clarins Supra Volume. The unique formula gives an intense coat of colour, while volume boost complex and cassia flower wax combine to increase the volume after just four weeks, and by up to 17.6% if used regularly.

10. Dior Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Waterproof Mascara 090 Black Pump – Best for Soft Lashes

Say goodbye to crisp, crunchy spider eyes and hello to Dior Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Waterproof Mascara. This luxe mascara does it all, with a waterproof formula that dramatically plumps to increase volume and unveil striking, come-hither eyes. With its rich infusion of waxes and elastic powders, lashes are left soft and supple for the ultimate in comfort.

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