Learn all about Gatineau skincare from the beginning – combining natural ingredients with cutting-edge biotechnology, Gatineau offers an advanced skincare range.

About Gatineau Skincare

About Gatineau Skincare: rooted in beauty therapy, their salon quality products have been developed alongside a range of beauty treatments and are used by skincare professionals worldwide. We look at the story behind the brand – specialising in anti-ageing, their products provide highly visible results for a younger looking you.

The story began in Paris over eighty years ago with a visionary beauty therapist, Madame Jeanne Gatineau. A woman with a true passion for beauty, she set out to provide revolutionary skincare solutions for women. Inspired by the work of French scientist and Nobel Prize Winner Alexis Carrol, Jeanne took a scientific approach to skincare.

About Gatineau SkincareMadame Gatineau opened her first salon in 1932 and immediately began to develop her own skincare products to accompany her avant-garde treatment techniques. Through her collaboration with experienced dermatologists and bio-chemists she quickly became renowned within the world of skincare. The Jeanne Gatineau School of Beauty opened in Paris in 1950 and provided expert training to thousands of students. The demand for Gatineau’s unique and innovative expertise led to the manufacture of products for home use and GATINEAU, as we know it today, was born.

In 1932, I created a brand of excellence for the most discerning of women – Jeanne Gatineau.

About Gatineau SkincareOver the years Jeanne Gatineau’s pioneering research and development resulted in cosmetic breakthroughs that have been stepping stones for the whole beauty industry. The first beauty house in the world to develop an exfoliator and alcohol-free cleansers and toners, they were quick to establish themselves as a skincare brand that anticipates the needs and expectations of women.

Jeanne retired at the age of 71 and the brand was taken over by her daughter. However, the skincare house continued to evolve, becoming the first to discover the benefits of caffeine, antioxidants, Vitamin E and Vitamin F. Then, in the 1980s, Gatineau were the first to discover the powerful anti-ageing properties of Retinol.

Today the Gatineau brand is sold worldwide and continues to make scientific breakthroughs, with world-famous products such as Mélatogénine.

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