Think a short-haul flight needs no beauty products? Our Beauty Editor discovered how wrong she was…

It’s holiday time! Which means some of you are zipping off on adventures involving airplanes. But on a recent short-haul flight, I found myself wishing I’d packed one or two extra beauty items. Here are my mistakes so you don’t have to make them…

Short-haul flight lip balm

1. Lip Balm – SHOP
My lips were SO sore by the time I made it home. Despite 2 cups of English Breakfast Tea and a bottle of water, they were starting to dry out before we even took off. Coming back, they were completely parched. Windy runways, cabin air, constant licking – none of it very helpful for my poor lips.

Short-haul flight Blotting2. Blotting Paper – SHOP
I don’t suffer from oily skin, but I still found myself glowing a little too much for comfort. Could have been the early start or the copious tea. Or the dashing about from A-Z. Either way, I had to make do with a paper towel, when a blotter would have been great. Especially under my eyes, which leads me to…

Short-haul flight waterproof eyeliner

3. Waterproof Eyeliner – SHOP
I always find that if any makeup is going to desert me, it’ll be my eyeliner. “Aha but I have primer!” I thought. Even so, I had to re-apply my eyeliner twice, when waterproof liner would have saved the day. A mini mirror would also have been handy (in place of my phone screen which admittedly looked a bit odd…)
Short-haul flight facial mist4. Face Mist – SHOP
This one is a bit of a luxury, but I felt my skin getting tighter as the day went on. A face mist to spritz over my skin would have been lovely. There’s the whole liquids issue of course, but if you don’t mind bagging up your spray for customs, I’d recommend it.
sunglasses short haul flight (1)5. My Sunglasses
Because the sun actually came out (I packed my umbrella, that’s why!)
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